September 12, 2018

Power Yoga by Geo

by Lisa Gal

Most people think of “powerful” people as being people that control events and others outside of themselves. In reality, power is innate. It comes from within ourselves. We are born with it. We only need to know it and use it. Power Yoga helps you to release your natural, innate and often “blocked” power. Power Yoga is beneficial when practiced alone or combined with other interests and activities. Geo explains that the heart is the base from which we work. Each movement, from feet upward to the brain, places the muscles in balancing positions. One valuable byproduct – we “wash” the brain with blood as we reverse gravity and hold time still. Geo began practicing yoga in 1974, was certified by the renowned Indra Devi as a yoga instructor in 1975, and studied with several other yoga masters during the four trips to India, including Vishnudevananda, the Venerable Dharmawara, and Muktananda. Geo’s Power Yoga CD Level One includes yoga postures and relaxation & meditation. We are thrilled to include them in our Hollywood Swag Bags for the nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel this weekend. They will surely lobe to center themselves before enjoying the big red carpet weekend!

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