April 12, 2018

Amy-Rose Walker Artist In Chief Deck of Scarlet Edition No. – 05

Amy-Rose Walker is the Artist-in-Chief of the Deck of Scarlet Palette Edition no. 05. This is touted as a Winter 2017 Palette but it certainly can provide a desired fit for any season.  Many brands do break their shades down into categories or seasons but it’s best to focus on finding the appropriate colors for your skin tone / undertone. You know the drill.

Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

This is the beautiful Elizabeth Colen of It’s a Glam Thing. You may know Elizabeth also as Ms. Fit One. She got her hands on the Make-Up Palette 05. Doesn’t she look great!

In the video below Elizabeth takes us to her journey of discovery of Deck of Scarlet Palette Edition No. – 05.



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