June 28, 2018

Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection New for Summer 2018

Sonja_Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection

Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection

Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection – New York-based celebrity dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin, Dr. Whitney Bowe, has teamed up with Mott50, the first anti-aging fashion brand with built in sun protection, for an exclusive collaboration just in time for summer.
The collection, debuted on June 25 providing an amazing added layer of protection from the sun in and out of the water in two chic styles for women and one adorable option for girls.
As a leading dermatologist, Dr. Bowe understands the serious need for sun safety and has long been a fan of UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) swimsuits both personally and to recommend to her patients. Dr. Bowe will not recommend a product unless it is backed by studies and science, which is why she initially became a fan of Mott50’s products. Dr. Bowe was also drawn to Mott50 for their vibrant colors, sleek styles and high-quality fabric.
“I always name UPF swimsuits as a summer essential for myself, my family and my patients,” explains Dr. Bowe. “As a dermatologist, I know the importance of protecting skin from sun exposure but I’m also a realist. I’m not going to tell my patients to stop living their lives outdoors. With the Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection, I’m thrilled to provide a chic and safe active wear option for women and their children.”
Each item in the collection is available in an exclusive Spiked Melon shade and features UPF 50 protection, the highest UPF rating available. This meaning it blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays due to combined factors like fiber structure, density of weave and dye components of the fabric. For context, a simple white tee shirt has a UPF of 3, almost no sun protection! While sunscreen is still a necessity for any exposed areas, there’s no need to apply (and re-apply) to areas covered by the clothing, making the pieces ideal for those who are in and out of the water throughout the day.
The Dr. Whitney Bowe x Mott50 UPF Swimwear Capsule Collection consists of:
·        Sonja ($118): This flattering swim dress is the perfect multi-functional piece, whether you’re wearing it as a dress or cinching up the sides to wear it as a top. Made with soft, quick-drying and breathable swim fabric, the lightweight top offers UPF 50 protection from sun damage and features a sleek, sport cut and half zip closure.
·        Mila One-Piece ($118): This sleek one-piece is stylish yet surprisingly comfortable to wear. Made with soft, quick-drying UPF 50 fabric, it’s an easy option for water activities like swimming and paddle boarding.
·        Mini Mila ($44): The perfect, chic mommy and me option. Protect your little one with UPF 50 fabric for all of your outdoor adventures.
In addition to her UPF collection, Dr. Bowe recommends a 360 approach to healthy radiant skin that targets skin inside out and outside in. She works with all of her patients to ensure they’re focusing on a healthy diet, supplements, and topical skincare, including sunscreen.
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