July 17, 2018

Try These 6 Eating Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss has become one of the most popular topics among many people and discussions that many techniques have been put forward for it to be effective. There are plenty of ways ideas and even myths that have been suggested, but only a few of them have proven to really work maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that not all diet tips are effective and healthy. One technique may work for someone, while another may not. Therefore, it’s good to choose techniques that are natural and proven to be effective. Here are 6 eating tips for a healthy weight loss.

  • Eat slowly

Take your time when eating. Chew your food well and swallow it properly. Chewing food well is essential to its full digestion and extraction of nutrients from the food you eat. On the other hand, not chewing well can result in indigestion and stomach ache.

Eat at the proper time of the day, too. Breakfast, lunch and supper times should be followed because these are specific times when your body need the most nutrients and energy that you get from your food.

  • Listen to your hunger

A diet technique of “not eating” is never an effective one. Depriving your body of food without proper medication can bring more problems in your health than solve them. Hunger is your body’s way of saying it needs more nutrients to see through the rest of the day, and if you do not feed your hunger, your organs may not function properly.

Online Phentermine information can be easily searched, and this drug can help with repressing appetite which is used on many weight loss programs.

  • Consume a low-calorie diet

Feeding your hunger does not mean you can eat anything you want. Of course, you need to be mindful of the food you choose to eat. Calories are the enemies when we talk about weight loss, instead of being an unhealthy choice, calories can add to your weight, instead of subtracting from it.

Choose food types that are low in calorie content. Check the nutritional contents of the food you buy from stores, or better yet, eat more fruits and vegetables instead of store-bought food.

  • Stay well hydrated

Hydration is a very important factor, not only for your general health but also for daily survival. Water is the only natural way to stay hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water every day, the more the better.

Water does not only keep you hydrated, it is an effective and natural antioxidant that cleanses your body from toxic from the food that you ingest daily. The more water you drink, the cleaner your body inside and out will be.

  • Be mindful of trendy drinks

When we say trendy drinks, there are several types – coffee, unnatural tea, energy drinks and concentrated juices. These drinks, although you may argue that is needed by your body to give you the energy boost you need on a day to day basis, are actually toxic to the body.

Coffee and tea have been proven to have good effects, as they have antioxidant properties that help rid the body toxic. However, too much consumption may not be a healthy choice. Energy drinks and concentrated juices may be effective in containing your hunger and giving you the energy boost needed, but these types of drink are toxic to the body.

  • Ditch sugary drinks and sodas

Juices, sodas and energy drinks are only a few of the most common sugary drinks that may seem harmless. Some types of coffee, especially iced and frappuccino, contain more sugar than the regular freshly brewed coffee. Sugar, as studies will tell you, is the leading cause of heart problems.

Sugary drinks and sodas can result to higher blood sugar levels; too much sugar consumption is not an ideal way to lose weight, and too much sugar can eventually lead to heart and/or kidney problems. Better lower your sugar intake not only on drinks, but from all other food choices.

An effective weight loss technique is not when you are eating less. You may still eat more, as long as you eat properly and choose food that is healthy. Dieting, or eating less, may make you lose weight, but be sure to accompany it with supplements that can balance the nutrients needed by your body.

Losing weight is not something that can happen just overnight. It takes time, discipline and self-control, but the result is always better – a longer, healthier, happier life.

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July 16, 2018

High Fashion Shoes, 5 Trends in and How to Make them More Comfortable

Black Rivet Pump By exoticsbycedrick

Black Rivet Pump
By exoticsbycedrick


High Fashion Shoes, 5 Trends and How to Make them More Comfortable- It’s difficult to discuss high-fashion women’s shoes without discussing high heels. After all, heels or pumps tend to dominate the fashion world. Women love them, men love to look at them. They make women look more attractive and feel bolder, a combination that’s hard to beat. When it comes to the trends in high-fashion shoes there is also one thing to keep in mind . That is high fashion doesn’t need to mean uncomfortable. The two can absolutely go hand-in-hand, and should.

“You want to love the shoes you are wearing, but you also want them to feel great on your feet,” explains Cedrick McDonald, owner of Exotics by Cedrick. “As an artist, I want to give the world beautiful shoes. I love the way their confidence soars when they put them on. It leaves us both feeling great.”

Here are 5 trends in high-fashion shoes:

  1. Designer. Donning a pair of designer shoes makes a bold statement, and that’s the direction people are taking. Designer shoes show some personality, preferences, and are seen as a status symbol.
  2. Bold with bling. Who doesn’t love some bling as a finishing touch for their outfit? With shoes that have bling, you are always ready to go and dress things up. Exotics by Cedrick offers a patented bottom outsole that features snakeskin and Swarovski crystals. It doesn’t get any more bold with bling than that.
  3. Comfort. Nobody wants to wear shoes that hurt their feet. The new trend is in ensuring that shoes are comfortable. Comfortable shoes will help people be more confident and happier.
  4. Heels and more heels. Having different types of heels is always in style. Women love the look, the way they make them feel, and the multitude of designs that they come in. Find heels that match your personality and you are all set.
  5. Shoes with meaning. Being able to choose shoes that come from a company that gives back to special causes makes wearing them that much better. People today appreciate shoe brands that give back to charities. Exotics by Cedrick has a passion for helping the cause of fighting AIDS in the world, and donates proceeds from the sale of every pair of shoes to the AIDS Foundation.

“Whether you follow the trends or help set them, we all love to see what’s going on with them,” added McDonald. “We can all agree that we love fine shoes and the way they make us feel. I bring my artistic ability to every pair of shoes I create, helping to set the trends.”

When it comes to making heels more comfortable, there are some things you can do. They include wearing them around the house for a few hours to help stretch them out and get them more broken in, putting some padded inserts in them, investing in good quality heels to begin with, and taking good care of your heels to keep them in excellent working condition. Also, choose a high heel that has a great outsole, because that’s where the magic is in keeping it comfortable. A good outsole offers extra padding at the ball, which is where most of your weight is applied.

McDonald is a bit of a pioneer in the shoe industry, having created a style that is unique enough to earn a U.S. patent. His line of designer footwear features high-fashion pumps with 4-6” heels that have an eye-catching snakeskin out sole that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals on the bottom of every shoe.  They are shoes that help make a statement not only about the designer, but about the person wearing them.

Started in 2016, Exotics by Cedrick is high-fashion shoe line that has been turning heads from the Golden Globes to the MTV Movie and TV Awards. The company motto is Live Life Through Your Soles, and he’s created unique-looking soles that stand out and make a statement. McDonald is a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses in addition to Exotics by Cedrick. From the Tampa area, he aims to help set the trends in the high fashion world. To create his shoes, he starts with a hand sketch, usually in the middle of the night, and then creates the rendered design on CAD.

About Exotics by Cedrick: Owned by Cedrick McDonald, Exotics by Cedrick, a celebrity fashion and footwear designer, is a Tampa-based high-fashion high heel shoe company. The company has a patent for its unique design, which features a snakeskin out sole that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Since the company was started in 2016, the trend-setting shoes have made their way into many celebrity hands. To learn more about Exotics by Cedrick, visit the site at www.exoticsbycedrick.com.

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July 13, 2018

How Do Cosmetic Lasers Work?

Laser, as an acronym, is an abbreviation for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” A laser is actually a single color of light (one wavelength), which is a high-energy light source that can be concisely directed to focus the light beam on a very small targeted area. In cosmetic laser procedures, two basic varieties of lasers are used—ablative and non-ablative.

The Two Basic Laser Types: Ablative, Non-Ablative and How They Work

In cosmetic laser procedures, the two basic varieties of lasers are used — ablative and non-ablative. While ablative lasers act to vaporize the upper layers of injured or deteriorated skin, non-ablative lasers penetrate deeper into the skin without displacing or causing damage to the upper skin layers. When patients undergo cosmetic laser procedures that use non-ablative laser techniques, there is no actual downtime for the patient due to this procedure.

Since lasers are monochromatic, any laser emits light of just one color, or wavelength. During cosmetic procedures, lasers operate through “selective photothermolysis.” In other words, the laser alters the light frequency (photo) to create heat (thermo) in the exact location of the area (skin or tissue) you plan to destroy (lysis). To accomplish this, the light beam wavelength must be synchronized with the target color, regardless of whether the target is brown spots on the skin or bright red broken capillaries.

The two main kinds of lasers can be subdivided into many other divisions of laser varieties, with hundreds of laser brands and types within these different divisions. Different laser wavelengths, or light colors, are used for treating different skin problems. If you are a patient who has several different skin issues to be treated, your surgeon will recommend different lasers to target the varied skin problems that you need treated.

Recommended Lasers for Various Cosmetic Applications

  • Wrinkles and Lines. – For treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, skin procedures to resurface and tighten the skin are used together, and both these treatments can be handled with use of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser or Erbium YAG, which are aggressive laser varieties. CO2 lasers are also frequently used to remove skin tags and warts a well as for making incisions in skin during surgeries that are laser-assisted. Pulsed dye lasers can also be helpful in some instances, as are non-laser treatment methods that are light-based, like IPL and LED photofacials. These non-laser treatments are less aggressive than procedures performed using CO2 lasers or Erbium YAG.
  • Skin Tightening. – The majority of cosmetic laser treatments include some degree of skin tightening, even if it is superficial, since they create some regulated injury to the skin, which promotes a rise in collagen production in the body. For greater tightening measures, CO2 lasers are most often used. Currently, more procedures of this type are being accomplished with light-based, non-laser treatments like Titan infrared instruments and systems that are based on Thermage radio frequencies.
  • Pigmented Lesions. – Examples of these lesions are age spots, sun spots, melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation. The lasers the most frequently used for procedures involving pigmented lesions are the pulsed dye, Nd:YAG and Fraxel (fractional lasers) as well as light-based, non-laser treatment methods such as use of IPL.
  • Precancerous Lesions. – Nearly all surgeons concur that cancerous lesions are best removed with a scalpel, in a regular medical surgical procedure. This will ensure clean borders and complete removal of precancerous tissues. This also provides a skin sample for pathologists to examine for further assurance of the nature of the lesion. However, lasers are now in frequent use for removing actinic keratoses, or precancerous growths, before they can become malignant, or squamous cell skin cancers. For this type of procedure, ablative lasers like the CO2 and Erbium:YAG are most often used.
  • Vascular Lesions. – These lesions include facial broken blood vessels, spider veins of the legs and ankles, hemangiomas and some birthmarks. IPL is most often used to treat these conditions since it is a minimally invasive treatment mode. In addition, the pulsed dye, Nd:YAG and diode lasers may be used.
  • Hair Removal. – The extent of the safety and success of hair removal by laser treatment depends on the pigment of the hair and skin of the patient. For individuals with darker skin tones, the Nd:YAG or diode lasers are usually the best option, while patients with lighter skin tones are best treated with use of IPL.
  • Acne Scars. – For deep scars caused by acne, the CO2 laser is the very best choice. Other good choices are the Erbium:YAG as well as the fractional laser and some non-ablative lasers, but these three laser types are usually only effective for treating less severe acne scars. LED treatments have also shown to be effective for treating scars resulting from acne.
  • Tattoo Removal. – Both the CO2 laser and the Nd:YAG are the most often used for removing tattoos. In some instances, tattoo removals can also be accomplished with IPL use.

Light-Based Treatment Technologies in Use Today

There are numerous varied types of light-based treatment technologies that are currently in use in the practice of modern cosmetic surgery. Although many of these different treatment modes are frequently referred to as “laser” procedural methods, these treatments are being performed with use of devices and instruments that are not true lasers. The treatment technologies used include LED treatments, IPL, Titan and other infrared methods that are energy-based as well as radio-frequency based modes like Thermage. Although these treatment technologies are very helpful and successful methods of approach for many different cosmetic surgeries, it should be stressed that they are not actually laser treatments.

Laser Surgery Procedures with Optimal Expertise

Dr. Joseph W. Rucker, Jr., completed his medical school training and degree at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. After receiving his medical degree, he spent five additional years in general surgery followed by a three-year residency in plastic surgery as well as a fellowship in breast reconstruction.

Since 1984, Dr. Rucker has had a highly successful private practice in the Eau Claire region of west central Wisconsin. He has performed more than 10,000 cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Dr. Rucker is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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July 12, 2018

Heidi Klum Wears Silk Laundry!

Heidi Klum was seen wearing Silk Laundry earlier today while out in NYC! The super model kept it casual chic in the 90s Silk Slip Dress in Dahlia ($161, www.silklaundry.com).
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July 11, 2018

4 Popular Myths about Breast Augmentation and the Truth Behind Them


If you’re thinking of undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, there are so many things that you have to know about the process that will help you make an informed decision.

There are tons of myths and misconceptions about this surgical procedure. Some might be the very ones that are preventing you from taking the leap. The good news is that scientists have already debunked many of them. So if you choose a reputable surgeon, you can certainly feel more confident about the outcome.

What are the myths that you should know about, though? Here are four that can help you weigh your options better:

Myth #1: Saline Implants are Safer than Silicone Implants

Two of the most popular types of breast implants are made of saline and silicone. They’re filled with exactly what they’re named after, allowing them to offer different results.

Because they’re filled with a sterile saltwater solution, a lot of people believe that saline implants are way safer than silicone implants which are filled with silicone gel. As both can rupture and its content can leak inside the body, a lot of people are scared that a silicone implant’s content can be more detrimental to health.

The FDA, however, has cleared the safety of silicone implants. The use of a good quality silicone implant and its proper maintenance can also make it safer to use.

Myth #2: Breast Implants are Dangerous for Breastfeeding

A lot of women who consider getting breast implants are also around the age of starting their families. This is why one of the most popular concerns among them is the safety of having implants while breastfeeding. Some are scared that the silicone material can leak and mix into the breast milk, which might harm the infant.

While the thought is quite scary, research shows that there’s no evidence this can happen. The silicone material won’t easily get into the mammary glands or any other areas wherein it can mix into the breast milk. Its positioning and molecular size make such impossible.

However, breast implants can affect a woman’s breasts’ capability to produce and release milk. The position of the implant can apply pressure on the alveolar cellular wall, which can diminish milk production.

Myth #3: You can Choose Your New Cup Size

Another popular misconception about breast augmentation procedures is that you can choose your new cup size. This isn’t true. The size of the implants that you’ll receive will still depend on what your body can handle. Going from small to big in just a couple of hours can cause a drastic change that can have serious effects on your body, so it’s not recommended by specialists.

You can still opt to go as big as possible, but there’s still a limit to this. Experts take into account the size of your frame, your weight, current bra cup size before recommending the size of implants for you. They’ll make sure that the procedure will bring the most natural-looking results that won’t affect your comfort and your body’s performance. Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast augmentation.

Myth #4: Breast Implants Require Replacements Every 10 Years

Because breast implants are medical devices, experts require them to be replaced every once in a while. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wait ten years to do this, however. To avoid complications, you should get regular checkups so the condition of your implants will be monitored. It can also help determine when you should have your implants replaced.

As these points can prove, a lot of the things that might be scaring you from getting a breast augmentation procedure are purely misconceptions. With the right specialists, breast augmentation will be a safe and simple procedure.

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July 10, 2018

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Facial Burning Sensation?

What could be more alarming than feeling like your face is burning? The images that run riot in your mind would make Chewbaka’s face look tame. You imagine that you are slowly turning amphibian or reptilian, or something that is yet to be discovered and defined.

That burning sensation on your face can fall on any extreme; from the mild to the ‘call-the-ambulance’ range. In order to find out why you have a burning sensation, you will need to run through the possibilities so as to get a correct diagnosis.

Possible causes are quite a number, so finding the right diagnosis could take quite a while. As questions like is burning sensation normal?become some sort of an obsession, you could:

  • Find some information about burning sensations.
  • Search for a specialist who can narrow things down for you.
  • Use the good old diagnostic computer system.

What are the possible causes for the burning sensation?

There are a few of them that could be checked and possibly ruled out. They include:

  • Low estrogen
  • Neuritis
  • Rosacea
  • Electrical hypersensitivity
  • Anxiety
  • Food allergies

Next, you want to have a list of the possible symptoms that the aforementioned causes would display, and note the ones that you have. The following are possible culprits:

  • Itchiness.
  • A regular sore throat.
  • Inability to relax.
  • Night terrors.
  • A chronic cough that is productive.
  • Changes in your bowel movement.
  • Poor concentration when your cycle is on.
  • Facial flushes.
  • Feeling a tad exhausted especially in the afternoons and evenings.
  • Food cravings.
  • Frequent bowel movement.

These hardly begin to scratch the surface. You may be wondering… what has the face got to do with all these? You would be surprised. Sometimes a burning face is caused by issues that have little to do with the skin.

What does that burning face sensation feel like?

  • There is a sudden sensation of burning on your face.
  • Your face and other parts of your body feel itchy.
  • There’s a feeling of numbness which does not last long, fortunately.
  • Your face feels warm.


As mentioned earlier, sometimes the causes have little to do with the skin. The causes might be internal. They may also be externally caused. Here are a few of the known causes:

  • Too Much Sun

Sunburn is an obvious suspect for burning face sensation. The sun may feel great on your skin, especially after a long spell of cold, but ultraviolet rays have never been known to be friendly on the skin. Do not overexpose your body to any source of heat.

  • Injury

Whether caused by a blow to the face or a slight breaking of the skin, trauma to the skin can cause that burning sensation.

  • Beauty Products

If you are in the habit of jumping from one product to the next, that could spell doom for your face. To avoid that burning feeling on your face, find a product that works for you and stick to that.

  • Acne

Acne actually feels like burning. Most sufferers tend to get acne in their adolescent years, but many women seem to have issues with the condition in their adulthood and during menopause too.

There are many more causes of the burning sensation that beg the question -is burning sensation normal?- However, the best way to deal with any issue that affects the face or skin in general is improving on your hygiene, and being careful with cosmetic products.


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July 9, 2018

Will I Be Able to Feel My Facial Implants?

Facial implants are becoming more popular as plastic surgery benefits are becoming more well known and publicized. People of all ages are eager to maximize their natural potential to look and feel their best, which is something facial implants can often achieve.

However, patients often have questions about the process of choosing and receiving facial implants. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Will I be able to feel my facial implants?”

Not surprisingly, the answer to this question has a lot to do with the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon you select. Read on to learn what you need to know about facial implants.

What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are designed to be solid, durable, lightweight and fully compatible with the natural human tissues and structures in your face. There are many different sizes of facial implants to deliver the results you are seeking.

Facial implants can be placed in multiple locations within the facial structure. Cheek implants, chin implants and jaw implants are three of the most common and popular types of facial implants. Choosing the shape, size and placement of your facial implants will be a collaborative process you share with Dr. Frankel.

Can You Feel Facial Implants?

As mentioned in the introduction here, this is perhaps the part of facial implant procedures that patients are most worried about. The good news is that no, you should not be able to feel your facial implants at all!

However, there will be a post-operative recovery period, and during this time you may feel some normal and temporary pain, pressure, swelling or itching as the surgical sites heal.

Dr. Frankel will give you specific instructions regarding post-operative recovery and site care, including prescriptions to manage any discomfort you may feel. Once this initial recovery period has passed, your facial implants will fully integrate with the surrounding tissues to become a seamless part of your facial anatomy.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Facial Implants?

For general purposes, it is best to wait until your facial anatomy has matured fully before seeking facial implants. It is also ideal to be healthy in every other way and to be a non-smoker (or be willing to stop smoking for a period of time before and after your surgery so your body can have its best chance to heal).

Having realistic expectations for post-operative outcomes and a generally optimistic outlook can also be important criteria for successful facial implant procedures.

What Is the First Step to Schedule Facial Implants Surgery?

Your one-to-one consultation with Dr. Frankel is your first step on the road to scheduling a facial implants procedure. This is your personal time to share your goals, review your medical history, share pictures of your desired results if you wish, ask your questions and discuss the best approach to achieving your facial appearance goals.

Dr. Frankel will do a physical examination of the procedure area and take photographs for your medical file. He will talk to you about what to expect, the costs, the post-operative recovery period and enjoying life with your enhanced facial appearance. If you are a good candidate, then before you leave Dr. Frankel’s office, you can schedule your procedure date.

Are There Any Risks to Be Aware Of?

As with any invasive (surgical) procedure, there is also some minimal risk of bleeding, scarring, uneven wound healing and surgical site infection. However, every precaution will be taken to ensure your post-operative experience is free from these risks.

It s very important to carefully review your medical history with Dr. Frankel as well as any current medications you may be taking to ensure there are no possible interactions with the anesthesia. As well, be sure to tell Dr. Frankel if you have any allergies to any medications or you have ever had a reaction to sutures, stitches or surgical tape. This will be essential to planning for your optimal surgical experience.

What Is Recovery from Facial Implants Like?

Another very common question most patients are eager to ask is what the postoperative recovery period is really like after getting facial implants.

There are two vital things to know about the post-operative recovery period: first, your results will be visible right away, and second, your full results may not be visible for a few months.

This is because even though the surface swelling will subside within several days, there are deeper internal tissues that can take longer to heal fully. However, once all of these structures have recovered completely, your beautiful results will be with you for life!

How Do You Prepare for Facial Implants Surgery?

The best way to prepare for your facial implants procedure is to be sure to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, stay physically fit, eat a healthy diet and arrange for any post-operative care you may need (including childcare as you recover) before your procedure.

This way, you will arrive on the day of your procedure with a calm, clear mind and a healthy, rested body. Also plan to bring someone with you who can drive you home and remain with you to care for you for a period of time following your procedure.

Also, be sure to have any prescriptions filled so you have them if needed as you recovery.

Dr. Andrew Frankel is double board certified. He focuses exclusively on performing produces his practice wholly on the head, neck and face. In addition to his busy practice, Dr. Frankel holds two professorships and has been chosen as one of just 36 Fellowship Directors (American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). He also consults for a Hollywood-based special effects group to support their efforts at transformative aging for actors.


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July 3, 2018

5 Ways to Keep Your Water Feature a Safe Space for Kids

Installing a water feature elevates the look and appeal of a home. Tiered garden fountains and other water features like swimming pools, for example, can give your place a more lavish atmosphere. In addition to beautifying your property, these also attract more birds to your garden or make it more suitable as a venue for events and other activiti

Hwever, the presence of a water feature in your home may pose a danger for children and pets. No matter how shallow a pond is, it’s still a must to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents in the water. Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy the benefits of having a water feature without compromising the safety of your kids:


  • Install a fence or wire mesh. Installing a barrier around the water feature is a great option if there are very young kids in your home. A fence around the perimeter of your pond can deter children from venturing in the water without adult supervision. Ideally, the fence should be around 1.1m high and should have no gaps where the child can squeeze through, plus it should be free of climbing aids. Aside from that, you can install a metal mesh over the water feature. The mesh should be strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler, and its bars should be far apart from each other, enough to let the plants in the pond to get sunlight.
  • Buy pool alarms. Pool alarms are worth looking into if you have a pond or a pool in your property. These sound off when something—a child or a pet—falls into the pool, but they may also get triggered by fish, turtles, or any animals that live near the water. Some pool alarms may also be programmed to go off if anything gets near the water. This type of alarm helps prevent people or pets from falling into the pool.
  • Make sure you can always see the water. It’s important to keep kids under strict supervision when they’re around water, but sometimes, they can dash to the pool or play near the fountain without letting you know. One good way to always know what’s going on in the pool or pond is by making sure these areas are within your line of sight at all times. If possible, position a water feature where you can see it from inside the house. If not, maybe you can install a window somewhere in your home where you can see a good portion of the pool or pond area.
  • Talk to your kids about water safety. Bringing up the issue of water safety to your kids is a must whether or not you have a pool, pond, or fountain in your home. As their guardian, you should never let them into the pool area without supervision. Also, you should make them understand that they shouldn’t get near or in the water if you’re not around, and that going against that rule can be dangerous for them.
  • Establish rules around the pool or pond area. It’s also necessary to establish and reinforce proper pool etiquette, which means no pushing, running, or jumping when in slippery areas. Advise people to wear slippers to prevent slipping. When around a pond, everyone should avoid touching water creatures and should wash their hands after dipping in the water. This can help kids understand that they need to respect other creatures, plus it helps prevent bites and stings from the animals or insects that live in the water.


Water features are fun to have around your home. By setting guidelines, installing safety barriers, and informing and involving your children, your entire family can have a safer time playing in or near your pool or pond.

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June 26, 2018

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Under $100 Pendant Necklace

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 23rd, 2018 – Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, was photographed shopping in LA over the weekend with her son Noah. She accessorized her monochromatic look with Parpala Jewelry’s Lou Coin Necklace. Alessandra’s pretty pendant necklace is available for purchase online at www.parpalajewelry.com  for $82 and in lengths ranging from 14 inches to 24 inches.
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June 25, 2018

Arbonne hasn’t failed me yet

Summer has arrived and its time to make sure my skincare regime stays consistent. I want my skin to be hydrated and soft. Pool water and sun can be brutal on you skin and Arbonne has not failed me yet. Arbonne’s skincare line, RE9 Advanced Prepwork is exquisite. I love the fact that both my daughter and I can use it as its formulated for all ages.

I start my day with Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Cleansing Polish. This cleansing polish is so soft and silky, you barely feel the exfoliants, that how smooth it is. I recommend this product to many of my friends because it has no fragrance. This is a big issue with people in my pier group. If it has a fragrance they run from it.   RE9 Advanced Prepwork Cleansing Polish is formulated with the exfoliants lingonberry and apricot.  This cleansing polish gently buffs away dull and dead skin cells, makeup and excess oil.  After use, your skin will feel fresh, look brighter and feel softer. It is so gentle that you can use it morning and night. 

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Cleansing Polish is gluten free, and is allergy and dermatologist tested.

It’s a Glam Thin gloves that “Part of the proceeds from Prepwork goes to supporting the Arbonne Charitable Foundation®’s mission to empower teens.”

After using the cleansing polish you really need a great sunscreen and protect your precious skin. Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Prepwork Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen offers some great attributes.

A couple of them, at least for me, is that it acts as a moisturizer and lightly tinted foundation. It is lightweight so you won’t have that heavy greasy feeling on your skin especially if you are outdoors and sweating.  RE9 Advanced Prepwork Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen creates a photo-filtered, soft focus effect to blur the look of pores and baby lines. Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen contains 100% mineral-based sunscreen and is Vegan.  I use it under my makeup and it works beautifully.

 RE9 Advanced Prepwork Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen is formulated with vitamins C and E, antioxidants, omegas and polyonutrients.  It is also gluten free, and is allergy and dermatologist tested.

Arbonne carries an extensive line of skincare ranging from various lines of skincare, makeup, Bath & Body, Nutritional items and Hair Care.  The summer is just starting, grab your Arbonne today, it won’t fail you.


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