April 22, 2018

Today is Earth Day, Celebrate the Day with Nubian Heritage

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Body Wash

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Body Wash


Today is Earth Day. I wanted to be sure that I checked back with Part 2 of Friday’s post. Please refer HERE for Part 1 . As I mentioned, I celebrated Earth Day by finding a new beauty brand or a “new to me” brand that meets the Earth Day initiatives every day. I discarded a brand that I currently use which is not as ethical.

Nubian Heritage is the New brand that I really do enjoy.  I am back to tell you about their fabulous and my favorite products from the brand. I do hope you were able to check out their website.

From the Raw Shea Butter Collection, my favorite is product is the Age Defying & Protecting Body Wash. I had to try really hard not to indulge myself use too much during one shower.  I it smells so great and gives me the feel of an in shower body lotion too. The wash is made with Soy Milk, Frankincense and Myrrh.

You’ll find Avocado Oil in the The Ultra Moisturizing and Long Lasting Body Lotion from the Olive and Green Tea Collection. Of course it is formulated with Green Tea and lots of other earthly ingredients. “Green Tea is revered by naturalists for it’s powerful antioxidant properties.

The Abyssinian & Chia Seed Collection features 16th Century Superfood and Ancient Ethiopian ingredients.  The hand cream is heavenly, especially for me, after a harsh winter and spring planting. My hands were at their worst so this product tops the list right now, with Amarnath Extract & Ginseng.

The products from the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Collection are very softening and moisturizing. The 100% Infused She Butter is rich with Hemp seed and Neem Oil. This is so great for my hands right now but my body loves it too.

I could go on and on as right now I am almost entirely consumed by these products but again, check out the Nubian Heritage website HERE.

Special note: This year’s Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics. Nubian Heritage packaging contains a minimum of 25% consumer resin.

Additional note to Part 1: I am vegan so I love that the body wash is made with Soy Milk. Of course, I stay away from anything that is not vegan. They do offer Goat Milk and Honey products on the website.





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April 17, 2018

Country Pop Artist Marta Has a Knack for Fashion Design

Country pop artist and fashion guru, Marta, has a knack for design. In her latest music video, “I Need A Love Story,” Marta designed one of the dresses she donned, giving an old prom dress new life. She also styled the entire video, taking inspiration from “Game of Thrones” and “Reign.” The video landed her an invite to the Berlin Fashion Film Festival where her video will be showcased July 13-14.



Marta released her music video for “I Need A Love Story” exclusively on Taste of Country Feb. 14. Since its release on Valentine’s Day, the video has received nearly one million views on YouTube.

“Marta creates a visually stunning clip using evocative mood lighting that perfectly underscores the gentle lilt of the song,” Sterling Whitaker, Taste of Country.

The video was filmed at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral, most famously used for Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter film series.

“I am really excited to release the music video for ‘I Need a Love Story”’,” said Marta. “I hope this song and video inspires people to find the strength to keep believing in love, even when they’re crying on the bathroom floor and have lost faith in it”.

Marta’s debut album, The Story, was released last Friday and features nine original and diverse songs that perfectly capture Marta’s tale. Her album can be heard here.

i need a love story, Marta

i need a love story, Marta

Keep up with Marta on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and visit her website at www.martaofficial.com.

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April 17, 2018

Olivia Holt Wears Modern Vice at Disney’s Pixar Fest

Olivia Holt was spotted wearing Modern Vice over this past weekend at Disney’s Pixar Fest. The actress looked so cute on stage wearing the Vice Bolt Boots in red as she joined the Toy Story cast on stage. ($298, www.modernvice.com).

Olivia Holt at Disney's Pixar Fest

Olivia Holt at Disney’s Pixar Fest

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April 17, 2018

Erin Lim Wears 21HM Chained Denim Choker To Coachella

Erin Lim was photographed wearing 21HM to the REVOLVE Festival at Coachella. The E! host accessorized her festival look with 21HM’s Chained Denim Choker. ($37; www.21hmboutique.com).
Erin Lim at Coachella

Erin Lim at Coachella

Erin Lim Wears 21HM To Coachella

Erin Lim Wears 21HM Chained Denim Choker 

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April 16, 2018

Fat Grafting 101: Your Guide To Facial Fat Transfer


Most people want to appear more youthful as they age, but time often tends to take a toll on someone’s face. The phrase “fat transfer” may sound unusual, but the fact is that it’s a healthy amount of facial fat that gives your face a youthful look. Whether you find yourself aging or have lost weight, you may discover that your cheeks or temples appear sunken, or that your face is lacking the youthful roundness it once had. If this sounds like you, you might be a candidate for fat transfer.

How Does Fat Transfer Improve Your Appearance?

In a culture where fat loss is a focus, it may seem strange to say that transferring fat to your face is a good idea. However, when you are young, facial fat is what’s responsible for smooth contours and the youthful “glow” that many young people have. As you age, these contours become less smooth. This is often due to a variety of factors. These factors include a number of things, including weight loss and gravity.

While getting a leaner-looking face as you age may sound appealing, the fact is that a rapid loss of facial fat will often lead to sunken-looking cheeks, circles under the eyes, and hollowed-out temples. With fat transfer, you can improve hollows in your face and smooth out the overall look of your complexion, making yourself look younger and more full of energy.

Where is the Fat Taken From?

This procedure is called “fat transfer,” but before you commit to undergoing it, you likely want to know where the transferred fat is coming from. The fat is transferred from another area of your body, typically from the thighs or stomach. This may sound off-putting, but the fact is that facial fat transfers generally involve small amounts of fat. Thus, while you will have two areas to heal–the site of the initial fat harvest and the transfer site–each area will be relatively small.

The harvesting of fat is typically done very inconspicuously, so you can expect little to no scarring from the procedure. Of course if you are concerned about scarring, be sure to talk to your surgeon–he or she may be able to help ensure that you have as little scarring as possible. And because the amount of fat taken from a different area of your body tends to be very small, you likely can work with your doctor to choose from a variety of areas of your body.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Facial fat transfer is a two=step procedure. In the first step, fat is taken from another area of your body, typically the thighs or stomach. This fat removal is accomplished through liposuction, in which a cannula, or slender tube, is inserted beneath your skin. The cannula then essentially vacuums fat from beneath your skin. Because the only incision in liposuction is the tiny hole the cannula makes, you likely will have either very little scarring or no scarring at all once the incision has healed. And because the amount of fat removed is very small, you also are not likely to notice a major difference in your body contours.

The second phase of the procedure is the transfer of the harvested fat to your face. The fat transfer involves injecting the collected fat under your skin. First, though, the fat is purified. Once it is injected, your surgeon will make sure that it’s spread evenly under your skin to ensure maximum smoothness and best results. And because the injection sites are so small, you won’t experience any lasting scarring.

This procedure is popular with those who want to look younger, but who don’t necessarily want to pursue major surgery on the bones of the face. Because it doesn’t involve your bones, recovery time is generally shorter than the recovery time for rhinoplasty or other major surgeries.

How Permanent Are the Results?

One of the main draws of facial fat transfer is the fact that it’s permanent. Barring extreme weight loss, the contours created by adding a bit of fat to your face are there to stay.

Therefore, facial fat transfer tends to be a preferred method compared to other methods of facial rejuvenation. Other methods tend to focus just on the surface level of your face, but this one works at a level below the skin to help ensure lasting results.

How Can I Choose a Surgeon?

If you have decided facial fat transfer is for you, or if you want to schedule a consultation to see if it’s the right option, your next big step is finding a surgeon.

However, this can often prove to be a difficult task. For many people, distance is understandably a limiting factor, as nobody has unlimited time and resources to travel thousands of miles to see a surgeon. If you have the finances and ability to travel far, though, it may be helpful to also search outside of your immediate geographic area.

You also will want to look at several examples of each surgeon’s work. You may find that, across even many types of patients, a given surgeon’s before and after pictures catch your eye. If this happens, it’s well worth giving this surgeon a closer look.

And lastly, as you search for surgeons, keeping your budget in mind is useful. Some offices may offer payment plans, and others may be able to refer you to a medical credit agency that can help you manage debt from the procedure.

Ready to Get Started?

If you miss your youthful facial contours and are ready to pursue fat transfer, you may be eager to find a surgeon. If you are in or near the Miami area, Dr. Bustillo may be a good choice for you. Andres Bustillo, M.D. is board-certified and well known for his expertise in various forms of facial surgery and other cosmetic procedures, including fat transfer.


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April 16, 2018

Pretty packaging for a Gold Standard Product

I love pretty things, including pretty beauty product packaging. Let me start by saying that the outer packaging of the RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream is, indeed, pretty. It’s gorgeously simple in a white box with an embossed cream colored tree branching over it with gorgeous red and gold flecks and leaves.

Did you know? The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland, which has come to mean “beautiful tree.”

The gold on the box to me, signifies the “Gold Standard” of Arbonne Skin Care products. Yes, these skin care products provide for beauty regimens that reach the Gold Standard in skincare.

Treat your body to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum Lotion

Our skin changes constantly during our 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and beyond.  I am in my fifties and I love being in my fifties, but, skin sags when fat, collagen, and elastin break down. My favorite Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu says “This is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin.” So I am very selectively loading up on the right products for this stage of body and skin changes.

One of my favorite skin care products is the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream. The website description states, “This luxurious cream deeply nourishes the skin with hydration, formulated with red algae extract, to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin and promote a shapelier-looking silhouette.” “Hydrate” and “Nourish” are keywords here and Dimpled skin, yes, that’s cellulite.  One of the causes of cellulite is the structural changes in the collagen fibers which weaken as we age.

Aging is inevitable and a process which we need to embrace. Arbonne is there for us with products that are Vegan (Arbonne gets bunches of praise from me on that), Gluten Free, Dermatologist Tested, globally sourced and made in the US.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream



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April 11, 2018

Little Goodall: Perfect Outfits for Summer Weather

The weather is getting hotter! Little ones will want to be in outfits that feel soft and cool against sun-kissed skin (while their parents want them looking adorable!). Enter the Little Goodall collection. Thoughtfully designed for the activity and motion of a busy child, each Little Goodall piece is handmade with the highest quality and attention to detail, so the outfits will last for years to come. This summer’s must-haves include:

Girl’s Dairy Maid Dress: Adorable fine linen sundress with oversized pockets, and a hand pieced cow who is munching dimensional flowers.  Buttons down the back and ties with long white sashes (don’t miss the cow tail in the back!).  The straps have several buttonholes, so the dress can be worn for several summers.  White linen is densely woven and not see-through.

Boy’s Friendly Lion Romper: Hear him roar this summer! This 100% cotton blue gingham romper features an adorable embroidered lion face and dimensional mane and ears. Buttons at shoulders and snaps underneath.

See more styles by visiting Little Goodall at: https://www.littlegoodall.com/

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April 11, 2018

What are my Long-Term Lip Augmentation Options?

Lip augmentation is a superficial procedure that is performed to offer the patient fuller, plumper lips. Recently, most people are going for dermal fillers, which get injected into their lips and around the mouth. Most of these fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps in increasing the lips’ volume.

Another option that was used in the past was collagen. This substance used to be common dermal filler, but today, doctors prefer to use safer methods whose effects last longer. Also, doctors use fat injections and implants for lip augmentation. However, not many people prefer these options due to the risks involved.

Who Qualifies for Lip Augmentation?

Many women feel concerned about their thin lips, and it is the reason they opt for augmentation. This procedure helps them get fuller lips that don’t show lipstick lines by filling the creasing that appears along the lip border as a woman ages. The ideal lip augmentation candidates include:

  • Any adult regardless of age
  • Any patient with extremely thin lips or persons who have suffered age-related lip volume decrease
  • People wishing to undergo this procedure should be medically fit and have measurable expectations of the results

What are the Medical Considerations?

Since it is possible for a patient to suffer from an allergic reaction to the material used during the procedure, it is important for all candidates to let the surgeon know whether they have any existing allergies. If the patient is considering undergoing a lip implant, the surgeon should be made aware of any respiratory issues that could be compromised by the anesthesia.

There are numerous dermal fillers and implants available out there to help with lip augmentation and not all of them are safe for every patient. Before going for lip augmentation, select a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon you can put all your trust in. Also, make sure that the doctor uses FDA approved products. Make certain that the method he chooses is ideal for all your cosmetic and medical needs.

Using Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

This substance can help improve your lips’ appearance through their volume, shape, and structure.

Its results last for up to six months after which you will need to go for more injections if you want to maintain the volume of your lips. There are many hyaluronic acid fillers in the market which are used in the same way and yield the same results too. Some of them even come with lidocaine which is a local anesthetic.

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Its benefits include:

  • The slow pace of treatment- the injections don’t have to be applied all at once. They can be done gradually until the patient attains the desired results
  • More control over the lips volume- it is easy to control the amount of substance to be injected, which means that the surgeon controls how much lip volume to create for a patient
  • Dissolves easily- the lumps that the gel creates dissolve very easily
  • Reasonably longer results- the hyaluronic acid fillers results last longer although they are not permanent
  • Less bruising- this kind of filler comes with less bruising, unlike the other alternatives.
  • Unlikely allergic reactions- since the fillers are made from substances that resemble those found in our bodies, it is not likely for a patient to get an allergic reaction. However, any patient who is allergic to lidocaine should let the surgeon know before the procedure.

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Any patient with the desire to get fuller lips but afraid of having foreign substances injected into their bodies can opt for a fat transfer. Since most lip fillers like collagen come from animal or human donors, fat transfer is different. This is because it uses the patient’s own body tissue thus, yielding a soft and natural-looking outcome.

The procedure involves the transfer of fat from a certain area of the body and injecting it into the patient’s lips. During the process, only the patient’s body natural tissue get used, which means that there are no chances of rejection or allergic reactions occurring. Once the surgery is done, the patient will have soft and natural-feeling lips that will last for at least six months and up to more than a year.

The Procedure

The doctor first removes fat from a specific location, usually from the thighs or abdomen through liposuction. This procedure is unlikely to affect the removal area unless the patient is also undergoing a body liposuction surgery. The fat gets injected into the lips using a syringe and a blunt needle, leaving tiny prick marks only.

This type of augmentation is usually done under local, or if need be, light general anesthesia as per the surgeon or the patient’s preference.

What are the Benefits and Risks Associated with Fat Transfer?

This procedure is considered to have relatively low risks. However, any surgical treatment comes with possible side effects. In this case, they might affect the injection area or where the fat was removed. The risks include infections, inflammation, bleeding, and slight discomfort.

However, there is one problem that surgeons are striving to rectify. Some of the fat cells die during the transfer. Any highly-qualified surgeon will, however, avoid this from happening by injecting the fat at intervals as opposed to doing it all at once.

One of the benefits related to this procedure is that it is unlikely for a patient to develop an allergic reaction. Also, the chances of the body rejecting the tissue are minimal since it is from their own body. The results are usually natural-looking.

This is a simple procedure that is usually treated as an outpatient case. Besides, it only requires a couple of hours for patients to recover and go home where after which they can resume their daily activities.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Permanent Lip Surgery?

As compared to other surgeries, lip augmentation is relatively a low-risk procedure. However, every patient should know the possible risks and be prepared. Some of these risks include:

  • Scarring
  • Implant rejection and migration
  • Infection
  • Lip stiffness

The good news is that the risks can be reduced if the procedure is done by a qualified surgeon. This type of lip augmentation comes with one main benefit; it offers permanent results, unlike in the use of temporary fillers.

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon to carry out lip augmentation for you, consider Dr. Agarwal of the Aesthetic Surgery Center. Anurag Agarwal, MD FACS is an expert on this field and can be reached at (239)-594-9100 at his office in Naples, Florida. His great work goes beyond surgery as he loves giving back to the society through pro bono humanitarian work.

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April 10, 2018

John Legend Wears Daniel Patrick at Los Angeles Premiere 

John Legend was photographed recently in Los Angeles wearing daniel patrick. The singer attended the Google premiere of his new music video A Good Night wearing Classic Ripped Skinny Jean / Natural ($300, www.danielpatrick.us)
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April 9, 2018

Baby Yourself with BabyIt and DreamBelly Butter

Making gift baskets is a hobby of mine. I don’t sell them, I make them to give to others for special occasions. My favorite gift basket making occasions are “Baby Showers”. My kids will tell you how much I love baby showers. When I have the opportunity to make a baby shower or baby basket, it has to be just right. I always ask family members and women I know who recently had a baby what the popular gift items are. I also want to know what type of gifts they would like to receive.

Besides the usual baby accessories like onesies, adorable sleepers and blankets,  “Mommy Skincare” was on the top of the list. After all, mommies need pampering too and what better time than after giving birth. Two items that I am placing in a gift basket I am making, is BabyIt and DreamBelly Butter. Both are especially made for “MOM”.

BabyIt is a 2-in-1 before and after childbirth necessity. BabyIt is the winner of the 2017 Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice award and the 2016 Cribsie Awards Academy Star award, BabyIt is a must have for all pregnant moms! Doctor-formulated and paraben free BabyIt is a multipurpose gel that can be used to sooth and heal sensitive areas as well as to moisturize baby’s delicate skin.  I am told that BabyIt is very soothing and  provides much needed relief after giving birth.

You can purchase BabyIt and learn more about it online at www.MyIsoLove.com


Women also wanted relief from the dry skin they succumb to during their pregnancy. As their belly grows, the skin stretches causing itchiness, dryness and irritation. DreamBelly Butter by Fairhaven is designed to help protect and nourish your skin as it stretches to accommodate your growing belly during your pregnancy. How I wish I had this product when I was having children. DreamBelly Butter is formulated with rosehip oil, aloe vera, honeysuckle and grapefruit, all of which help protect and regenerate your skin and provides soothing relief from the itchiness. The  natural butters and oils are non greasy and has a gentle scent of milk and honey. DreamBelly Butter contains no petroleum products, parabens, artificial colors or artificial preservatives

Available online: https://www.fairhavenhealth.com/dreambelly-butter


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