April 9, 2018

Molly Phillips Fun and Creative Jewelry Designs

Molly Phillips believes in the ethical treatment of animals and fair trade wages for workers. At 32, she is really making waves in the jewelry space with her creative and fun approach. Inspired by her love of fashion, people and travel, her Oasis collection is ethically made to create jobs that empower those living in underpriveleged conditions. The Oasis collection is made of brass, handmade in South America through fair trade wages. The rest of her collection is made in America.

Check out these fabulous Molly Phillips Pineapple Earrings (in large size – $88). They also come in Palm Tree, Cacti, & Flamingo designs.


Molly Phillips Bold in Gold Large Pineapple Earrings

Prices range from$70-300.

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