April 18, 2018

 Use these 5 Tactics to stay Healthy & Happy

Exercise is considered the best way to stay happy, healthy and being fit. Exercise will boost your mood, energy and helps you to sleep better and increases your self-esteem. Not only does exercise feel good and healthy and even dancing is a way to stay fit and healthy for people of all ages because dancing isn’t just fun- it’s really good for your health. A few things that boost your mood are:

Eating your favorite food and putting good food in your stomach. Whatever, you are putting into your body could impact your mood. Find peace of mind, the most important thing is don’t ever compare yourself to others because if you do so, you will never feel happy and healthier. Wear your favorite clothes which makes you feel good and happy because the way we dress makes an impact on our confidence and the attitude about our day.

  •    Look at the positive side of every situation

As we all have heard it before  “Stay positive, look on the brighter side – Don’t let things that get you down”. So, you need to train yourself to be more positive. Negative thinking will lead to dangerous and bad things. The problem with negative thinking is that this type of mindset and outlook on life can harmfully affect our health.

Basically, staying positive not only make us happier but it actively is helping to keep us healthy. There are many ways which help you stay positive and look on the bright side. You can control yourself of negative thinkers, share positive thoughts with others, search for the silver lining, separate fact from fiction, choose a positive thought, eat healthy and tasty foods etc.

  •    Join a gym or group workout class

A gym motivates you to do a balanced program which includes both aerobic and strength training exercises. These exercises promote heart health and weight loss, it helps to prevent osteoporosis and also improve muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. Nothing feels as good as being fit. Group exercises have many benefits, it’s challenging, they are motivational, it provides structure, group exercise classes will make us more regular and they are fun too, group classes are social because you can have an instant connection with them, again it teaches you to manage your time as well.

  •    Don’t forget your beauty sleep

Sleep makes you feel better. Enough sleep is a key part of healthy lifestyle and it benefits your heart, weight, mind etc. If we did not get enough sleep that can lead to serious health effects. On the other hand, if we get enough sleep then it is good for everything ranging from weight to mood and for the immune system. Stop worrying so much while sleeping.

Good sleep is vital for having a healthy mind and allows you to enjoy life more, getting enough sleep will keep you active for the whole day. As it is correctly said, “Early to bed, early to rising makes a human healthy, wise and wealthy”. Water helps your skin clear, leaving you feeling happier and better about your body.

  •    Practice inner calming techniques like yoga or martial arts

Basically, yoga is likely to keep your body more healthy and than many other forms of exercise. Even Martial arts can also do few of this but they don’t focus on the same level of flexibility and balance as yoga does. Yoga gives you a sense of calm, peace and balance which impact both the emotional well-being as well as overall health. Meditation is a natural anti-depressant remedy which boosts the mental health. Like meditation, martial arts focuses on movements and being present with awareness, embodiment, and precision.

  •    Eat healthy food

We all love to have delicious and tasty food, however, it is important that whether the tasty food is keeping us healthy, fit and weather will have a long life, no this food will not make us feel happy or keep fit. Some tips for good health is: Avoid eating long stored food, shall avoid junk food eating, the highly processed and convenience food. We should all follow a ‘Custom Meal Plan’ to stay healthy, happier and fit. So choose a good and healthy food that leads to happiness and live long.

  “The Great gift you can give to your family is Healthy You“


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