January 19, 2018

The Ultimate in iStorage

by Lisa Gal

Gone are the days of hard copies and burning discs. With so many important files and photos we all turn to the handy USB flash drives. I have so many now and I am paranoid that my kids will grab them, use it for a school project, never to be seen again. But what if you had your own personal datAshur PRO, a hardware encrypted, PIN authenticated USB 3.0 flash drive? You’ll get the highest level of protection available, giving you peace of mind against theft, or loss of yours or your company’s confidential data. iStorage is the trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices, that include: USB Flash Drives, Hard Disk Drives, and Solid State Drive formats. They deliver the most innovative products to securely store and protect data to Military specified encryption levels, safeguarding your valuable business information whilst ensuring compliance to regulations and directives. We are thrilled to include the datAshur Pro all the way from the UK in our Hollywood Swag Bags honoring the SAG nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the Red Carpet Weekend.


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