July 11, 2018

Morgan Taylor & Alice, A Royal Adventure In A Nail Color Wonderland

Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations

Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations


With the hot, humid summer penetrating the air, and the infamous royal wedding has come and gone, and beach trips are being made, there is no doubt about it that we all want to find that perfect summer nail color. Truth be told I myself have never been one for the summer pastel nail colors. That was until I saw the Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations line and their Take The Journey To Wonderland collection. Each line showcases colors with names that really bring them to life. Ever since I started painting my nails I found more of a fascination with the names rather than the color itself. However, with these two lines, both captured my attention.


Morgan Taylor Nail Polish


When I was in beauty school I was trained in OPI and became an OPI-oholic. I refused to use any other line because I grew to love the longevity of it as well as how well the polish went on when you applied it. They never got clumpy and the color was very pigmented. For years that’s all I used until I discovered Morgan Taylor. These colors, right from the start, captured my attention and when they went on they were nice and even. The colors are very pigmented and easier to apply than other nail polish.

Now back to these amazing colors in the lines. Between the Royal Temptations and Journey to Wonderland, you can accessorize your outfit perfectly or add a very authentic design. They easily allow you to become your own artist even if you choose not to add the specialty tops coats and so on. The Royal Temptations line is more on the solid color yet vivid shine. It came comes with 6 delicate colors to choose from as well as an “Over the Top Pop” specialty coat to add extra pizazz to your look. Perfect for that “Royal Wedding” you’ll be attending this summer. Or even just basking on that long-awaited summer vacation.

At this time, we can now take our Journey through the Looking Glass as we follow Alice to Wonderland. Another collection of 6 Platinum colors that have added specks that really bring you into your perfect fairy tale. Just like Alice, these colors are adventurous and exciting, living up the party without showing off to much. However, the colors bring out every personality of the characters in the story from the Mad Hatter to Alice herself. Remember “no one can be just like me anyway” (from “Just Like Fire” by P!nk)

The simplicity of the application comes from the specially designed brush. Instead of the traditional small, squared off applicator this applicator is actually spread out more almost in the shape of your actual nails. Due to the uniqueness of the design and the brush itself, you are able to get into every area of the nail, leaving no corner untouched. Also, the uniqueness of the brush and handle your daughter (no matter how old) could do your nails making it look as if you spent a fortune on a manicure at the salon.

In the market for a new color to try? Visit Morgan Taylor’s nail section of your local ULTA or online at their store and get Fashion Week approved nails for less. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for up to date looks. Stay in the know while you are on the go.


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Post by: Annie Hatcher

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