February 10, 2019

Hairdressing Scissors in the UK

Can’t Find Hairdressing Scissors in the UK?

Are you having trouble finding the perfect hairdressing scissor that suits your style? Or maybe you found something really pretty but not sure if its quality is worth the price. Maybe you’re having trouble with the really expensive shipping fees and import taxes from ordering them abroad. What if we tell you that Scissor Tech has the answers to your problems?

ScissorTech UK has been selling hairdressing scissors to barbers and salons since its establishment. We deal with a wide range of high-quality haircutting scissors of varying types including left handed hairdressing scissors, swivel shears, texturizing/ thinning shears, as well as barber scissors.

What is unique about our scissors?

Hairdressing scissors are typically the most crucial tools of trade to the barbers and hairdressers who are involved in trimming and cutting hair regularly. Also known by many as ‘hair cutting shears,’ the unique and professional hairdressing scissors from ScissorTech UK have precisely designed blades for haircutting, and are also made from the best stainless steel material. Generally, the haircutting shears are unique because they possess much sharper blades in comparison to the standard scissors. Our scissors range between five and seven inches long and typically include a finger brace to offer the barber a much better control when cutting the hair.

Our Scissor Brands

There is a wide range of brands of professional haircutting shears available in the United Kingdom, and we offer all of them in our store. We are more than proud to sell scissors from the leading scissor manufacturers such as Matsui Scissors, Jaguar Scissors, Kamisori Scissors, and Yasaka Scissors. In addition, ScissorTech has a wide variety of left-handed scissors, straight cut scissors, swivel shears and thinning shears to choose from.

Why our Scissors Acquiring the best hairdressing scissors will typically simplify your work and life. At ScissorTech UK, we only deal with professional quality hairdressing shears. Here are some of the reasons why ScissorTech UK is the best when it comes to selling professional hairdressing scissors

• After receiving your order from us, you are given seven-days to try the scissors. If the scissors do not suit you, or you have changed your mind for no reason within the seven days, you can send them back to our company. We will happily refund you every pound spent.

• Our returns are the best in the UK. You only need to get in touch with us and then send your order to the returns center for quick processing. By doing so, you will get a refund or replacement within a short period.

• Our sales are 100% safe and secure. With this, we never share customer order details with third-party agents.

• Shipping is offered all over the United Kingdom.

• ScissorTech UK wants all customers to enjoy every scissor they purchase from them. With this, customers who are not pleased with the services or products should always contact us to have things rectified.

• If you find cases where our rival is selling similar scissors at much lower prices, call us to have us give you unbeatable price.

• Acquiring hairdressing scissors from us ascertains high-quality and outstanding customer service. With our experience in the industry, we are more than confident that we have scissors that surpass your expectations.

Lastly, when you purchase from ScissorTech UK, you can acquire your item with confidence knowing that you are given a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults on our Matsui scissors. Since we are a Matsui national supplier, be assured that you are getting the best price possible on the Matsui brands.

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