April 18, 2018

#DefyAllOdds With This New All-Natural Haircare Company!

Everyone these days is in search of a haircare product that not only will do the job right, but is also all natural and environmentally friendly. Mix in a charity component and you have found yourself DāO Detroit, a new plant-based haircare company that provides a transformational hair experience for women and men, regardless of hair type or age.

The much buzzed about company just finished a successful crowd-funding campaign and is now being available across the nation, both in select retailers and online. It’s A Glam Thing just had to chat with its co-founders Willis Marshall and Erin Patten to learn more about their unique new product and why its taking the haircare industry by storm…

NICK NORTHSTAR: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you both?

Erin: To be “Glamorous” encapsulates that moment when an individual walks into a room and her inner aura shines so bright on the exterior blinding everyone present like a massive, brilliant diamond. Basically, it has nothing to do with how designer the look is that she’s wearing nor how laced she is with jewelry, but rather how she carries herself in the presences of others, how she treats those she interacts with and most importantly, how she treats herself. That’s Glam!

Willis: The word “Glamorous” to me means to shine brighter than the rest. Whether spiritually, physically, socially, or fashionably. The word ‘shine’ is important because a glamorous person always radiates some form of positive energy!

NN: Your company & products are all about environmental sustainability… why is this so important to you both?

Willis: Environmental sustainability is very important to us. We can’t promote healthy living while polluting the earth. At DāO, we practice what we preach. I know it may sound cliche, but if we as a company do what may seem like “a little,” it will ultimately add up to a lot.

Erin: It’s very simple. We came from the earth and we will return there when this life is done. So, just as we focus on taking care of self, we must also focus on taking care of the earth from which we came. This is why environmental sustainability is so important to us. We see this DāO journey as more than just hair products. It’s a unique opportunity to spread positive messages about taking care of self, others and the world in which we live.

NN: Was it hard to come up with an all natural haircare product?

Willis: I wouldn’t say it was hard coming up with our natural hair care products. I’d say it was more like going on a treasure hunt. Our products promote hair health first, so we just needed to find which plants, once combined, worked best for the scalp and hair.

Erin: Hard is a very relative word. I would say that our DāO product development process has been met with challenges, but that’s expected in building a business from scratch. Willis and I have a lot of fun! I get to work with my best friend. We have a unique opportunity to test amazing ingredients and blend them as creatively as we want to produce a market-ready product. It takes time, commitment and passion, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and create their own products?

Erin: Nike said it best, “Just do it!”… The thing about most budding entrepreneurs is they believe they need a detailed business plan, lots of money, and a super innovative idea to get started, but frankly, you just need to go out there and do something. It’s basic physics. Once in motion, you’ll stay in motion and eventually, you’ll have an amazing business.

Willis: I would tell anyone looking to make their own products to do their research on every ingredient they intend on using, and also the source from which it comes.

NN: How has starting this company changed both your lives since running a successful crowd funding campaign?

Willis: I feel like our lives are a lot busier since our crowd funding campaign. The good thing is it doesn’t feel like work because we are in love with DāO.

Erin: It’s brought us closer in trust, compassion, and respect. DāO is truly an extension of Willis and me. The word DāO was inspired by our own personal abilities to Defy All Odds from childhood to today. The company growth has been a continuation of the life journey we are both on to do something magical in this world.

NN: Your company is also all about charity and giving back. Tell us more about this…

Erin: We donate a portion of DāO profits to fund the #DefyAllOdds Own Your Identity campaign, which was born from personal experiences. In my first job out of college, my manager told me that my natural hair was inappropriate for the work environment and violated company policies. This set me on a career course of severe anxiety and insecurity as I desperately attempted to change my hair texture with chemical treatments and lots of heat styling to not only fit in at work, but greater society, in general. It wasn’t a healthy time for me as I sought acceptance and approval from those around me, instead of owning who I was, curly hair and all! I began to understand the value and power in this ownership after I cut off all my hair two years ago to start fresh.

Willis: We were very intentional about saying that we’re not starting DāO with making money as the top priority. The #1 goal is to raise a company from the ground up, and it gets so big that we have the power to affect lives in a number of positive ways, GLOBALLY!

NN: What is the #1 thing you feel sets your product a part from others on the market?

Willis: The #1 thing that separates our product from the rest is the combination of plant based ingredients in our products, that once combined, form a “Super Vitamin” that promotes scalp and hair health while simultaneously giving you manageability. This “Super Vitamin” affect also means that our products are good for HAIR, no matter the head it’s attached to.

Erin: Exactly. Our product works for all ages, all genders and all hair types period. I love that we’re a company that targets ALL versus curly-haired women only or men only. It made so much sense to us to design and create products that can work for everyone!

NN: What does the future hold for you both and DāO from here?

Erin: Global takeover! We dream of reaching diverse communities in Brazil, UK, Europe and across Africa and Asia.

Willis: Yes, we are eager to continue to share DāO and our entire product line with the world. The wave is already forming as word of mouth continues to grow across the U.S. about a product that finally is great for everyone in the household.

NN: And finally, do you feel DāO consumers feel more Glamorous after using your products?!

Willis: One of the most frequent and awesome testimonials that we get from our customers is our product doing great things for their hair, that prior to using DāO, was unthinkable. The confidence and joy they exude often radiates in their voice, through a text/email, or just with a smile. So yes, I’d say our consumers check every box to truly look and feel more GLAMOROUS after using DāO!

Erin: Absolutely! Like I said before, feeling glamorous starts within and that’s what DāO’s about. Mind, body, and hair. It starts first with believing in your mind that you are beautiful, amazing and worthy. Then it will start to emanate from you so that the outside world sees. Layer on DāO’s plant-based, all natural products, and you’re ready to take on the world!

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