July 10, 2018

Stop Looking For Love, Believe It Or Not, That’s The Only Way You Will Find It

Most people in this universe are looking for love. And why not? Love is a curious thing. We all feel the need to find a person we can be with. However, your vulnerability for love shows your neediness and desperation of a partner. And we all know that desperation and neediness are not attractive. This is why not looking for a good idea and this is what you need to do:

Quit evaluating every other person as your potential “One”

There are guys who are always searching the web for “cute things to say to your girlfriend”, and girl who are always taking about settling down with a man. This makes people feel the need to evaluate every person they encounter as a potential partner.

People, men especially can smell desperation, and no one likes feeling like they are being evaluated as a life partner, especially on a first day or in just few weeks of dating.

Desperation Always Comes Off as a Sign of Weakness

Neediness and desperation tend to come across as signs of low-self esteem and weakness, which can kill a new spark before it even begins. When you are desperate to find a life partner, your conversations tend to appear too transparent too soon.

The first time you meet someone, you don’t have to tell them your personal details and life story. Your mysteriousness is part of the appeal.

It is more appeal not to force love

Not forcing love between wo people or being in love through face is more lasting and rewarding than trying so hard to find a partner. It is also much less exhausting when you allow the right person to come into your life than seeing the person as your potential life partner.

If you allow love to find you, you will realize that it will be less stressful and feel more like a math made in heaven, rather than something contrived and fake.

Love Appears When You Stop Looking For It

You need to make sure that you are in a point in your life where looking for a boyfriend or a potential husband. Use your time to focus more on your own pursuits and you will notice that there will be men asking you out from nowhere.

When you are busy focusing on you and not looking for someone to love, someone will appear. When you focus on other pursuits other people will smell air of confidence coming from you. When you focus on your own personal growth, you will become a better person, and it will also make you a better potential partner. This will exclude from your personality and gives off an attractive confidence.

Never Lose Your Objectivity To Overuse

You will diminish your ability to be clearly objective about the people you need if you are constantly looking for love. You will not be able to discern who is best for you if that objectivity fades.

When you are with someone for a while, the person you are seeing will seem to be a good fi because that’s what you want them to be, and not because they are not right for you. Make sure you do not lose your ability to make coherent, sound judgement of character.

Finding Love is Not Suppose to Be a Burden

If you want to expedite finding the right person, you need to let love happens naturally. The right person tends to walk right into your door unexpectedly when you sop looking. The idea that when you take your mind off something it ends to happen is more psychological.

Finding love should not and never be burdensome. It should be fun. It will be more romantic when someone wants to be with you just because and not for a particular reason.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction dictates that like attracts like. This is not in the sense that you should attract someone who has the same personality traits as you, but more of that you should let love attract itself to you.

The other idea is the fact that the energy you tend to give off is what is attractive to others. If you are more relaxed and positive you will attract love in your own time.

Patience Always Brings The Right Person Along

If you are desperately seeking love, chances are that you will end up dating the jerk that comes across. If you want to find the right person or let the tight person find you, you have to be patience. There is a reason they say, “Patience Pays”, that’s because it actually does.

By rushing into finding someone, you will open yourself up to vulnerability of falling for all the wrong people, such as those who are looking for just a fling. So, the next time you go out with your friends, try to relax, take a deep fresh breath, be yourself, and have fun.

Do not go to extremes just to make someone like you. You need to let love bloom naturally and sooner than you think, you will find love. Patience will also allow you to ready yourself as a separate person and you will be able to focus on yourself more rather than focus on love to come find you.


There are so many movies, plays, books, and music that make love look like the greatest thing in the world and it is the greatest. However, there is nothing greater than pure love and that is what you should be striving to achieve.

Do not settle for just any kind of love simply because it is available. You need to be sure that you are objective about the person you are with and that you are sure they are right for you, and that you are not just settling down. Focus on you, be you, and the right kind of love for you will come along and that is when you will appreciate the naturality of it all.


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