February 25, 2018

Kiss Your Cracked Lips Goodbye

by Lisa Gal

What makes The Organic Lip Balm Company products so powerful is the quality of the raw certified organic ingredients. Each ingredient is researched thoroughly to give you the best and most effective lip care treatment in the world.  This enables all enzymes to keep intact and give you the best nutrient-rich product possible. Janine Hall who created the world famous Organic Lip Balm was so intrigued with lips after interpreting them for 15 years that she wrote One Million Kisses . Her book unleashes the secrets to a long lost healing modality based on reading the characteristics of lips. These distinctions tell a story and reflect details about who you are and what makes you unique.  Once you’ve finished reading this book you will never look at your lips in the same way, ever again. We are excited to have her book back in our Hollywood Swag Bags this time honoring the nominees and talent staying at The Four Seasons Hotel next month for the biggest award show of the year. This is a valuable guide and resource book about how one kiss can truly make a difference in your life. Pick up your copy today!

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