June 27, 2018

GlamMasters Judge Zanna Roberts Rassi Talks Fashion and Health for Your Eyes

Fashion journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi

Fashion journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi


GlamMasters judge and TV personality Zanna Roberts Rassi kindly gave us some time for a video interview about the importance of protecting your eyes and staying fashionable while doing so.

Today is National Sunglasses Day! According to a survey by The Vision Council, following prolonged UV exposure American adults report experiencing symptoms including: trouble seeing, irritation in the eye, wrinkles around the eyes, and even cancer on or around the eye.

Whether wrap-arounds, rimless or studded with rhinestones, sunglasses are vital for shielding eyes from harmful UV rays and diminishing glare that can cause distractions while driving, working, and playing. Sunnies are not only a health necessity, but a fashion must! Fashion journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi makes protecting our eyes easy with advice for style and comfort.

Her is our interview with Zanna just for It’s a Glam Thing fans. #sunglassselfie #nationalsunglassesday

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