January 28, 2013

Lotion Lab’s Moisturizing Wipes is the Answer for Dry Skin

It’s that time of year when the air is going to keep getting colder and drier.  Because of my super dry skin, I always carry lotion on me.  However, that often leads to greasy leaks and spills in my purse.  What better way to solve that than Global Beauty Care’s “Lotion Lab Norwegian Dry Skin Intensive Lotion Wipes.”   Each towelette is filled Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamins A and E, Cocoa and She Butter to make your skin feel extra silky smooth.  Just one of these convenient towelettes has enough lotion to cover almost your whole body with its non-greasy formula.  It smoothes away dry, rough skin and leaves any dry and irritated skin feeling relieved, soft, and moisturized.  It is pH balanced and hypo-allergenic.  They are so convenient, so easy to use, and don’t come with a risk of lotion spilling in your bag.  They are fantastic, and I carry them with me all the time.  The dry winter air is no longer a problem in my life.

Lotion Lab Moisturizing Wipes are available in 3 formulas:

***Body Moisturizing Wipes with Moroccan Argan Oil are formulated for those with dry or rough skin. They contain Vitamin A and E, essential Fatty Acids and Proteins.

***Norwegian Dry Skin Intensive Lotion Wipes are formulated for those with severely dry skin and contains Glycerin, Dimethicone and Vitamin E.

***Body Moisturizing Wipes with Cocoa & Shea Butters and is formulated for dry skin and has a soft, delicate fragrance and is rich in antioxidents, emollients and Vitamin A and E.

Lotion Labs Moisturizing Wipes are available in drugstores nationwide and at Globalbeautycare.com and Drugstore.com.


Guest post by Jenna Raheb

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January 24, 2013

A Berry Beautiful Way to Exorsize Ezcema


I have a confession to make. When I went to a jewelry store I was so ashamed of my hands, that I would not take my hands out of my pockets. My eczema was so bad, that I would not let anyone see how bad my hands looked, even with my most obsessive passion – jewelry.  My husband is starting to get worried that I’m going to replace my wedding ring, now that I can show my hands off.

I came across a product, Sibu Beauty, which is the ultimate in skin hydration. This product has a hidden ingredient — Sea Buckthorn Berries — which grow wild in the high altitude of Tibet. Sea Buckthorn cream hydrates, softens and rejuvenates skin…it is for all skin types and contains 100% natural ingredients. I have tried a multitude of products to get rid of eczema on my elbows and hands, always to come up disappointed until these magical berries appeared in a product.
Literally, in one week the eczema vanished. I use it every day now – and after 48 years of being ashamed of my hands, I cannot believe my hands are smooth and silky, and my elbow disease is gone
There are also many other products that I highly recommend and already use daily. The Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream, which promotes tissue recovery and helps restore blemished skin to its natural beautiful state. The nourishing body cream has transformed my scaly dry legs into smooth silky softness that I never imagined.
Now let’s get to the real thing. The Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum is a light non-oily serum infused with vitamins, hyarluronic acid, and sea buckthorn extract. This is the magic serum that has cured the eczema – I put this on and then the cream over it. It fights age without damaging chemicals and protects against environmental stress.
Believe it or not, the other startling thing about this product is that it’s not expensive. The starter kit is only $60.00 —  http://www.sibubeauty.com/ compared to department store products that start at $95 per item and go up – and really don’t do a thing.
This product has 100% natural ingredients that truly work on your skin. An added bonus is Sibu Beauty has an amazing aroma when you put it on – its an infusion of the berries, with other all natural elements…just makes it addictive. I can’t wait to put it on tonight.
Below are before and after photos of my elbows, after one week my ezcema has disappeared.


Guest post by Liz Vachon


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January 21, 2013

Aveeno Dry Shampoo is a Real Root Booster


I have the type of hair that gets oily very quickly. I can’t put a lot of product in my hair so I have to rely on shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair frizz-free.  Because of this, I have tried many different types of dry shampoo.  After about a year of experimenting, I’ve finally found one that I’m going to stick with, Aveeno’s “Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo.”  I spray it on the roots of my hair the day after I blow dry and straighten my hair and it instantly gives my hair a cleaner, dryer look.  It also gives my roots a little bit of a boost which adds volume to my hair.  The Active Naturals formula used in this product is also safe for color-treated hair.  So whether you dye your hair or not, this dry shampoo will definitely give you that freshly washed and styled look that every girl wants.  So don’t waste your time and money trying all different types of dry shampoos to figure out which one works best.  Just take my word for it and start using Aveeno’s Dry Shampoo.

As stated by their website, http://www.aveeno.com/pure-renewal-dry-shampoo. “This exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS® formula is infused with Balancing Seaweed Extract which instantly revives hair for healthy manageability. The formula is sulfate-free and designed to remove excess oil and impurities to help boost volume. Developed by our expert team of scientists and eco-friendly celebrity hair stylist, Patrick Melville”.


Patrick Melville’s quick how-to for achieving polished party hair (low chignon):

1.       Blow-dry hair with Mason Pearson Brush or round brush, when hair is dry, spray hair with the AVEENO® Dry Shampoo at the root to create texture

2.       Take a small tail comb and tease very gently at the root throughout the head, flip hair upside down and break up hair with your finger

3.       Grab hair at the nape and secure with hair tie, this should create a little texture and softness around your face

4.       With the tailcomb, gently tease the ponytail to create more texture, spin ponytail around to create a chignon at nape of neck and secure with a straight pin or bobby pin

5.       Break up with fingers on the bottom, use a lightweight hairspray to secure in place, finish with a sparkly headband or clip.

You can find a complete range of Aveeno products from skin and hair care to baby care at http://www.aveeno.com.

n1581430698_30125611_4667Guest Blogger, Jenna Raheb

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January 17, 2013

Necklace Saver came to my Rescue


While packing my suitcase to take a well deserved vacation after the hectic holiday, I organized my necklaces with my planned outfits for the trip. I placed each jewelry piece in a Ziploc bag and placed  them in a pocket in my carry-on bag. Reaching my destination, I unpack my items to realize my jewelry pieces were tangled.  I did not have the time to spend untwisting my necklaces… let me remind  you…I was on vacation!!!!!  When I returned home, I set some time aside to find a solution to my problem, and I did!!!!

The Necklace  Saver was the answer to my problem. The Neckace Saver keeps necklaces tangle free for “on the go” and organized at home without taking up extra space!  The necklace tree and the jewelry box is not something I want to display, besides, they take up too much space.  Besides, I never know which piece of jewelry is in which jewelry box.

The Necklace Saver aims to solve all of my problems. It keeps necklaces from tangling and twisting with the others. It takes up very little space in my suitcase and my drawers. Most important, it is made from organza with iridescent pastel colors that are pretty, yet see through so you can easily pick out the necklace you are looking for with ease. The Necklace Saver is quick and easy to use with its uniquely designed, patent pending sleeve – unclasp the necklace and hold the top end.  Hold open the mouth of the  Necklace Saver and insert necklace into the tube.  Grasp other end of necklace at the bottom end of tube, bring two ends together and clasp necklace closed. Tie the ends of the Necklace Saver together.

The  Necklace Saver comes in 3 widths and 2 lengths, so you will be able to accommodate all of your necklaces and bracelets!  Yes, I use them for my clasp bracelets too!!!!  I absolutely LOVE this product !!!! While keeping my jewelry pieces well organized and tangled free, I am also supporting a good cause!   Part of the profits from Necklace Saver are donated to orphanages around the world!!!

Find out where you can order yours at http://www.necklacesaver.com/

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_nBlog post by Laurie Carcieri

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January 15, 2013

Every Day Beauty Spatula Coupon!


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January 11, 2013

I love My Hair…Thank You NEUMA


I’ve recently started using Neuma’s blow dry lotion and fell in love with it.  So I figured, why not try other Neuma products? Well, it turns out Neuma is my new favorite brand of hair products. I tried the shampoo and conditioner. Both smell great and leave my hair feeling silky and smooth.  The shampoo contains shea butter and grape seed extract which has kept my hair shiny and moisturized. The conditioner contains sunflower seed oil and apricot kern oil which adds strength and helps protect against humidity.


Every couple of days I’ve been replacing the conditioner with Neuma’s Moisture Intensive Masque. My hair has never been softer!  It contains jojoba esters, shea butter, and several different essential oils which has turned my frizzy, messy, and unmanageable hair into tamed and shiny hair with tons of volume. I’ve also noticed that styling my hair is so much easier than it was before. It straightens and curls much easier than it did before.  Even when I’m feeling lazy and throw my hair into a pony tail, I have the best looking pony tail I’ve ever had. All of these Neuma hair care products have been amazing. I can’t wait to try the next Neuma hair product I come across!


Guest Blogger, Jenna Raheb

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January 4, 2013

LUMENE is my new Cocktail for 2013


Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail is a Super Serum in my opinion. If you have dry skin, look no further. This is a comfort Radiance Cocktail. Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail smells sweet and is full of Jojoba and avocado oils.  Use in the a.m and p.m. before you apply your day/night cream. I have never heard of Arctic cloudberry, it’s a super power active ingredient from the arctic and will brighten your skin, improve moisture balance and protect against harmful effects of the environment. You truly have to experience the feel of this on your skin, it feels as if you have been wrapped in velvet.  I love that it also has Vitamin C and is paraben free.

To learn more about the power of arctic healing, Lumene’s philosophy and to view their other outstanding skincare products, visit http://www.lumene.com/


Guest blog by Crystal Price




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January 2, 2013

It’s Time for a Fresh Start with Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C


The New Year is a time to start fresh, make changes and reach new goals for the upcoming year.  Many people are opposed to making New Year resolutions due to the many failed attempts over the years.  My skin has felt like a failed attempt in trying to make it look better with many disappointing products over the last several years.  I had almost given up until I tried Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C, which uses power Vitamin C and antioxidants to repair skin and reduce the signs of aging.  My skin had completely lost its youthful glow and smooth clear surface.  I attributed the decline in my skin and signs of aging due to motherhood, bad skincare products, and lack of time to spend on a beauty regime.  My friend introduced me to Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C and asked me to try it for thirty days.  The few big dark spots I had tried to cover up with expensive make-up had vanished.  The Serum C helps lighten and brighten the skin tone, and helps accelerate the healing of the skin.  The many skin problems I had were corrected with one product, lessening the time and expense required for great skin.  I was excited to have my youthful glow back especially for the holidays.  There is only one resolution I will keep this New Year, to continue with Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C, the beauty regime which takes approximately thirty seconds to apply and corrects a multitude of skin problems.

You can find  Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C and othe abulous anit-aging skincaare products at http://www.rxsystemspf.com/details.aspx?navid=161


Guest Post by Liz Vachon

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January 1, 2013

My Coffee Addiction is now an Eight O’Clock Coffee Addiction


This Christmas, my parents bought me my very first Keurig Machine. The K-Cups that they bought for me were EIGHT Clock Coffee Brand. I had never heard of that brand before. After trying my new Keurig machine and Eight O’Clock K-Cups, my coffee addiction has turned into an Eight O’Clock Coffee addiction.  It is the perfect blend of coffee, not too bland, not too bitter…it’s just right.  And for those of you who don’t use Keurig coffee makers, don’t worry, you can purchase it in bags of coffee grinds as well.  Any way you decide to use it, I promise it won’t disappoint you.

I also can’t wait to try the flavored Eight O’Clock Coffee! Yum! One of them is Eight O’ Clock Coffee’s new limited edition Chocolate Mint Coffee. I have heard this new Chocolate Mint coffee is a decadent blend of 100% Arabica coffee with a taste of peppermint with a smooth dark chocolate note. It will be available in select stores and online nationally at http://eightoclock.com in 11oz bags.

I want to share with you one of the “brew-it-yourself” coffee recipes that Eight O’Clock Coffee created that can be made with a traditional coffee maker or with a Keurig® brewer, turning coffee-for-one into coffee-for-fun!

Marshmallow Candy Bar!

Start by putting one Tbsp. of mini marshmallows and one snack sized chocolate/caramel-type candy bar in the bottom of a mug. Then, pour your Eight O’Clock Coffee over the candies. If you’re using a Keurig® brewer, simply brew the coffee into the candy-filled mug. Stir until the candy melts, and you’re done! Test before adding extra milk or sugar – it’s so delicious you may not want to add anything else!

“Brew-it-Yourself” holiday coffee recipes include: Caramel Almond Coffee, Caramel Apple, Chili Chocolate, Coconut Coffee, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Marshmallow Candy Bar, Peppermint Perfection, White Chocolate


Guest Blog by Jenna Raheb



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December 28, 2012

First Aid Beauty is FAB-ulous!


First Aid Beauty’s new Ultra Repair Moisturizer is the ultimate Hydration for a fab-ulous face!  I love this facial moisturizer.  It is perfect for you if you have dry, itchy or super sensitive skin that can not tolerate parabens, lanolin, fragrances or artificial dyes.  Its very light weight and sinks into your skin quickly adding hydration with a soft finish. My mineral makeup went on flawlessly when using this moisturizer. Natural botanicals like Licorice root, Feverfew and White tea deliver a healthy dose of antioxidants to combat free radicals. Colloida oatmeal, shea butter, avocado and meadowfoam seed oil tops off this fantastic daily moisturizer.

First Aid Beauty’s new Ultra Repair Moisturizer can be purchased at    http://www.firstaidbeauty.com and  http://www.sephora.com/ultra-repair-face-moisturizer 

Guest Post by Crystal Price


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