Donna Raheb
August 17, 2012

Clarisonic – a NEW launch & “Win It”

It’s a Glam Thing is pleased to announce the Launch of Clarisonic’s ACNE Clarifying Cleansing Set.


We are so excited, that one of our lucky readers will be given the chance to win a CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING COLLECTION (valued at $169.00) This collection includes the Clarisonic Mia 2,  a unique cleansing system which works with the plush Acne Cleansing Brush Head to gently flush pores and remove impurities from the skin along with the CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING CLEANSING SET  (valued at $47.00).

We will giving additional details on the CLARISONIC ACNE CLARIFYING COLLECTION, how it works, what it does and why you will want to win it.  Check back with us soon.

To Enter to win your personal Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection go to  the It’s a Glam Thing Facebook page here:  and share with us your personal acne-related story and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win.  Your story should be approximately 75 words or less, but there is no limit to qualify to win. One entry is allowed per person.  The lucky winner will be chosen by September 30th and will be announced right here at It’s a Glam Thing.

Or…. you can enter to win by e-mailing lisa (@) itsaglamthing (dot) com and leave your story with Lisa. Use CLARISONIC  in the subject line.

Good Luck! Hope you are the lucky winner!


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August 16, 2012

Cool Down This Summer with Sorbet Verbena by L’Occitane

L’Occitane’s  Sorbet Verbena Eau de Toilette  is my new favorite for summer.  It is bold but highly pleasing and eye opening.  The light mint touch gives you a fresh chill and then eases nicely into a cool verbena with a good dose of citrus to keep the fragrance thirst quenching.  The lime is very present in the top notes and its voice is strengthened later by the white musk and white woods. This new limited edition summer variation on their classic unisex verbena fragrance cools you down during the summer’s sticky high temperatures. Spritz as often as you like for a cool fresh feeling.

Did you know the verbena leaves are used to make refreshing and tangy sorbets in France.  Sorbet Verbena Eau de Toilette gets its inspiration from these traditional recipes and combines invigorating citrus aromas with an aromatic bouquet of mint, for an intensely refreshing summer fragrance.

Elegantly presented in a thick, glass spray bottled engraved  with a verbena leaf.  Just what I expected next in the verbena line from L’Occitane!

At you will find  Sorbet Verbenia Cooling Lip Gloss and Sorbet Verbena Body Ice Gel .  You will also find fabulous gift baskets,  fragrances, bath and body and skin care products. L’Occitane’s also carries a very impressive line of mens skincare, fragrance and Bath and Body products.  Cool down this summer with L’Occitane.

  Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger
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August 13, 2012

Mally Beauty Launches a Fabulous New Website

It’s a Glam Thing loves Mally, and her new website

Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist and president of Mally Beauty,  is excited to share her newly designed website

At, she has created a place for her “Mallynistas” to learn about make up tips and tricks and new products. also offers a forum for women to exchange their own ideas and passion for beauty. Some of the new functionality of the site includes:

–        Dashboard: All of Mally Beauty’s social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will stream together allowing consumers to get  Mally updates in one place.

–        How-To Library: First-hand tutorials from Mally that focus on makeup application tips, education and much more.

–        Auto-Delivery: Mallynistas will never run out of their favorite products with this new capability.

–        Ratings & Reviews: Customer reviews and ratings to make the shopping experience easier and fast.

–        Wish List: Option to be alerted when a product is back in stock. is the place to visit today! You will love it as much as our “It’s a Glam Thing” Team.







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August 13, 2012

Go for the Gold and the Glow with Borghese!

It’s a Glam Thing, along with Borghese are truly in the Olympic Spirit!  Not only have we been rooting for the USA to go for the Gold, Borghese is celebrating too, with their golden shimmer beauty products. Help us celebrate the “Gold”  and the “Glow” by indulging in these golden, shimmery Borghese Cosmetics.

My daughter is wearing Borghese Mascara Bronzo. It is one of her favorites.

Borghese’s Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara Bronzo is the perfect way to shimmery eyelashes.  This thickening mascara has a subtle bronze tone and will look fabulous on your lashes.  What makes Borghese Superiore Mascara so special is its built-in silk powder foundation which provides superior wear.  While wearing this mascara your lashes will be the envoy of those around you.  Borghese Superiore Mascara has built in natural conditioners, is smudge and flake proof, and my favorite benefit it that Borghese Mascara is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Golden plump lips are a must and you can achieve this sexy look with Borghese’s Tinted Lip Plumper. Flamingo Gold is the perfect shade for the occasion offering a rosy pink hue with a touch of gold shimmer.  As stated by Borghese, their “Tinted Lip Plumper delivers a revolutionary, dehydrated vegetal protein micro-particle technology, which penetrates lips for full-capacity plumpness” . You might feel a slight  tingling sensation, not to worry, it is delightfully refreshing, and the end result will be full pouty lips with a very smooth, soft and sexy appearance.  Who wouldn’t want Pink Flamingo Gold Lip Plumper on their lips?

Naturally, if you want to feel golden and shimmery, you have to look golden and shimmery and Borghese Splendore Brightening Body Glow is all to need. This light shimmering moisturizer leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer which brightens your skin leaving you looking radiant. Brightening Body Glow contains vitimans A and E, which help promote healthy skin. Borghese’s Brightening Body Glow can be used where ever your skin is exposed. Truly, these Borghese Beauty products will have you glowing golden all over.

At,  go for the gold and the glow and select the beauty product that is perfect for you.





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August 11, 2012

Stay Safe in the Sun with a Sun Safety Bracelet

Are you ready for fun in the sun?  Then you must be sporting your very own Sun Safety Bracelet.  Sun safety is so important these days.  With the risk of  Melanoma so great, more and more people are becoming aware of this life threatening disease.  The simple fact is, sun damaged skin can be prevented with proper precautions.  So break out your Sun Safety Bracelet and enjoy the rays.

Sun safety Bracelets and are available for children, teens and adults at

When we are outdoors, we don’t want to forget to reapply our sunscreen. Sun Safety Bracelets are not only stylish abut also serve as in important reminder to reapply your sunscreen.  Simply apply spf 15 or greater to the bracelet and yourself and the bracelet will turn dark blue when your sunscreen loses its effectiveness.  My cousin Melissa’s children are sporting their Sun Safety Bracelets, and Melissa knows exactly when she needs to re-apply their sunscreen.

Kerry Lynn Spindler  founder of KSpin Designs, is a former fashion model-turned-successful business woman who was diagnosed with melanoma at age 27.  Her company, KSpin Designs is a Boston-based children’s couture that  carries a specialty clothing line for boys and girl’s (18 months to size 10). KSpin’s collections serve as a platform to raise public awareness for skin cancer.

Through KSpin Designs and it’s awareness foundation, www.PrettyPale.orgKerry Lynn, supports skin cancer awareness and education for children and adults by providing free sunscreen and sun-safety tips with every purchase.

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August 9, 2012

Feel Revitilized and Refreshed with Fiafini


After a long day of physical and mental activities, a women’s skin can feel tired, oily, and drained.  Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion, will allow your skin to feel revitalized and refreshed.  This silky cleanser will “dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits”.  Skin should always feel rejuvenated so using a cleansing emulsion product will naturally moisturize skin that feels old and worn.

Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion has done wonders for my skin.  Its velvety, smooth, and rich texture has helped lift away the many toxins that live within any skin tone. This product has enhanced my skin by removing blackheads and any other impure environmental toxins that settle in our skin over the course of time.

Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion will protect your skin but at the same time prevent further damage from the environment and other factors that will cause skin to age.  This natural cleansing moisturizer will allow women of all ages to feel young and invigorated.

Visit to learn more about Fiafini advanced anti-aging skincare crafted with the miraculous Marula beauty oil and the world’s finest botanicals.


Melissa Caffrey, Guest Blogger


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August 8, 2012

Real Hair Color in a Marker, That’s the TouchBack Way

Those of you not familiar with the Touchback Marker, will find this product amazing, I know I have. I have been using TouchBackPlus Color Shampoo and Color Conditioner for touching up Grays, and I get great results, but I do have to wash my hair and sometimes time is of the essence. The TouchBack Marker howeveris an ingenious product.  It  is “real hair color” in a marker.  It is so easy to apply, and is a fast touch-up techinique to cover unsightly gray roots in just minutes. The best thing about Touchback Marker is that you don’t have to wash your hair for it to work its magic.  The TouchBack Marker touches up the grays the moment you need to use it, it’s quick coverage in a flash.   TouchBack Marker dries in a minute and won’t flake or rub off, even when you brush your hair.  TouchBack’s marker delivers the perfect amount of color to cover your grays instantly.  It actually bonds to your hair, blending beautifully with permanent hair color for a totally natural look.  The color contained in the TouchBack Marker stays on until you shampoo it  out.  TouchBack’s formula uses certified hair colors, but without harsh chemicals – no ammonia or peroxide – so it’s gentle on your hair.  Touchback Marker is available in 8 salon-quality shades.

TouchBack Marker does not contain PPD (paraphenylendediamine) or amonia peroxide, which is a plus because you won’t have to deal with unplesant fumes.

TouchBack Marker should be applied to dry hair, that alone sold me on this product.  Sometimes, there just isn’t time to color and wash your hair, and that is usually the time when you need a quick touchup.  You don’t need to wash out previous applications of mousses, gels and other styling products for TouchBack to work.  You can even use your hairspray after touching up. TouchBack Marker includes a special comb for you to use at your temples and hairline while acting as a skin shield for those areas.  If Touchback Marker directions are followed correctly you will have fabulous results.   Remember to read all the precautions before using.

Hide those grays, just a touch with TouchBack Marker.

To view TouchBack’s complete product line, visit


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August 6, 2012

The Solution for Great Skin is MURAD

MURAD’S Acne and Aging Skin Solution, is a big hit in my house.  My 16 and 23 year old daughters, as well as myself,  each look for different needs when choosing a skin care product.  Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution has proven itself to us.  This product has been “clinically proven to reduce acne while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles“.  Not only does Murad’s Skin Solution minimize fine lines and wrinkles, it is formulated to reduce acne as well.  Acne is a concern for all of us especially for the younger generation, and with MURAD’S Acne and Aging Skin Solution you can have clear smooth skin that looks healthy and young.  Murad’s Skin solution is recommended for all ages and for both girls and guys.

With MURAD’S Acne and Aging Skin Solution, there are 3 steps to  to healthier, younger looking skin:  Using just a small amount of  Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleanser, massage gently into your face and neck and  then rinse off  with water. This extra gentle, light foaming cleanser will not only improve your skins appearance but the acne treatment will continue to work on your skin even after rinsing it off.  After cleansing, massage a thin layer of Acne & Wrinkle Reducer to your face and neck. This step helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while “clearing congested pores and neutralizing acne-causing bacteria “.  This special formula works on giving you a more youthful complexion.  The third step on your way to healthy skin is Murad’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20.  Applying this moisturizer helps to minimize blemishes and oil production while “fighting  premature aging through advanced UV protection and healthy collagen support”.  Murad recommends using their Acne Spot Treatment before moisturizing if you are experiencing blemishes.  Applying Acne Spot Treatment 1 to 3 times a day will help heal blemishes due to its acne medication and Acne Spot Treatment provides quick relief.

Murad offers an Acne and Aging Skin Solution starter kit with the products shown above. These products can also be purchased individually.  Visit and view their complete line of skin care products.  Murad is the solution for great Skin.


For those of you who are looking for a facial cleanser other than acne or anti-aging, Murad has an unbelievable cleanser you must try.  As we age, our skin falls victim to the suns harmful rays and to our own environment.  Murad has the cure for that too,  with their Essential-C Cleanser.  This cleanser is light and very refreshing on your skin.  It has a fabulous aroma of vanilla and oranges.   The best part about Essential -C Cleanser is that it  gently cleans and moisturizes your face. It also work very well with removing make-up from your face leaving you with a fresh clean feeling.  Essential C- Cleanser washes off very easily and did not irrate my skin, rather it left my skin feeling soft and clean.  Essential C- Cleanser was designed as a “gentle daily cleanser for pigmented, sun damaged and environmentally aged skin”.

As stated by MuradEssential-C Cleanser is designed to prepare the skin for extreme rejuvenation. Plant-derived lipids and sodium PCA boost and maintain hydration while vitamins A, C and E neutralize free radicals and condition the complexion. The nourishing extracts of orange, mandarin, basil and grapefruit supply an intoxicating aroma as they encourage health and revive youthful brightness. Excess oil, debris and other impurities are removed, and the skin is left with a soft, creamy texture and a soft, even tone”.

My entire family is using Essential C-Cleanser even my grown boys and husband and I haven’t heard any complaints.   Visit and choose the murad skin solution that is right for you.





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August 2, 2012

Be part of Smashbox’s Lipstick Legend


Vote On The Next Shade of Smashbox Cosmetics’ BE LEGENDARY Lipstick

What will your beauty legacy be? Smashbox Cosmetics is giving everyone the chance to be part of makeup history, inviting Facebook fans to choose the next shade of Be Legendary lipstick, Pretty Social. Fans who cast their vote for the next shade will get early access to the winning color before it hits stores—and a say in Smashbox’s latest legendary lipstick.  It’s easy—just like Smashbox Cosmetics on Facebook, then vote for your pick. Share the poll with friends and check back on Facebook for updates on how to get early access to the winning shade.

Visit to be a part of Smashbox’s lipstick legend.

 WHO:  Smashbox Cosmetics

 WHAT:  Vote on the next shade of Be Legendary Lipstick, PrettySocial

 WHEN:                        Now!


Adrienne, Guest Blogger




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August 2, 2012

Dive into Marine SkinCare with H2O Plus

Experience the benefits of the sea with H2O Plus The Science of Marine Skincare.  H2O Plus has created Oil-Free Marine Hydration Skincare taking various minerals, extracts and vitamins from the sea and putting them into a skin care line that is fabulous.  My girls and I have been using several of H2O Plus Skincare products and we want to share their benefits  with you.

I have been using H2O Plus Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub, which is a “mildly, exfoliating, oil-free scrub to sweep away surface cells and dulling impurities with Carrageenan, Multivitamin Complex and Hydrating Marine Blend”.   I especially like that this Sea Mineral Scrub has extremely soft exfoliating beads, so they don’t scratch the surface of your skin when washing your face. Sea mineral Scrub always leaves my face feeling smooth and soft.  The combination of sea mineral complex, hydrating marine extracts of wakame, sea fennel and sea lettuce, help to achieve this refreshing feeling.

Another one of my favorites, H2O Plus Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Mud Mask is a mineral-rich, oil-free product that deep cleanses and purifies your skin and is truly a winner.  The mud mask is a blue colored, light textured thin liquid that I found to spread easily over my face and neck.  As is dries, the mask tightens, and when it was completely dry it easily washed off leaving my face feeling great.  The kaolin clay, an ingredient in H2O PLus Sea Mineral Mud Mask naturally draws pore-clogging dirt and oil from your skin.  The mud mask also contains aloe vera gel and sea fennel which helps hydrate your skin. Most importantly the mud mask contains allantoin  which helps soothe the skin and stimulate cell renewal. I really felt like I was having a true mud mask experience.

H2O Plus Oasis Mist,  “an energizing mist of oil-free hydration enriched with natural vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants” helps give your skin a natural glow.  Oasis Mist is pure, distilled water packed with sea-sourced vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B.  The combinations of these vitamins revive, sooth and refresh your skin.  I use Oasis mist throughout the day, especially in this warm weather and the light blue colored mist leaves me feeling cool and refreshed.  Oasis mist also is a great makeup setting spray, just spritz onto  your face after applying makeup and start your day feeling refreshed.

My Daughter has had the pleasure of using H2O Plus Oasis Hydrating Gel.  As stated by H2O Plus, “This oil-free moisture gel delivers deep hydration while minimizing the appearance of fine lines with phospholipids, multivitamin complex and moisturizing marine botanicals”.  My daughter likes the fact that it the Hydrating gel contains vitamins A and E and  phospholipid microspheres, which will deliver time-released hydration and will help keep her skin looking fresh all day.

Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence is another great product from H2O Plus.  For those of you dealing with dark spots, H2O Plus formulated a “High performance brightening serum formulated to illuminate skin and aggressively target dark spots with knotted Sea Kelp, Asian Brightening Botanicals and vitamin C”.  brightening agents contained in the Brightening Essence will help reduce the production of melanin to correct and prevent the formation of age spots. I really enjoy using this product, who wouldn’t want a chance to have their skin feeling soft and smooth and have a serum that will help skin resist and repair the visible signs of aging?

At you will find a wealth of  information on their complete product line.
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