January 23, 2018

Living Pain Free & Glamorous With Dr. Peyman Gravori

Dr. Peyman Gravori, who is an Interventional Pain Management doctor, directs the Pain Management department at ProMedSpine across California.

When some of your favorite celebrities are feeling the pain after long hours on set, or athletes are dealing with body issues after a hard fought game, they turn to Dr. Gravori and his fellow doctors to help them.

It’s A Glam Thing sat down and dug deeper into the life of Dr. Gravori, who even threw a Justin Timberlake reference our way…

NICK NORTHSTAR: Let’s start off with an easy question… What is the definition of “glamorous” to you?

DR. PEYMAN GRAVORI: Being “glamorous” to me is the inner confidence you exude in your every day life. While I believe glamorous is a feeling, it can also be reflected in the clothes you wear on the outside, which is just a continuation and expression of the confidence you have because of those inner feelings.

NN: Why is it important for someone to feel good & be pain free, in order to feel more confident in other aspects of their life?

DPG: Simply put, being without pain clears and frees your mind. When you have no pain, your mind is able to concentrate on those other aspects of life. Being in pain is not just a physical thing, there is a big mental component which limits you from moving forward. Plus, everything just easier in life when you don’t have to deal with any type of pain, unless of course you like pain?!

NN: What makes ProMedSpine here in Hollywood different than other practices?

DPG: What makes ProMedSpine different is our focus on the patient. We refer to our patients as guests. Our philosophy is that we are here to help our guests everyday in anyway we can. We spend time with them to find out what really matters in their lives and then we work hard to make that possible. Some people require injects and/or surgery but most do not. What they do need is a caring soul who can help them improve their health so that they can enjoy their lives. Our doctors go to great lengths to find the most cutting edge technology and procedures and to bring them to our guests. We never stop or slow down. Every human deserves the best quality of life that he/she can have and to live a life they love. We strive to make this possible.

NN: What is the number one compliant or issue most people have when they come in for a consultation?

DPG: Initially, most people come into our offices complaining about neck or lower back pain, but once we sit down and dive deeper into their concerns, we find that most people have difficulties sleeping, exercising or doing simple household chores.

NN: What are the common symptoms one should look or feel for that could be leading towards a major spine/back problem?

DPG: The common symptoms people should be aware of are weakness in their legs, saddle anesthesia (which is a loss of sensation restricted to the area of the buttocks, perineum and inner surfaces of the thighs) and problems with their bladder/urinary tract.

NN: What is your advice to actors, athletes and other Hollywood folks to help them prevent having back issues?

DPG: My advice would be to strengthen your core, maintain a healthy diet, exercise and get plenty of sleep. And for actors who may be standing long hours on set, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, sit-down and take rest breaks. The key is to be mindful and always listen to your body.

NN: You treat a lot of Hollywood celebrities and athletes… do you ever get star struck?

DPG: Never. When I am at work, I am fully committed to helping everyone live a pain free life who walks in the door. Whether someone is “famous” or not doesn’t matter. I see everyone as a patient, as that is what I have been trained to do.

NN: You also walk the Hollywood red carpets… what is your “go-to” outfit away from the typical doctor scrubs?

DPG: As the great Justin Timberlake said in his hit song once, “As long as I’ve got my suit and tie”!

NN: How does it feel to be known as one of the top doctors in your medical fields here in California and what does the future hold for ProMedSpine?

DPG: It is honestly very humbling to hear that as I’ve committed many years to studying and getting to this point. It just feels good to be acknowledged, however, it is not something I ever seek. As for ProMedSpine, our vision is to help as many people as possible lead healthy, pain-free, fully realized lives. At ProMedSpine we do everything we can NOW. We work with our staff and our doctors to take better care of more patients on any given day and any given moment. We aim to communicate with this vision with the highest number of people we can. If we can do this throughout the world, one day, then it would be a dream come true for us.

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