September 12, 2018

Never Write your Story in Someone Else’s Handwriting

by Lisa Gal

Tracey Horton is an International award-winning speaker, author, and qualified life coach. She has worked alongside men and women for over 25 years helping to rebuild lives and allowing people to become the best versions of themselves. She has spent years helping people to create their own authentic journey. The Unhappy Smile is an example of a “simple, normal women who found some answers,” she adds. “It’s a self help book with my story woven through it, with some exercises at the end of every chapter to help you work through any of your own challenges.” We are thrilled to include her message in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills this weekend. The nominees, guests and talent staying for the red carpet weekend are surely going to love their copies. Don’t be left out, pick up your must read copy here.

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