April 11, 2018

Little Goodall: Perfect Outfits for Summer Weather

The weather is getting hotter! Little ones will want to be in outfits that feel soft and cool against sun-kissed skin (while their parents want them looking adorable!). Enter the Little Goodall collection. Thoughtfully designed for the activity and motion of a busy child, each Little Goodall piece is handmade with the highest quality and attention to detail, so the outfits will last for years to come. This summer’s must-haves include:

Girl’s Dairy Maid Dress: Adorable fine linen sundress with oversized pockets, and a hand pieced cow who is munching dimensional flowers.  Buttons down the back and ties with long white sashes (don’t miss the cow tail in the back!).  The straps have several buttonholes, so the dress can be worn for several summers.  White linen is densely woven and not see-through.

Boy’s Friendly Lion Romper: Hear him roar this summer! This 100% cotton blue gingham romper features an adorable embroidered lion face and dimensional mane and ears. Buttons at shoulders and snaps underneath.

See more styles by visiting Little Goodall at: https://www.littlegoodall.com/

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