April 9, 2019

Naomi Campbell Is Perfection At Museum Opening

During the opening of the new National Museum of Qatar, Naomi Campbell visited as a guest of honor wearing a brighten dress of Philippe Perisse. The gown gave her a refined look that matched the architectural structure of the new museum in Qatar.

Naomi Campbell

The dress Armor is part of the Fall Winter 2018 collection, called Semper Altius which means always higher. The main inspiration came from the movies by Flash Gordon in 1936, intertwined with some Jules Verne’s extraordinary adventures. This special and unique look gives a sensation of freshness and power at the same time. Without many details, the dress is simple with a subtle touch in the sleeves and a closed neck to give women competence in the crowd. The fabric consists of cotton crepe that can be comfortable in any weather. Among the guest, Naomi Campbell stand out in the crowd and transmitted the message of elegance and power.

The pictures were taken by Ammar Abd Rabbo at the entrance of the National Museum of Qatar in Doha.

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April 8, 2019

Where To Find Your Glamour Tips

Finding out your glamour tips can be one of the hardest things ever. First of all, you have no idea when somebody is offering a legit tip (rather than something that they’ve been paid to advertise) and you’re unsure whether it will even work.

Secondly, where are you even supposed to look if you want to find out how to achieve that beauty look that you’ve been thinking about for some time? We’ve put together some simple ways that you can find great glamour tips, without being let down in the process! Phew, it’s a relief, right?


glam woman

In magazines

Let’s be honest, magazines have always been home to some of the latest glamour tips around, and it doesn’t just stop there. They are also bursting at the seams with lifestyle advice, and it’s one place where all of your fashion and beauty questions are comprehensively answered by the people who truly know their stuff. Vogue was first published in 1892, and there’s a reason that it’s still around – and one of the world’s most famous magazines – in 2019. If you really want to know your stuff when it comes to the glam news, then go to your local store and pick up some beauty and fashion mags for a bit of inspiration!


From influencers and famous people

For quite a while now, famous people and influencers have been known to share their tips on social media, and they’re usually some of the best ones out there (even if they are pretty expensive). Check out some videos like the interview with an elite model here, and see whether you can pick out any tips from the celebs. Be cautious here, as some famous people are paid to advertise certain products, which can mean that items are recommended without them actually being as great as you think. Choose your influencers wisely, and try to avoid those things (like diet teas) that are recommended by people like the Kardashians, but are actually harmful.


On YouTube videos

If you’re more fond of beauty tips from normal people – who don’t happen to have a celebrity budget – then YouTube is home to some of the best ideas that are out there. Not only do you have the testament from the person who is featured in the video that a product works, but you can also see it in action, so that you can make better judgements for yourself. On top of this, you can see what people have said in the comments, and the reviews here are usually pretty honest ones. A brand can tell you that its product is great until the end of time, but if you haven’t heard firsthand from regular people, then it’s a good idea to give that one a miss.


So, if you want to find some great glamour tips, then check out some of these places! From magazines and YouTube videos, to influencers and famous people, there are many ways to find out those glam tips that you’ve been waiting for!

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April 8, 2019

The ” Glow Up ” You’ve Been Looking For

Everyone deserves to go through their ” glow up ” phase. In fact, you will most likely have already gone on your own during puberty. Recently people were posting their glow up comparisons on social media, and it was so crazy to see how many people actually did go through a  ” glow up ” once leaving school. But as amazing as your first one is, there’s always room for another. If you know you’re not really happy with the way that you look, and that you’ve always been looking for ways that you can improve your image, but you haven’t really found any yet, then this is going to be the article for you.

We know how important self image is in this day and age, and everyone feels like they’re getting judged on every little thing about them. While that is not necessarily happening, you still want to know in your own mind, that you look fabulous every single day. So if you know you’re searching for a  ” glow up “, take a seat, and have a read of the tips we’ve got below. Hopefully if you apply some to your own life, you’ll continue to feel like you’re happy with yourself .


girl with glow


Switch Up Your Style

Style is a bit of a hit and miss with people. Some people are so into their style that they know everything about what trends are out at the minute, and everything about what they shouldn’t be wearing. But those are the people with a real passion for it, and not everyone has the time to think about passion that deeply. So most of us sit in the category that likes style, but we don’t exactly know what to buy that’s on trend, we just buy things because we like them. But if you were to have a look at the clothing range for fall at the minute, rather than just shopping generally, you would see what everyone is raving about at the minute. Outfits for fall are actually being focused on a mix of the winter comfort jumpers that we know and love, and some summer vibes coming through considering a lot of the world had a warmer start to the year this year. But the vibe is very much casual this year, and that’s what we love the most about it. Skinny jeans and dark color leather jackets are in, and hats are making their return to add a little bit of class the an outfit. If you can try and be a little more adventurous with the outfits you chose, you might be introduced to a whole new sense of style, that becomes just the start of your ” glow up “.

Fix Up With Your Health

Your health should be a really important part of your life, but considering you’ve got so many things going on around you, and so many ways to be distracted from being healthy, we can understand why it might be at the bottom of your list of things to focus on. But your health is going to become more precious to you as you get older, and there are so many ways that you can protect your health right now. Think of all of the Instagram famous people, who are always posting pictures of tasty food, or funky workout videos. Well this life isn’t hard to achieve, and it’s not something you have to be super dedicated to. Half of the meals you’ll see on social media are super easy to make, and the workouts will be so good for your body if you try them. Just doing this a couple of days a week, and trying to eat healthy as much as you can, is going to work wonders. You’ll lose weight and become more toned, and you’ll become more confident in your body. If you feel like this is something that you’re really going to struggle to get yourself into, try dragging a friend along with you to keep you motivated, or think about getting yourself a personal trainer for a short amount of time so you can get into the swing of things. A final tip to leave your with when it comes to think, make sure you think about taking vitamins every day to boost all of the functions of your body. So many of us are missing out on the vital vitamins through our diet, and taking them will definitely make you feel a little more human in the long run!


Discover A New Side To Yourself

Just because we’re talking about a glow up, it doesn’t have to be all about the beauty that we see. Sometimes the best feeling in the world, is when your personality has a glow up, and you become a better version of your former self. So think about becoming happier, more understanding, more compassionate, or sticking up for yourself a little more. Whatever side to you there is at the minute that you really don’t think you like, there’s always ways that it can be improved. So do whatever it is that you need to do, in order for your to feel happy with yourself. Feeling your own personal happiness before you feel others is so important, because you’re never truly going to be happy in life, if you’re not happy with yourself first!


A New Beauty Routine You’ll Love

If you’ve had the same beauty routine for a while now, and you haven’t really been too interested in makeup or skincare, then this is where your glow up is really going to kick in. There’s so many different things you can do when it comes to beauty, from learning how to do your makeup through Youtube videos, to purchasing some of the higher priced products to improve the quality of your finish. Looking after your skin better is also so important. From making sure that your moisturize daily, to using different face masks and scrubs to keep your skin are pure as possible. The sooner you start investing in yourself and loving your own appearance, the quicker you’ll realize your glow up has happened!

Image source

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April 7, 2019

Essential pieces for the Spring season from DM Fashion

With Spring just around the bend, it’s time to lighten up your wardrobe ladies and kick up your heels instead of those soggy winter boots!

DM Fashion has all the essential pieces for the Spring season.

The brand offers all the on-trend pieces to give your wardrobe a fresh, fun start for the new season ahead. You’ll love everything in this stylish collection including bathing suits, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and so much more all with an uber-feminine touch. DM Fashion is all about making you feel confident and gorgeous and all at a reasonable price.

Swim Must Haves:

Ruched V-Neck One-Piece in Navy – Dominate the beach scene with this DM embroidery one-piece! The thoughtful details, comfy fabric and stunning silhouette will make this a timeless favorite.

DM Fashion Ruched one piece swimsuit

Lace-Up One-Piece with Retro Dusty Pink Stripes – Celebrate in the sun with this classic lace-up one-piece. Offers modest coverage front and back that adjust to fit perfectly with short and long torsos.

Off the Shoulder Pleated Ruffle One-Piece Black – A modern retro one-piece that offers a pleated statement neckline and smooth silhouette. You’ll stand out at the beach or pool in this gorgeous suit.

Ruffle Scoop Back One-Piece in Seashell Pink and Ivory Stripe– This sweet update to a classic one-piece features feminine ruffles that cascade down the front and low back. Flattering fit for all body shapes.

Sailor Back One-Piece Black Stripe– Sporty, sassy one-piece with exclusive adjustable sailor strappy back design for a figure-flattering silhouette.

Off the Shoulder Double Ruffle Tankini in Dahlila Rose – Tiered ruffles frill this off the shoulder neckline. This head-turning tankini has straps that can tie and be adjusted or removed. Wear the ruffle 3 ways: under the arms, over the arms, or on the shoulders to switch it up!

Easter/Spring Essentials:

Emilee Jade Eyelet Midi – This gorgeous DM exclusive made of feminine eyelet is perfect for any spring and summer occasion! Comes in a beautiful shade of blue or a delicate yellow.

Haylee Rust Tiered Ruffle Maxi – Beachy, bohemian, beautiful this ruffled maxi in gorgeous rust is so fab!

First Love Sage Ruffle Striped Dress – Another perfect warm weather wrap dress! With a trendy wrap front, a feminine ruffled hem and a delicate light green striped fabric, wear this wonderful dress for Easter or any spring/summer occasion.

Park Place Blue Corduroy Skirt – Wear this anywhere! In soft corduroy fabric and pretty detailing, this skirt is going to become a favorite piece. Comes in sage, beige, olive or rust.

Visit https://dmfashion.com/ for more spring favorites

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April 7, 2019

Shop with us! It’s BathBomb Time With CBD Living

BathBomb Time ! CBD Living BathBombs

CBD Bath Bomb

Available in:

  • Amber Bergamot
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Coconut Lime


Soap Time ! CBD Living Scented Soaps

CBD Eucalyptus Bath Soap

Also Available in:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Coconut Lime
  • Amber Bergamot
  • Lavender


Time to Moisturize! CBD Living Body Lotion

CBD Living Lotion

Available in:

  • Unscented
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus


About CBD Living (from the website) :

Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders have come together to form CBD Living, an international, world-class company producing CBD (cannabidiol) products far superior to any other hemp-derived CBD product on the market.

Our team watched the global hemp industry develop by lab-testing claims on other company’s products. We saw so many gaps between what people were advertising and the level of expertise that companies were bringing to the CBD extraction process, and recognized that we had an opportunity to push the envelope on the science of CBD.

The secret to our superior products lies in our use of nanotechnology, a unique manufacturing process that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets, without the addition of emulsifiers. The nanotechnology process allows for CBD to absorb into the body more efficiently. This proprietary technology increases the efficacy of the CBD by increasing its bioavailability up to 90 percent, delivering CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.


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And, if you love Gummies

You will LOVE CBD Gummies !

CBD Living Gummies




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April 7, 2019

Jennifer Lopez Wears Ruthie Davis!

Jennifer Lopez shared a photo on her Instagram story just the other day and she is wearing Ruthie Davis while filming Hustlers. The singer & actress showed off her chiseled body as she posed in a pink bikini and Ruthie Davis’ Cassie Heels in Optic White ($595, www.ruthiedavis.com).


Jennifer Lopez

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April 6, 2019

  10 Natural Ways to Get the Sexiest Smile


A healthy smile is a reflection of confidence and inner happiness. Every person would love to see a smile on someone they meet every day. The beauty of a person is showcased by a smile. This is why it is very important for you to project that healthy smile as you meet a lot of people. If you are thinking of the natural ways to get the sexiest smile, here are some tips for you:

1) Assess Your Relationships with Others

You will surely agree that it is very hard to project a genuine smile if you are in front of people you do not like. If you are not comfortable with the people surrounding you, it is impossible for you to look happy. With this, the first tip you should consider to have the sexiest smile is to assess your relationships with other people. Always make sure that you have a great relationship with the people you see every day. It is always better to work with people you are comfortable with and go out to a neighbourhood where people are happy to see you. These things can all add up to getting that natural and sexy smile

2) Put a Smile On

Putting that smile on your face is something that does not need practice. The main point here is for you to know that this natural activity can make you feel more beautiful and happy. Always make sure that as you leave your home, you are bringing that sweet smile with you. Before you open the door before you, put that smile on your face. Just remember that a person who always smiles is more beautiful or better looking compared to those who always have lines on their faces.

3) Tackle Stained Teeth

If you have stained teeth, it is really not easy to maintain a healthy and sexy smile. This may result to your inability to give out a smile even if you want to. There are different reasons why an individual gets stained teeth. All you need to do is to look for the best way to eliminate the problem. First, you have to stop the bad habits that lead to staining. Smoking is one of the unhealthy activities that may cause this problem. You can also look for the best teeth whitening kit to help you deal with stained teeth.

4) Hold Your Breath Fresh

Aside from having white and shiny teeth, fresh breath is also another component of a healthy smile. If you know that you have fresh breath, it is easier for you to smile and interact with the other people around you. Aside from regularly brushing your teeth and using mouthwash, there are also other things that you can consider to maintain your fresh breath. Choosing the right diet and eating natural food is very important. Remember that even your breath is an indication of your health.

5) Don’t Neglect Your Gums

One of the mistakes that people tend to commit is neglecting their gum health. Not all tooth paste and care products are good for your health. If you have days where brushing is a bit challenging because of your bleeding gums, you should not take this for granted. Your gum problem is something that can affect your smile and your breath. You have to make sure that you know how to address the problem before it persists. You can visit your dentist for recommendations. There are specific mouth wash and toothpaste brands that can help you deal with this problem.

6) Properly Care for Your Gums

There are different ways on how you can care for your gums. Firstly, you have to make it a habit to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Aside from that, you should also floss every day. Another important thing to consider is to get away with unhealthy habits that may harm your teeth and gums. Stop smoking and do not chew tobacco because these contain substance that can affect your oral health. To know more about the best ways to care for your gums, you should visit your dentist regularly.

7) Think of What Makes You Smile

There are days when smiling does not seem to be a good option because of the pressures of life and other problems that we are experiencing. But you should not let any of these steal away that healthy and sexy smile. The best way to maintain that positive aura is to think of the things that make you smile. This way, you will be able to distract your mind and think of something that will also make your day brighter.

8) Increase Your Confidence

A healthy smile is a manifestation of confidence. If you are not confident with yourself, it would be difficult for you to smile. There are different ways on how you can increase your confidence. You can start by considering small ways to increase your confidence. Start by choosing the right clothes and making yourself look presentable. You can also check the other aspects of your life that need polishing and improvement.

9) Healthy Eating

The main goal here is to have healthy teeth. This is also dependent on the food that you are eating. As much as possible, you should lessen your intake of sugary food because it can cause problems to the teeth. Aside from that, you should focus more on eating healthy and natural food. There are foods that are rich in calcium; you should eat the right amount of these. This includes yogurt, cheese, soy drinks and dark green leafy vegetables.

10) Stay Hydrated

Aside from the healthy benefits of water to the whole body system, you should also drink a lot of water if you want to maintain a healthy smile. Instead of drinking soda, juice and other beverages, you should consider drinking more water. This way, you will be able to wash off the sugar left behind your teeth.

Smiling will help you start the day right. If you have a beautiful smile, you will be able to attract and make the people around you more comfortable with your presence.

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April 3, 2019

Marsai Martin Wears Chinese Laundry!

Marsai Martin was photographed wearing Chinese Laundry while out in NYC promoting her new movie “Little”. The actress looked business chic in her hot pink Aloha Floral Platform Heel ($99.95, www.chineselaundry.com).
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March 22, 2019

How Alcohol Affects Your Beauty

Many women nowadays follow a lot of skin regimen and routines just to improve their overall appearance. Although there is no doubt about having skin care routines can improve naturally your beauty and looks, most people fail to realize that the food and drinks they consume play a huge role in their respective looks and appearance. Alcohol, for instance, has a very destructive component that affects the physical and internal beauty.

As it happens, too much alcohol in your system can dramatically degrade your physical looks. While having good-looking cocktails and drinks for the purpose of social media attraction is pretty enticing, you must realize that these drinks do not offer any benefit for you. And if you are not entirely sure how alcohol affects your beauty, here are some reasons why you must start a sober living for women immediately:

Speed Up Aging Process

Alcoholic drinks can naturally speed up your aging process. And this is a fact that you must always remember. Keep in mind that when you drink alcohol, it totally dehydrates your body. Apparently, alcohol prevents the production of your anti-diuretic hormones. This forces your kidney to work harder than the usual. Thus, removing a lot of water from your body.

Certainly, you know what happens when your system is dehydrated. It does not only affect your skin, but it also affects every organ in your system. And when your skin dries inside out, your skin tends to wrinkle much quicker than the usual. Moreover, this will slow down your cells to regenerate new ones. Hence, you will end up having dry old skin that could make you look much older.

Damage Your Hair

Just like your skin, your hair can be also damaged when you are dehydrated. According to studies, skin and hair share almost the same cells. So, when one is experiencing a great deal damage, there is also a huge chance that the other is also experiencing the same thing.

In addition, it has been found that drinking alcohol decrease the zinc that is in your body. And when your body lacks the needed amount of zinc, this results in a much serious hair damage and degradation.

Causing Redness in Your Face

For sure, you’ve seen how your or someone’s face turns red when they drink alcohol. In actuality, the reddish or pinkish skin that appears when you drink too much alcohol does not mean that you are already drunk. This only means that the small blood vessels in your skin widens as you consume alcohol. Once these small vessels widen, they encourage more blood flow in the areas affected or your face.

Although some may say that they look good in having a pinkish or reddish glow, this actually can cause serious damage to your skin, blood vessels, and your eyes. This condition is called rosacea that once worsens, it could lead to blindness and other serious conditions.

Bloated Face

You are surely aware of the “beer-belly” condition. And it is common knowledge already that alcoholic drinks are the main reason for this. But, little did everyone know that liquors and alcoholic beverages can also result in the bloating of your face.

This series of events is actually related to the apparent dehydration that your body experiences when you consume alcohol. Since your system is experiencing a lot of water and electrolyte loss, your system tends to rob all the water that it can get when you drink water or eat food. And this abrupt robbing causes for the tissues to swell. Hence, this results in having a bloated face.

Swelling Around Your Eye

The same thing happens to your eyes as they also get swollen when you drink alcohol. This is all because of the water retention. It is important for you to note that dehydration affects almost all of your systems in the body. And although you will surely try to replenish your water consumption after drinking alcohol, your kidneys and liver will still try to work so hard. Accordingly, you will still end up dehydrated inside out.

Leads to Dull Complexion.

When your skin is healthy and glowing, this only means that your system and organs are working properly. Essentially, the way your skin looks and appears on the outside is a great indication that your internal system is working and functioning in its optimal state.

So, when you seem to notice that you are losing the brightness and glowing complexion that you once had, it only means that there is something wrong. And if you are drinking a lot of alcohol, this is the main effect that you can get from this negative habit.

All in all, the way you look outside has definitely something to do with the way your inner health and condition shows. So, even if you apply several creams and follow various skin care regimens, if you are not taking care or being mindful of the things you consume, your beauty will certainly fade in no time. And much more if you are drinking alcohol regularly.

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March 21, 2019

Spring Is Here With NOGU

Spring is here! A lead designer at trending jewelry brand NOGU, gave It’s a Glam Thing some info on what’s trending. These tips are perfect as people are looking to freshen up their style for spring or looking to buy gifts for graduation, Easter, Mother’s Day or any spring occasion!

Coral, coral and more coral: Some folks are afraid to wear bright clothing, so a great way to wear Pantone’s Color of the Year is to accessorize with coral bracelets and necklaces. This look is fresh, bright and on trend.

Gifts that give back: Find a bracelet that signifies a charity or cause you or the recipient is passionate about! For example, NOGU offers collections that benefit charities like Heart & Stroke, the ASPCA, and one of my favorites – The Sea Turtle Conservancy – we’ve already raised $10,000 for this organization with a great line of jewelry featuring sea turtles.

Layers aren’t just for haircuts: Layering jewelry whether it be rings, bracelets or necklaces, remains a hot trend this spring. In most cases, the more the merrier when it comes to how you can stack jewelry.

Literally anything mermaid: Mermaids are hot this year – we’re still hoping fans are right and that Taylor Swift’s new album is all things mermaid. Either way, a great gift is NOGU’s trending mermaid glass collection — made with beads that look like they’re glowing. Like magic!


Mermaid Glass Essences

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