November 6, 2018

Rowan Blanchard “S” Finger Wave by Celebrity Hairstylist Laurie Heaps

LA based celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps shares how she created this modern take on the Finger Wave for Rowan Blanchard.

Rowan Blanchard


Styled by celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps, actress Rowan Blanchard wore a modern take on the finger wave for the 2018 LACMA Art Film Gala. “To complement her Gucci dress, we wanted to bring a little theater into the mix, while still keeping the hairstyle contemporary,” explains Laurie.

To begin, Laurie created an off-center part and began curling 1-inch sections of hair with a 1-inch Curling Iron from Hot Tools.

“Before each section, I made sure to mist the hair with White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Styling Spray. It not only works as a heat protectant but it is also a setting spray. When paired with heat, the curl created keeps its shape until shampooed out which is key when molding and brushing hair into a finger wave style like this.”

While using the iron, Laurie made sure to alternate rows of curls backwards and forwards to create the “S” wave pattern. After each curl was created, she wrapped it around her index finger to create a mini circle of hair, securing it with a bobby pin.

Once the curls were cooled and unpinned, Laurie strategically brushed out the hair and molded it with her fingers into the “S” wave you see on the sides. “The back of her head was styled by dragging the curl from the crown to the nape so only the ends would tuck under and the crown would lay close to the head.”

To seal the style, use a hairspray like BioSilk’s Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold for added shine and to smooth down any flyaways for a mirror like finish.

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