February 22, 2018

Are My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

As our children begin to grow and get their adult teeth, parents worry if they are getting them at the right age and if they are healthy and normal. There is no exact science to when a child’s permanent teeth will come in, but there are some things that parents may worry about when these teeth begin to grow through. One of these is mamelons, which are small bumps that naturally occur on the teeth. Read on for more information about these and why they are normal.

What Is a Mamelon?

A tooth may have bumps or ridges, which are known as mamelons. They usually form along the edge of a child’s new permanent teeth and they are very common. An uneven or bumpy tooth does not mean a tooth isn’t healthy; mamelons actually help push these new teeth through your child’s gums. They may look different in different children, some looking rougher than others. The most commonly affected teeth are both the upper and lower central and lateral incisors. For more information on mamelons, check out Health Row and why as a parent you should never be concerned.

How Do Mamelons Form?

Three types of cell within the body begin the formation of teeth in the gums. These cells, along with the help of ameloblasts and odontoblasts, form along the edge of the teeth. The teeth are made up of layers of enamel and dentanil, and as these layers form and move forward, this eventually makes a tooth as we know it. When all the cells join together, they form enamel lobes, which are seen as on the edge of the teeth as they come out of the gums.

When Should I Be Concerned?

Mamelons should never be a concern, and although parents may worry when a tooth comes out wobbly or rough, these will eventually straighten themselves. As we continue to grow and eat, these mamelons slowly wear down until they look like normal teeth edges. This may take a shorter or longer time, depending on the roughness of the edges of the teeth and how many teeth were affected, to begin with. If your child is going to get braces, an orthodontist may get rid of mamelons, as it can make the teeth look misaligned, even with the help of braces. This is the only reason they would ever be removed and is simply for aesthetic purposes. It is a simple and pain-free procedure that your child does not need to worry about.

Once mamelons have done their job and their adult teeth have come through, they will begin to naturally wear off over time. Understanding what these are will ensure you do not worry, and if your child asks, you can explain what these rough edges are. The best way to help your child to have healthy teeth is limiting the amount of sugar they eat and drink, promoting good oral hygiene from a young age, and visiting a dentist frequently.



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