Adrienne Raheb
October 8, 2015

Button Up For Fall 2015

Whilst walking the streets of New York City, I am already seeing the Fall 2015 fashion trends start to emerge. Some trends are actually re-emerging after 40 years, like the  button front denim skirt. This trendy skirt is unquestionably an important key item for the Fall 2015 season.

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Pair this 70’s styled skirt with a t-shirt, turtleneck, sweater, or even embrace your inner flower child with a flowy floral top. I am obsessed with both the denim and corduroy version of this skirt. Each will give your outfit a unique tone when you match it with the perfect top and shoe style.


Affordable versions of this adorable button down skirt can be found at Forever 21, Macy’s and H&M.

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October 6, 2015

Selfridges & Co.: Over 100 years of service

6 floors, every designer you can think of and even a hair salon Selfridges & Co. is a store that was built with one thing in mind, the customer. Founded & built in 1909 by an American man named Harry Gordon Selfridge, Selfridges department store changed the way the world (especially women) looked at shopping. While I was visiting London my mom and I took a detour to the well known Oxford Street & scoped out the one of a kind store.

Selfridges & Co.

Selfridges & Co.

Walking around and learning the history of the store I learned that Harry was the first person to ever install public restrooms & was one of the first stores to have & sell premade clothing. As his success grew, the more & more Mr. Selfridge tried to better the shopping experience. Whether you were there just to pick something up or wanted to spend the day, it really had something for everyone. Restaurants, hair salon and hey even a bedding department lol. And the customer service was top notch! Every employee wanted to make sure you got what you wanted, listened and had the best experience possible. This store made some of our department stores look like doll houses.

Inside Selfridges & Co.

Inside Selfridges & Co.

If you found that something’s may be to expensive, Harry solved that problem too by putting in cheaper priced items such as cards, ornaments and more. As I was told there was even something for every occasion such as Christmas, Halloween etc. The store display windows where decked with flowers and every designer had their own little boutique within the store. This place, oh how I wish I could show & share so much more with you but pictures and my words do not do it justice AT ALL!! Now don’t worry, I wont leave you hanging on this but YES you can buy from Selfridges and have them shipped over to the USA. Visit for all of the designers, makeup and more. Also check out pictures, & more history on the store by visiting any web browser. You will not believe your eyes and it will have you saying “Thank You Mr. Harry Gordon Selfridge”.

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