November 23, 2018

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Glam Haven

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Sure, most of that time is spent asleep, but that’s no excuse not to make it the best room in the house. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from the stresses of daily life, and if you want it to be a luxurious and glamorous haven, then you’re in luck. Turning your bedroom into a relaxing place to enjoy has never been easier. Make the most of the place where you relax, and you may never want to leave! These tips might be the first steps to creating the ultimate in glam havens that will make it the one place you can go to escape the daily grind.

Get the right bedding

Never skimp on the bedding essentials. If you spend half your life in bed then it makes sense to make sure that it’s as clean and comfortable as possible. Invest in a quality mattress and some matching pillow and duvet sets. It really is an investment in your comfort. A good set of bedding will last a long time, and unlike most investments, you will get ongoing use from it.

Shake up the color scheme

Almost everyone knows that color has a big effect on the mind, but do you know which colors do what? Greens work on the mind in a very different way to reds or grays. Do a little research into the best colors to use for your bedroom and then look for ways to integrate those colors. Having a change of color is a quick and easy way to make your room feel more refreshed, and if you get the color scheme right, it could be doing more for you than you think.

Have a complete overhaul

It might be the expensive option, but it might be worth having a complete overhaul of your bedroom. If you’re working with a dingy and dark space, then finding ways to open it up and introduce a modern feel can be very beneficial. It may cost money, but having a complete overhaul might add some value to your home as well! Sometimes, it’s worth getting a loan to pay for a complete redesign of your bedroom, and many companies are able to loan you money with no credit check required. Investing time and money into a total overhaul of your bedroom could transform your relaxation habits!

Go green

Never underestimate the value of fresh plants in your bedroom. Not only are they great for adding splashes of color where you need it most, but they’re also fantastic for your air circulation as well. This is not a good option if you suffer from allergies, but even then there are still options. No matter your color scheme or allergy issues, there are plants that will match, and they can be a great way to boost your creativity while also helping you to relax. Some fresh lavender on the bedside table might be just the thing for helping you get the best nights sleep ever.

Go minimalist

Clutter is frustrating, and it’s no surprise that one of the trending phrases for interior designers in 2018 was ‘mess is stress.’ The notion that a tidy room is a tidy mind is not a new one, but it’s as relevant and true now as it always has been. Look at your accessories and ornaments, and consider whether you actually need them. You could even sell what you’ve outgrown to help pay for that new mattress and bedding! Learn some tips for achieving the minimalist look in your bedroom, and you’ll be heading to bed with a clear mind and less chance of stepping on the clutter on the floor.

Dim the lights

Lighting is an essential part of any creative design, and neglecting the impact of light in your bedroom is a common error. Too many people spend time and money on decorating but stick with the glaring main light even before sleeping. You can create a much more relaxing and glam ambiance by using lamps, candles, or even fairy lights to create a low light that allows you to see what you’re doing but doesn’t make you want to put on a pair of sunglasses. Look for modern lighting trends for inspiration, and you’ll wonder why you ever used the main light in your bedroom!

From choosing the right accessories to making sure that your room has the scent that you love, turning your bedroom into a haven has never been easier.

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