September 10, 2018

Mom Bomb, the Giving Organization

by Lisa Gal

Founder Heather Logrippo wanted to create bath bombs that were more luxurious than the others; superior scents with higher-quality ingredients that would leave bathers like myself with the relaxing sensation that they so desperately need… it was also important to her that they be made in the USA. They took the base product, which was made with high-quality essential oils, and added organic Argan oil that locks in moisture and helps prevent aging. The more they made, the more they realized they could create baths worth savoring again!

Once the formula was set, they just needed to figure out how they could use the money they made from this endeavor to help others…and that’s where comes in. I invite you to check it out. You see, when you give someone Mom Bombs, you not only help them, but also many other moms at the same time. It’s the gift that gives twice! We are so happy to partner with them in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel this red carpet weekend!

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