November 8, 2018

Beauty Fitness? BLA Beauty Fitness Bella Lip Appliance will give you fuller lips and firmer looking skin

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BLA Face & Lip Exerciser

BLA Face & Lip Exerciser


Here is something we just learned about and wanted to share. It’s fabulous and it takes just a minute! It’s the  BLA Beauty Fitness patented facial exercise system which, at it’s core, features the Bella Lip Appliance (BLA). Watch the Bella Lip Appliance at work here:



From the website: “Place your BLA between your lips so it hugs your lips as your mouth moves through our specially designed stretching exercises. The exercises can be done anywhere, anytime without painful injections, surgery or chemicals!”

All you need is your BLA and one minute a day. Get yours today with this special introductory offer of $40 Off and FREE SHIPPING with code INTRO. (Limited Time Offer).

Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari is the inventor of the BLA. Dr. Bakhtiyari talks about why she developed BLA (Bella Lip Appliance) and explains it’s many features and benefits here:




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