February 1, 2019

6 Times It’s Better To Rent Clothes Than Buying Them

The sharing economy has become one of the most popular trends among millennials today, and fashion is certainly not an exception. Many people spend less on fashion purchases and appear to care less about owning an entire wardrobe. Because of this, a new sector on clothing rentals has sprung up. Although it’s been geared mainly towards formal wear given its one-time use nature, a lot of start-ups are already offering rentals for everyday wear. There are many instances that renting clothes is better than buying them, and here are some instances wherein that is true.

1.   When there’s a wedding you’re a part of

As mentioned, clothing rentals are usually geared towards formal wear. This is because formal wear is often just used once. Especially for weddings, wedding dresses or suits can break the bank and is only worn on your wedding day. As such, it’s more practical to rent wedding dresses or suits rather than buying them. By renting out your dress or suit, you can use the excess money towards building your new life instead. The same goes for attendees of the wedding. Most guests are also going to use the dress once, so it’ll also be more practical just to rent it out. The Volte Dress Hire has a good collection of dresses you can rent.

2.   When you have a photoshoot to go to

When it comes to family portraits or corporate photo shoots, you want to look your best. These photos will live forever. Because of this, you may want to consider renting. This will give you more options to choose from compared to your existing wardrobe. It will also allow you to wear something that you may not have the money to spend on outright.

3.   When you go to work everyday

When you’re already working, having a wardrobe for corporate attire is very important. However, sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with regularly freshening up your wardrobe. Imagine that, and you would have to have clothes that mix and match for 365 days a year? So, with work clothes, it can also be more convenient and practical to rent sets of corporate clothes. This way, you’ll always look your best without having to keep buying new items to keep you looking fresh all year round.

4.   When you want variety but not clutter in your life

There are times when you want to keep up with trends and have some variety in your wardrobe. However, at the same time, you don’t want to spend too much or have too much clutter in your room. Renting clothes is the perfect solution. When you rent, you can have variety in your wardrobe and avoid the clutter at the same time.

5.   When you want to wear designer brands to a special event

There’ll be times when you’ll have events to go to where you’ll be required to wear something beautiful. Maybe you want a designer dress or bag this time. Designer clothes can be far more expensive only to wear it once. However, you don’t want to have to shell out too much just for this one time event. The perfect thing to do is to rent designer dresses or bags. By doing this, you’ll get a bang for your buck and look great doing it at the same time. You’ll also be able to save money.

6.   When you want to spice up your life

When you want to experiment on new looks, one of the best ways to do that is to rent out clothes. Renting out clothes will allow you to try on different looks and check whether or not it suits you. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose which looks best on you before having to buy a whole wardrobe collection for that theme. For instance, if you want a more gothic look, you’d be buying outfits that follow this theme. Then, later on, you might find out that it doesn’t suit you. Unfortunately, you end up with a bunch of clothes you don’t want. With renting, you’ll be able to see what it looks like and discard the idea before investing in it.


Renting clothes is a very practical and economical solution for people who want to look good but are also budget conscious. Especially if you’re just wearing a dress once, why not just rent it out, look great, and save money at the same time.

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