Amazon Shopping for the World's Biggest Selection of Products
May 4, 2018

Amazon, 4 Of My Favorite Amazon Finds

Fiber Wig Extra Long Pure Black

Fiber Wig Extra Long Pure Black


Amazon Shopping for the World’s Biggest Selection of Products

I shop at Amazon for things I otherwise can not find easily and for the lower pricing. Take for instance, Drawstring Travel Shoe Bags. They come in assorted colors, sizes, materials and styles.  I recently bought a package of 10 travel shoe bags. I use one in my Zumba tote for my Zumba sneakers & socks another for my Zumba Toning Sticks. They are different patterns so I know what is inside when reaching in my bag quickly.  In my gym bag, I use one for my gym shoes and socks. I have one in my car that holds my flip flops for when I suddenly decide to stop in for a pedicure or for sore feet.  I use one to hold a packable travel wrap in my car. I can easily pop it into any of my totes for comfort wear in restaurants, by the fire or at the beach at night. These are bags that are “must have’s” for weekend or long term travel as they prevent your shoes from soiling your clothes and from getting scuffed.

Lip Gloss Applicators are a must-have for the makeup professional. I use them for my clear or light shades of lip gloss/lip plumper. I hardly ever wear the clear or light shades alone.  I usually layer the clear or light shades over a richer or brighter colored lip stick.  Using the applicator included with the gloss causes it to get colored by the various lipsticks you are using it over. Soon it no longer stays clear or the nice clean color that you purchased.  Plus if your lips aren’t clean, such as after eating in a restaurant, or at the beach, Yuck!  Don’t use the original applicator. That even goes for colored glosses.  There are various kinds of applicators. Some of the applicators are reusable, others are disposable.

From Amazon, I order Alcohol Wipes. I get the Clear Touch brand 100 for $5.99 or . I use them to clean my nails off after polish removal.  I use them for bugs bites or to get ink or makeup swatches off of my skin. They remove hairspray that is stuck on mirrors. You can use them to clean off phones and surfaces.  They are very versatile and I always have some on hand.

My absolute favorite Mascara is available on Amazon. Dejavu Fiber Wig Pure Black Mascara with extra long wand. I try to recall where I found this fabulous mascara in the first place.  I think it must have been at a beauty trade show.  I love it because it is a film type, fiber mascara so it washes off easily with water.  I very gently rub my lashes with lukewarm water and it comes off. I have been using it for years and years. I have never had a problem with it running during wear or damaging my lashes.

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