May 28, 2018

8 Effective Tips to Reduce Office Waste

It is difficult to maintain the waste at the office as compared to home. Recycling the waste is more economical than sending it to the landfill. Recycling or reusing the waste will also save a lot of money. Going green can be good for your office and as well as support every bit of the environment.  In this post, check out the eight effective tips to reduce the office waste. 

 1.  Consume less paper

Most of the office waste contains paper waste. You should try to reduce the consumption of paper. The best way you can perform this is taking the printout on double side. This will reduce the paper consumption to the half.  Next, you can appoint a person to print the paper if your employee size is greater than 50. This is because it has been observed that 30% of printing papers are sent for printing but never collected. This type of pull printing can decrease the paper consumption by 30%. Try to stop all the unnecessary or junk mail as when they are sent to print they increase the paper consumption and ultimately the waste. Try to unsubscribe from the spam and have the clean mailbox.

2.  Reduce or reuse

Reduction in the use of paper can be a good strategy to decrease the office waste. Try to have your documents in the digital format so that it will save the paper cost. Make the habit to use the one pen or highlighter as used many can increase the unnecessary waste. There are other resources also that can be recycled. Take a look at other items such as stationery, cardboard, furniture, toners, IT equipments. Have the ideas or explore the ways to reuse them or reduce their consumption.

3.  Recycling

Once you start following reduce and reuse, it’s time to explore the recycling option. The best way to recycle is to start by small and then builds on foundations over the time. Start your recycling with paper as it is the most waste products in the office. Then start the recycling of other waste materials such as glass, batteries, toners, fluorescent light bulb, IT equipment, furniture, etc.

4.  Make the Bins Visible

Most of the offices use recyclable materials but have not labeled them to know the places to recycle. The bins should be labeled to improve the visibility at the office to throw the waste material. There should be separate waste bins for each recycling material so that waste isn’t contaminated and can be recycled with ease.  In fact, you can use the color-coded bins to make it highly visible. You can also paste the picture of waste materials to throw them at the proper place.

5.  Remove General/ Personal Bins

When you start using recycling bins then it is imperative to remove the general bins placed under each staff member’s desk. The reason is simple there should be aim to have the centralized recycled bins to throw the waste there. Initially, employees will not like that but looking its huge benefits they will embrace the change and put the waste in the centralized located waste bins labeled with the items to throw. Make sure you place at the location easy to access by all.

6.  Move to Zero Landfill System

Even when you recycle the waste, there is some waste which is still a residual. This every week gets send to landfill. There are many service providers for the rubbish removal. You can incinerate the waste to eliminate the waste completely. According to a research, it has been observed that incineration benefit in the electricity production and decreases the landfill impacts. A zero-landfill office provides a compelling and powerful environment which will help to engage customers and provide inspiration to staff.

7.  Have a Recycling Awareness Day

When the adoption rate for recycling system is less then it is required to aware the employees. If the employees aren’t aware of the recycling, reducing and reusing the waste then they should be provided useful guidelines. Have a graphical representation to make them understand so that they make the habit of recycling or reusing. Make them aware the ways to reduce the waste and make sure they throw the waste in the bin labeled for it. Let them know that if everyone follows the waste reducing tips then there is saving of financial and environmental cost associated with them.

8.  Go Electric

Use the digital equipments instead of paper. This will help to reduce the paper waste. Going electric can be an effective way to reduce the waste. Paper towels used in the office can elevate the waste at the office. Try to use the air dryers instead of paper towels as it is effective and efficient saving a lot of costs.

These are some of the effective ways to reduce the waste and recycle or reuse them to make the office environment clean and green.

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