October 30, 2013

Hen House Linens are an All Occasion “Must-Have”


You’ve got the “Monster Mash” playing, a delightfully demonic jack-o’-lantern grinning on your doorstep and a candy jar filled to the brim for trick-or-treaters – make sure your table is dressed up and ready to meet your ghoulish guests too this Halloween with the perfect patterns from Hen House Linens!  Unique and “boo-tiful” selections from Hen House Linens including Potholders, Cocktail Napkins, Cook’s Aprons, and Cocktail Aprons, will allow you to play hostess while throwing a spook-tacular Halloween party!

Hen House Lines offers fabulous decor for all occasions. Visit henhouselinens.com

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October 30, 2013

Haille Steinfeld “Get the Look” at Ender’s Game Premiere


Hailee Steinfeld walked the red carpet at the premiere of her latest film Ender’s Game. Hailee looked as glamorous as ever with help from Celebrity Makeup Artist Steven Sollitto. The Oscar nominee sported a fantastic, white sequined Yves Saint Laurent top with playful red lips, paired with tailored black pants for a polished, stunning look.

Below, Steven Sollitto spills his secrets to achieve Hallie’s flawless look, as she walked the red carpet last night! Please let me know if you are interested in running this look along with a giveaway of the Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub – essential for creating a clean, healthy, and flawless canvas.

“Nothing can be taken for granted on such a big night,” Steven explains. “So, to make sure Hailee’s skin looked its best we started by using Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub to exfoliate and refine the skin. I can’t express how important a clean healthy canvas is for makeup. The Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub feels fresh, lathers beautifully, and smells clean. A little attention to your skin before a big night goes a long way.”Biore

Here are Steven’s tips for creating the look:

  • ·         To make sure Hailee’s skin looked its best, we started by using Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub to exfoliate and refine the skin. I can’t express how important a clean healthy canvas is for makeup. The Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub feels fresh, lathers beautifully and smells clean. A little attention to your skin before a big night goes a long way.
  • ·         For moisturizer I used a Light Cream before applying a MAC Face and Body foundation, which I find works well on most women. Plus, this foundation allows me to go light or heavy depending on the area of the face.
  • ·         Originally we were going to do a wet glossy red lip to match the top. We all loved it but then thought about the longevity of the look. I didn’t want her worried about her lips as she was doing interview after interview, so we used the Jouer Riviera Gloss to help mimic the sequins of her top.
  • ·         To highlight the eyes, I used purples hues to bring out the gold in her eyes. To start her eye, I brushed shadow a bronze all across her lids and underneath her bottom lashes from Votre Vu called Copper Suede. Then, in order to give her some definition at her lashes, I used NARS Gel Liner in Tatar (this is a purple that reads black to most people, but it is softer) as well as MAC’s Strong Willed Pencil, which I smudged back and forth for a softer look. Next, I took a small but wide eye shadow brush and swept MAC Red Violet under her lashes and out at the corners of her eyes. I lined her inner bottom lids with Laura Mercier’s Violet Pencil. Two Coats of Benefit Bad Gal Lash in Black and her eyes were ready for those flashes on the red carpet.
  • ·         On Hailee’s cheeks, I can’t help but use Laura Mercier’s Praline Creme Cheek Blush – I just love the color. A very up-to-date choice in all its peachy apricot.

With her hair pulled tight up in a sleek high pony, Hailee looked the young star she is.

Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub- A soap-free, creamy pearlized formula designed to lift away pore-clogging dirt and oil. The cleanser contains exfoliating microbeads to unclog pores and salicylic acid to prevent blackheads and breakouts from forming, keeping your summer complexion fresh and clear. $5.99; Select food, drug and mass merchant stores. www.Biore.com


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October 30, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed With DDF Clarifying Hydrator


As some of you might be aware, I have a bunch of incredible interns who work for me (at my other job, not at blogging!)…and from time to time they come up with product recommendations that should get ‘out there’.  Christy Savery, who is a Bentley College business student, talked about a product so much that I asked her if we could write about it. She’s 22 years old, and she has – you know – like – actually still got oil on her skin (unlike me who hasn’t had oily skin since, like, I don’t know, my last pregnancy (and my youngest is 11). So without having to do the math on my age, you get it!
Anyway, the product that Christy wanted me to pass on to you is called DDF Clarifying Hydrator. Here are the reasons why, as she says, ‘I am obsessed with DDF!”

  1. Minimizes the look of sebum build up— sebum:  microscopic glands in the skin that secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate and waterproof the skin—this makes it a great product for people with acne-prone skin

  2. Controls the oily shine

  3. Keeps my skin looking clear all day long

  4. Makes my skin feel extremely soft

  5. They had it at Marshall’s for only 15, originally $42

  6. Clears up my skin and makes my pores look smaller

  7. It doesn’t feel like it sits on my skin, really hydrates

  8. Great under foundation or cochlear because it’s not thick consistency

  9. Gentle to the skin

  10. Includes ingredients like: aloe vera, marigold and ginger extract, witch hazel and glycerin.

If you are on the younger side, and you struggle with oily skin on a regular basis, you should go and find this fabulous product. Christy happened upon it in a Marshall’s – so her next challenge will be to find it at a reasonable price.  And if you have grown kids or teenagers, it might be a nice little gift to give them!


0-86Guest post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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October 24, 2013

Head to Dana’s Bakery for Incredible Halloween Treats!


Are you looking for a unique Halloween treat? Head on down to Dana’s Bakery and view their incredible selection of assorted Macarons. Try the Candy Corn Macaron, an exclusive from Dana’s Bakery

The appropriately themed “Flavor of the Month” for October, takes a modern spin on a childhood classic, bringing smiles from adults and children alike, with this delicious Macaron.

Dana Loia, the mastermind, classically-trained pastry chef behind these tiny delicacies fell in love with the famous French macaron for its simple beauty and unique texture, but was surprised by the lack of variety in flavors. She decided to make a change to this, which is when this mouthwatering bakery came about. What makes Dana’s Bakery so unique is there focus on, infusing French techniques with all-American flavors for an original line of macarons, other bakeries don’t have to offer.

Dana’s Bakery offers Macarons for every occassion and if there isn’t a location near you, simply order your own assortment at their website; http://www.danasbakery.com/db/





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October 24, 2013

Live in the SEATTLE area? NORDSTROM has a surprise for you!


















If you live in the Seattle area, Nordstrom’s newest event will include Fall’s latest trends, beauty bars, free consultations, sampling and a signature drink. Just stop by Nordstrom the evening of October 25th, pay $20 (redeemable towards a beauty purchase) and enjoy the Blush bash.

Join the fun October 25th (between 6pm and 9pm) at:

500 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 628-2111

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October 23, 2013

Need Fabulous Looking Hair?…You Have to Get Got2be

göt2b oil-licious styling oil

I love the Got2b brand! They have never disappointed me with any of their products. They work great on my hair and they are very affordable. I religiously use their shampoo and conditioner, so I decided I should try out some of their other hair products I decided on the Got2be Oil-licious Styling Oil and Got2b Dry Shampoo and they did not disappoint!

Oil-licious Styling Oil has all of the essential oils for hair– argan, white grape, and marula. A combo which is great because it tames my outrageous hair. I use the oil after I shower while my hair is still damp. It turns my big, frizzy hair into glossy, sleek, curls.

göt2b rocking'it dry shampoo

The Got2b rockin’ it encore fresh Dry Shampoo has been a lifesaver! I can’t believe I have lived so long without this product! I have tried other dry shampoos and many leave residue in your hair, but not Got2b’s rockin’ it encore fresh Dry Shampoo! I simply spray the mist into my hair and rub it into my scalp and my hair looks like it has just been washed. Plus it smells great. This is a miracle product for me! It saves me so much time. I am so glad I tried it! You will be too!

Choose you favorite Got2be product today at http://www.got2b.us/got2b/us/en/home.html You can also find Got2Be hair Care products in most retail drug stores nationwide.

0-10Rachel Aiello, College Sophmore



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October 22, 2013

YAROK Hair Kitchen Celebrates 3rd Anniversary
















Thursday, October 24, 2013
4:00pm – 8:00pm

Yarok Beauty Kitchen
39 West 19 Street suite 610 (btwn. 5th & 6th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011

Featuring a night of pampering from our beauty “menu” including:
– Hair beautifying touch ups by Yarok Kitchen, using its popular non-toxic products

– Hand massages & mini facials by Bogavia Beauty Collection, a premium collection inspired by the sparkling shores of the Adriatic

– Makeup touchups by W3LL PEOPLE, a super-natural makeup designed specifically for the modern woman who demands authenticity, simplicity, and quality

– Expert tips from Shab Hariri, New York Personal Stylist

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October 18, 2013

Choose your color and “Pencil Me In”



I was very excited to finally have an eyeliner meeting all my needs. The past twenty years, I have been on an active search for an eye-liner that does not make me look like a racoon at the end of the day. Many eye-liners look beautiful at the lighted make-up counters in the mall, however, very few deliver results at the end of the day. Pencil Me eye-liners are inexpensive, glides on without tugging and pulling your eye and are creamy but still smooth. The Me pencils have thirty beautiful shades to choose from, the frosted shades of blue and green to the metallic bronze. The eyeliners were not only beautiful but had many added features making other eye-liners pale in comparison. I never have a sharpener available when my penicl breaks or becomes dull, these pencils have the pencil sharpener built in it. The pencils are infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants helping to protect your  eyes from pollution in the environment. I will definitely be purchasing all thirty shades of this silky,  smooth, long-lasting pencil.

0-62Liz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bullying


Liz Vachon

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October 18, 2013

Curvy Couture Supports the Pink Heals Tour


During the month of October 2013, Curvy Couture will donate 10% of sales from any pink bra available at CurvyCouture.com in support of The Pink Heals Tour.
Since 2007, the Pink Heals Tour has been bringing its pink fire trucks to communities from coast to coast. Its goal is to raise cancer awareness and to honor and support those who are battling cancer. The Pink Heals pink fire truck tour is fully supported by volunteers, firefighters, and police officers that donate their time and effort toward fundraising for local charitable support. www.PinkFireTrucks.org


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October 15, 2013

I can not live without my St. Ives


It’s a Glam Thing Guest Blogger, Rachel Aiello, just can’t live without her St. Ives Body Wash. She says. “I must have St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash in my shower caddy. After every use my skin is always soft and never dry. Plus, it is the only body wash that I truly trust because I know that it is, paraben an phthalate-free, dermatologist-tested, AND hypoallergenic. You really can’t not go wrong using this body wash. The formula of the body wash contains 100 % natural ingredients such as mineral salt, glycerin, and pacific sea kelp extract to help exfoliate the skin while moisturizing it. And unlike most natural or organic bath products, St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash is only $2.99 for a 13.5 oz bottle and $4.89 for a 24 oz bottle! So cheap! I highly recommend trying it out!”


If you don’t need an exfoliant, why not cleanse and moisturize with St. Ives Cucumber Melon Body Wash? After washing with Cucumber Melon, your skin will immediately feel soft and will smell fantastic. Imagine, cleansing with the crisp scent of cucumber melon surronding you, I can’t even describe the aroma, you really have to try this one yourself.

St. Ives carries an incredible line of affordable skincare ranging from exfoliants, body washes, facial products and hand and body lotions to name a few. You can view them all at http://www.stives.com/


 Rachel Aiello, Guest Blogger & College Student

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