July 11, 2018

Sleep Deprivation and The Type of Mattress You Should Consider Buying

There is so much happening in the world right now and we often find ourselves unable to stay on track and focus on our work. Most people have adopted the art of multi-tasking and its not really a good thing.

Your cognitive function decreases when you are tired as a result of the neurons in the brain having trouble communicating well. This causes the brain to relapse temporary which essentially affects the personal visual perception and your memory.

This makes you more forgetful. You will also be easily distracted and eventually lose focus. This is what we all brain fog because it blocks you from thinking straight. This can be attributed by just a single night of bad sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects your brain and also put you are a risk of affecting your overall health. Lack of sufficient sleep can put you at a risk of a heart disease or an elevated heart attack. You could also be a victim of high blood pressure.

When your brain is always fatigued, it may not be able to repair itself in one night which leaves you prone to stroke. Lack of sleep also puts you at a risk of getting Type II diabetes. You will also have lower sex drive because you will be groggy with no energy to actually accomplish the task.

If you don’t sleep well, you also put yourself at a risk of depression. This happens if you tend to get too little or too much sleep. This exposes you to mental health issues. You will also be more prone to weight gain because your metabolism will be affected.

Your immune system will also be affected if you are not getting a good night’s sleep. You may also find yourself at a higher risk of catching a cold.

The Type of Mattress You Should Consider Buying

Mattress with Favorable Construction That Favors all Sleeping Preferences

Find a mattress that is constructed with two foam layers that supports any sleeping preferences of different people. Make sure the cover is a Tactel blend that is thin enough to allow the air to easily flow through the mattress and help with the temperature regulation.

It is a better material than cotton because it tends to dry a lot faster which also helps with the temperature regulation of the mattress. The construction of the mattress also has a comfort layer made of the proprietary foam 3 inches, and a poly foam that has a density of 2.9 lb.

The comfort layer is crucial ton the sleeping process because it offers pressure relief and also generates the overall feel of the mattress you are lying on. It offers a perfect bounce back because it responds fast to pressure. This makes sure you don’t feel stuck when sleeping.

The construction also includes the base which is right underneath the comfort layer. The base has 1.8 lbs density and a poly foam of 7 inches. It offers the foundation and support of the mattress which makes it have a structure with durability and shape.


A Firm Mattress That Offers Great Support

The first layer of the mattress should be very soft and should offer a fast response to pressure. This will allow you to easily move around the bed while lying down. You should begin to feel the firmness of the mattress when you push deeper into the mattress hence the support system of the mattress.

Despite your size or your sleeping position, you should be able to feel the mattress differently because it should have a switch between the firm and soft layers of the mattress. You can generally expect that whatever the firmness range of the mattress you experience, you will appreciate the support this mattress offers.

One with Great Edge Support

For those who share the bed, for instance, couples or children, you need to make sure you look at the edge support of the mattress. Compared to innerspring mattresses, foam mattress sometimes fail to live up to the perfect edge support.

Look for a mattress that will prove this to be different while lying down, where you will be able to change and shift positions without rolling out of the bed. Make sure it inclines your back perfectly which will allow you to sleep perfectly even you are right on the edge.

There are mattresses that are perfect for married couples and parents with kids. You can sleep comfortably without worrying about your kids falling off the bed when they are sleeping. With mattress, it will be difficult for you fall out of the bed even when you are sleeping close to the edge.

Look for a Mattress That Isolates Motion Perfectly

Again, married people or partners who sleep together need a mattress that effectively isolates the motion. The mattress should stay within even when you are rolling so much on the bed.

A Mattress with Impressive Sinkage

Sinkage of a mattress is ultimately decided by your own personal preference. There are those who would rather stay on top of the mattress than sink into it. However, make sure the mattress you want offers impressive sinkage capacity for people of all sizes and weight.

Final Verdict

Such mattress types are perfect for people who have sleeping partners and would rather have something that is constructed to accommodate an average person. They will also help solve sleep deprivation for those who have trouble sleeping in comfort.

We recommend the Tuft and Needle mattress at Lowes for those on a budget and wouldn’t want to compromise on quality of the mattress. It will also be incredible for those who are working with an industry or company that has plenty of experience in online mattress industry because they will truly appreciate the craft behind this mattress.

They will deliver this mattress for free and setup for you. They also offer a warranty of 10 years. The incredible bit is that you get to try out the mattress for 100 and you can return it if you don’t love it.


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