December 6, 2018

How to Brighten the Skin Naturally

These years, more and more people are gaining new interest not only in revitalizing the appearance of their skin, but also in improving its overall health. This is, of course, a good thing, since the skin is not only an asset to one’s looks, but also a window to one’s wellbeing. After all, our skin serves vital physiological functions like protecting us from toxins and pathogens, regulating the body’s temperature, providing us with sensory information, and many others.

As such, achieving moisturized skin with a bright and healthy glow shouldn’t be thought of just as an act of personal vanity. Rather, we should see good skincare as something everybody should practice on a daily basis.

No matter what your skin type, complexion, or cosmetics preferences may be, brightening up your skin should be part of your daily skincare routine. That said, here are our tips to brighten your skin naturally and combat the unpleasant alternative of dry, dull, and oily skin—all without breaking the bank or overtly depending on pricey, chemical-laden solutions.

Invest in quality products and treatments for exfoliating your skin

Exfoliation is the process of removing dry, dead, and flaky cells from the surface of your skin. This process helps smoothen out any uneven spots, and returns the innate glow to the skin’s top layer. People typically turn to either of these two exfoliation methods: physical exfoliation, which involves removing the dead skin cells with the use of small grains (such as in scrubs), brushes, exfoliating fabrics, or scalpels (such as in dermaplaning); and chemical exfoliation, which uses chemical exfoliants like water-soluble alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and oil-soluble beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs) to break down the substance that holds layers of dead skin cells together.

We suggest beefing up your skin-brightening routine by including a little bit of both. For physical exfoliants, shop for scrubs whose grains are made out of natural sugars and salts. For leave-on exfoliants, we’d recommend additions to your skincare routine that are even milder than traditional chemical peels, just like the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask contains anti-inflammatory white willow bark extract, antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract, and Vitamin C-rich beet root extract—all of which will exfoliate your skin without putting too much chemical strain on it, and treat it to an instant, brightening glow.

Make the most of your visits to the dermatologist

Another practical way to play it safe is to consult your dermatologist every so often. You might benefit from a more thorough, professionally executed method of treating your skin, such as microdermabrasion. Don’t worry because it’s minimally abrasive, and it can help minimize the appearance of dark spots, stretch marks, and sun damage on your skin. After a treatment like this one, don’t forget to cash in on your dermatologist’s “pro tips” on taking care of your skin.

Get creative with some time-tested home skincare remedies

At home, you can also supplement store-bought skin products and skin treatments with some good, old-fashioned, all-natural home skincare treatments. Some recipes out there can do as much good for us as they did for our mothers and grandmothers back in the day.

Some popular kitchen remedies that can boost and brighten the skin are honey, plain yogurt, oatmeal and tomato juice paste, and orange juice and turmeric paste. If anything, these natural home remedies are a breeze to make, wash off, and clean up after.

Pre-emptively combat the stress that causes skin imperfections

Not surprisingly, skin imperfections like acne are linked to stress via hormones. When you’re stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which in turn may cause the glands under your skin to produce excessive oil. The oil, in turn, may be the culprit behind acne, blackheads, dark spots, and other demoralizing blemishes on the skin.

The best way to deal with these imperfections is to pre-empt the aggravating stressors—and that means staying hydrated, always getting a good night’s sleep, and taking a little time during the day to breathe or meditate. Trust us, this holistic approach will do wonders for brightening up your skin.

Follow a diet that’s as good for your skin and your overall health

We emphasize that you shouldn’t be thinking of your skin as one isolated part of your body. The things that will allow your whole body to heal and function naturally will also fortify your skin. Diet is one of the most important components here, and a skin-healthy diet is one that replaces excessive alcohol, processed dairy, grease, and caffeine with fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins.

Quality skin treatment need not be expensive or over-the-top; brightening your skin shouldn’t mean pampering it all the time at the spa or piling layers of strongly formulated skin products on it. Instead, consider looking into nature when you need inspiration in restoring your skin’s natural health, glow, and functionality!

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