September 14, 2013

Origami Owl offers Fun, Fashionable and Affordable Jewelry

Have you ever heard about Origami Owl? I never did until recently when I received an email from one of my lovely PR gurus, Lori who is now an Origami Owl Independent Designer!

If you are a looking for a fun and fashionable gift, these lockets are perfect!  Origami Owl is a fun, social selling jewelry company where every locket tells a story.  Lori will help you create personalized lockets choosing from hundreds of charms varying from birthstones, to hobbies, to celebrations, living lockets to keep the charms in and chains in all different sizes and styles.  Choose from gold, black, silver, rose gold and chocolate. There are also engraved plates with sayings on them such as love, family and dream as well as dangles to hang on the chains!


Every jewelry creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going and the dreams you carry in your heart.  They are all customizable and you get to choose everything from the locket…to the chain…to all the charms and anything else you’d like to add. And coming this fall, new bracelets, window plates, chains, charms, and dangles! So don’t miss out! You can also host your own party either at your home or even just online! They really are truly unique to each and every individual.


A living locket from Origami Owl  is a perfect gift for that special someone or why not treat yourself to one!   After being introduced to these lockets, I had a hard time choosing one for myself! 

Head over to Lori’s Origami Owl website and check out how many options there are. You can also sign up to host a party (and she may even include a few rewards along with the hostess rewards) or even join her team!  if you join her team, just email via Facebook and say you were referred by It’s a Glam Thing!  You can even join by visiting her site and entering her id 36822!

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September 13, 2013

Natomy is Your Best Defense Against Color Fade


Coming home from spending a summer at the beach, my color treated hair is dry, brittle, and brassy.  The first time I used Natomy Replenishing Moisture Care Shampoo, I saw a difference!  My hair felt enriched with moisture and shine!  The Natomy Color Fade Defense system is created from mild plant derived cleansers, providing conditioning at the low PH level.  All Natomy products are free of Parabens, Sodium Chloride, Propylene Gycolis, and Phthalates.  It is environmentally safe product.

Natomy Hair Care

Natomy Hair Care

Natomy Replenishing Moisture Care Shampoo gently cleanse, moisturizes with jojoba oil, protects your hair, reduces color fading through UV filters.  Infused with herbs, vitamins, and botanical extracts makes your hair feel rich, healthy and more manageable!  As I continued to use Natomy Replenishing Moisture Care Shampoo, it brought my hair back to life, giving it extra strength and hydration.  Natomy Products are now available for direct purchase for the first time ever at!  The secret is out…… thank you Natomy for defending my hair from environmental  aggressions and keeping my locks ravishing and radiant!!!

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_nLaurie Carcieri, Fashion and Fitness Enthusiast

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September 11, 2013

Goin’ Tango Mango on Wicked Tuna!

“The Clothes Make the Man,” is an old well worn adage – meaning basically that a man is judged by the quality of his suit, his clothing and his general presentation. Interestingly, The Clothes Make the Man is a short comedic film made in 1915 featuring Oliver Hardy and starring Raymond McKee. You should check it out for a laugh. Guys are easy though – all they need is a shirt and pants, and no offense, but their style doesn’t change from season to season the way that ours do – and honestly, they don’t even really change much from year to year.

Women get a little more leeway – because women are allowed to. That makes life as a well dressed woman a fun and entertaining venture. Us girls can pair a $10 shirt from Marshalls with a $350 Laboutin Sandal (I never pay a lot for shoes but people do…) and a $25 skirt from The Gap, add some jewelry and Voila – we are fabu. Absolutely Fabu.

Every once in a while a piece enters your wardrobe to be revered and possibly to stay in the closet long past its due. That type of people should be worn a lot…don’t be stupid and let it sit in your closet because it’s too special, because it WILL go out of style. It will even will wear out anyway.

Last summer I came upon a dress that falls into this unique category. Then recently I came upon a similar dress and realized – people need to know about this kind of dress. It’s basically a cotton tiered dress that is so comfortable, that no matter how fat, skinny, dumpy or frumpy you feel, you can throw this cotton-tiered number on and crowds literally wane a path for you when you pass by.


The first dress is by TANGO MANGO came to me in Newport, Rhode Island where I was vacationing last summer (we go there every year and stay on a tiny island in the bay which is heaven). I sit at the pool with highly stylish fellow blogger Liz Braca-Vachon (we met there actually about six years ago) and vegetate in the sun with wine, cheese and crackers while the kids swim in the pool. Occasionally we venture over the long bridge to Newport and begrudgingly have to change out of our swimsuits, put on make-up (maybe), minimal jewelry and possibly do our hair.  Last summer we went to our fave row of stores which is right across from the Brick Alley Pub on Thames Street (conveniently).

Somehow I found myself trying on this multi-colored dress that comes just above the knee.  On the rack it looked a but ‘off’ in terms of my own personal style – too way out there, and I could not imagine myself wearing it.  I ended up buying the one that Liz and the store clerk said looked best on me which was a teal green (which I had never worn up until that point). It has a tie-dyed effect.  Skeptically, I tried it on again and then the clerk threw me this incredible sash-y ish white scarf and voila – it was like, I had to have the dress and the scarf.  The dress was $100 – a little over my usual cotton dress budget — but three days later I wore it to Gloucester to the Blue Fin Tuna Blowout with one of my clients. They were filming WICKED TUNA there and I ended up in a shot on camera in the TV series with my FABU- crazy awesome green mermaid dress. In that incredible dress, I appear in minute 44-45 of the WICKED TUNA from Feb 12, 2013 episode if you are ever watching it – I’m the girl with the long blond hair and the mermaid dress standing on the dock in the background after Ralph and Tyler’s on dock brawl.


Last week, I visited my favorite new haunt SASSY in Westwood, Massachusetts on Route 109 – it’s tucked away in a tiny plaza just toward the Dover/Medfield side of town. I have been in there several times and the other day I noticed a very similar dress on the racks by Camelia – again, something I wasn’t planning to try on until I started telling the store owner about my Tango Mango dress. The owner confessed that this striped black and grey long cotton dress looked incredible on everyone who tried it on, and that she was disappointed this year when it only came in a longer style – because she said she had to order it four times last summer in the shorter version. So, of course, I tried it on.

Well, you know what happened after that……the rest is history. I’ll be wearing this constrating ruffling grey and black maxi and the mermaid dress in Newport next week, and everywhere else I go until the summer sun runs into chilly Fall.

And a note to the dress-makers – I highly recommend that these dress styles be brought back again next summer! In the meantime, for all of you ladies who own one of these tiered numbers, wear the heck out of it this summer, and be sure to hang onto it for next summer as well!

Guest post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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September 10, 2013

Wet n’ Wild Mascara means Gorgeous Lashes


There are so many brands of make-up with prices ranging from expensive to dirt-cheap. I have a theory….a make-up product is a make-up product. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, how much it cost, who has it…. If it works well then it is a great product. Wet n’ Wild’s Megaimpact Mascara has proved my theory. Megaimpact lengthens and thickens my lashes to make my eyelashes longer and fuller then ever.  On top of that, the mascara is formulated with Argan Oil to promote healthy and gorgeous lashes. The best part is that it is under ten dollar and it works better then a mascara that I spent 25 dollars on! But most importantly it works great, the price is just a plus!

Rachel  Aiello, College Sophmore, Make-up and Fashion enthusiast

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September 5, 2013

Recover from the Sun with Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Beach

A friend of mine introduced me to this new product from Alterna which is an addition to some of their other amazing hair care products. Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray is a leave-in conditioner that instantly revitalizes sun-parched hair without weighting down your hair and making your hair feel greasy or stiff.This spray nourishes, moisturizes, detangles and enhances shine back into your  hair. Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray protects against color fade with a Color Hold Technology. Of course, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic color which is very important to me!  Shake the bottle first then just spray 2 to 3 spritzes onto wet hair to refresh and add the moisture  back in!

I have a problem with the beach air, well my hair  does…… it just frizzes up, getting bigger and bigger….. Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray leaves my hair frizz free and tangle free. Being out in the sun all day, Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery  Spray protects and revives my sun damaged hair. I love the scent, it
is a sweet tropical mix of mango and coconut (my favorite summer smell).

I was so satisfied with this product that I branched out and purchased Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves and Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut Refreshing Dry Shampoo. The Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves is a lightweight spray that brings the beach texture back into your hair without being at the beach!  You can actually control the waves  — on your hair I mean!  Spraying 2 to 3 spritzes onto damp hair creates weightless volume and a wavy texture to all hair types, bring
a natural look of luscious locks to your hair even when the beach season is gone.  Again formulated with Color Hold Technology to  protect against color faded hair. I love this product. My hair looks and feel fascinate

Dry Shampoo

Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut Refreshing Dry Shampoo was the first dry shampoo product that I ever tried and boy was I missing out!  If you are like me and don’t wash your hair everyday, which dries out your hair, then this product is for you. Shake lightly onto dry hair at the roots then massage in then brush or style your hair. The silky powder provides a clean summer fresh scent and makes your hair more controllable. You basically can go another day or two without washing your hair and it adds a bit of volume to your crown. The convenient container can easy store in your beach, pocketbook or pool bag. This line of Alterna’s products helps to recover sun damaged hair and keeps that sexy, beach wavy look with amazing shine and softness!

You can find Bamboo Beach at

179902_2273854583663_993585435_nLaurie Carcieri is a Wife, Mom of two,

and a Fashion and Fitness Enthusiast

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August 29, 2013

Our Fingers and Toes Love butter London


Our bloggers are loving Butter London Nail Laquers. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, these are some of our bloggers favorites:

Rachel is loving her Butter London: “Summer nail polish is important, especially for toes, which are constantly being exposed in flip-flops and sandals. My favorite summer 2013 polish has been ‘Macbeth’ from Butter London.  After mastering Honors Shakespeare 2205 last semester I found it ironic that the gorgeous shade of orange-y-coal that has beautified my fingers and toes is named after one of Shakespeare’s most famous play. ‘Macbeth’ is the perfect summer color because it is a mixture of the primary nail colors-red and pink! ‘Macbeth’ Butter London is great because it doesn’t take too long to dry, the color is so rich that you only need one coat, and they don’t have any harmful carcinogens in them! Most of all, I love my summer color ‘Macbeth’ from Butter London because they make my finger and toes look great, particularly when they are covered in sand from the beach!”


Laurie didn’t go anywhere this summer without butter London, she is feeling like royalty with “HRH” on her toes. ( Laurie’s favorite color is purple and butter London has fabulous purple nail lacquers to choose from. Choose your favorite purple shade now at

View butter London’s entire collection of nail Lacquers at






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August 27, 2013

Resurgence and Glow – At 50, It’s All About the Glow

Murad Resurgence

Murad Resurgence

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…whose the fairest of them all? Once you hit 50 (or even 40) that can be a really frightening question to ask of a mirror. Of course, we all work hard, work out, dye our hair, but those nasty little wrinkles and crinkly creases under your eyes can get even the best of us and start to make us feel frustrated that we are not staying ahead of the aging process. Of course, at some point, that might be inevitable, but for me I am feeling like that’s not going to hit me until, like, 75 or 80….so in the meantime I am always on the quest for anything that will make me look – and hence feel – younger.

They say that 50 is the new 40 anyway, so why not try to look the part, right?

Late one night I saw the infomercial on television for Dr. Murad’s new Resurgence product line. I have to say, the ad was compelling and Joan Lunden, the spokesperson for the product, looked pretty amazing at 61 and I thought – well, I would love to try that product. I had always been a big believer of Dr. Murad in the past, and the products were cutting edge and way ahead of the curve back in those days.

So – yes – I got bitten by the late night infomercial and thought – I’ve got to have it!

The package came in no time and was a tidy little kit with more than enough for a one month’s supply (which is what you sign up for) of four products – the Renewing Cleansing Cream, Age-diffusing Serum, the Age-Balancing Night Cream and then the Renewing Eye Cream. This kit is for rebalancing aging skin over night, so be aware that you still have to purchase a daytime moisturizer, and I would recommend saying with the same line (Dr. Murad) for that. So, when I received the kit it took me a few days to realize that I didn’t have that step 3 moisturizer, so I did end up using one of my own for the daily.

However, it’s only been a week and I can already start to see that my face seems to have brightened up a bit. The Renewing Cleansing Cream contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Yeast Amino Acids, Carrageenan Extract, Camomille Flower Extract, and many more herbs and ingredients. I believe that the cleanser is the key to this whole package. When you use it on your face, you can actually feel it’s ‘action’ going on and there is tingling for quite a while after you use it. According to Dr. Murad, it’s important to use products that help to remove the outer layer of the skin, and to help you rebuild your skin so that you have that healthy glow. I do recommend this product. I feel better and my skin is brighter. The eye cream, age diffusing cream and the age-balancing night cream feel to me a lot like Dr. Murad’s other wonderful products – and they contain many other flower, root and natural ingredients to actively renew your skin.

This product – according to the ads and write-ups – as well as the 384 plus five star reviews on their website — reduces the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles. Increases skin firmness 42% in 10 minutes. Now, I do feel that you need a few weeks to see the full benefits. But for only $39.95 for a month’s supply (a $107.00 value) it’s worth it! Try the other Dr. Murad’s products as well – because you will get more benefit by staying with one product line!


Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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August 23, 2013

Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is Here!


Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is here!  My favorite product in the world…… You know when someone asks you the question, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would have to have with you?”  Of course my answer would be Waxelene!  I just cannot say enough about this product and nowit’s available in a flip top squeeze tube!  OMG! It is convenient to carry in a pocket, purse, car, backpack, and gym bag. Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is great for traveling anywhere. I use a dab on my finger to moisturize my cracked lips and shine my lipstick color making it super glossy. It leaves my lips irresistible and soft. This creamy beeswax gel is a great beauty product that I cannot live without. Once you try it, you will be totally satisfied and never leave home without it too. When I get a moment throughout the day, I take out my Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube and massage some into my cuticles and WOW….. my nails look as if I just came from a nail salon.

Waxelene is made of Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Organic Rosemary Oil, and Natural Vitamin E with no petroleum or artificial ingredients. Also MADE IN THE USA!  I have been a long time user of the good old Vaseline and always concernd about the petroleum but now my mind is at ease using Waxelene! I rub it on my dried heels and elbows. It removes my make-up and I massage it on my feet before my daily run to avoid blisters! You can purchase Waxelene products at local Whole Foods, CVS, Anthropologie Stores and online at  Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is $4.99 per tube.  The way I brag about Waxelene, you would think I have stocks in it!   Unfortunately I don”t, but I do get super excited and love to promote a product that really works and is now packaged in a convenient flip top squeeze tube that makes my life simple!  Let’s hope I never end up on a deserted island….. Thank you Waxelene for a great product!!!!

179902_2273854583663_993585435_nLaurie Carcieri, Wife and Mother of two Children

Fashion and Fitness Enthusiast

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August 20, 2013

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer = Flawless Skin


Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control was the best product I ever used to fight those trouble acne and brown spots on my skin occurring over and over again in the same spot. I thought my days of breaking out were gone in my twenties, however, my forties brought me back several decades and a loss to find a good acne cream. My friends had plenty of great ideas for wonderful wrinkle creams, but I was alone for my search at forty- nine for a cream to wipe away those embarrassing blemishes.

This light-weight, oil-free formula controls shine and leaves a flawless finish as it hydrates,firms and calms skin.  My skin has literally been transformed at the right time, I was going to make an appointment to have an expensive laser treatment before finding this miracle product. The cream contains smart salicylic acid, anti-microbial peptides, marine extracts and vitamin B3 all working together to prevent breakouts forever that were continually appearing on my skin.  My tween daughter even commented on my skin and wanted the cream for herself, wondering why her mother was still in need of a cream to prevent acne.  I highly recommend this product for all ages and consider myself an expert on acne cream. Thanks to Sarah McNamara and her unbelievable product, I am no longer alone!

Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control is available in 5 shades and can be purchased at


Liz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bullying

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August 20, 2013

Relax and Laugh Your Day Away with Chocolate Chocolate Moons


Reading is one of the great pleasures that I have now that I am retired. There is still always lots to do each day, but the schedule is so much more relaxed that I can spend time enjoying a good book.  “Chocolate Chocolate Moons” by Jackie Kingon is a unique, yet silly, futuristic mystery. You will laugh out loud as you read and even reread some of the humorous discriptions this author presents.  It is a fun task to keep up with everyone moving around from earth to the moon and Mars with their different weights changed by the gravity force. But I love a mystery and we are not without a mystery in this hilarious venture.  People end up in the hospital after eating Chocolate Moons and the bungling, candy eating detectives are called to do their investigations.  Meanwhile there are news shows and talk show interviews asking the questions about how this could have possibly happened.  But that isn’t all!  Relationships and past relationships are revisited; twin daughters are rehearsing for a contest; electronic devices listening in on suspects and hotels in space.  Such an imagination Jackie Kingon has!  There is so much more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.  This is a book to read when you want to lay back, relax and laugh your day away.

Purchase you copy today at

P1060375 (2) Sharon Hatcher, Guest Blooger & Avid Reader

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