January 12, 2018

Five Reasons You Should Cook at Home

It’s no secret that going out for lunch and supper is way more accessible then whipping up a meal at home. You don’t have to do anything really besides eat and pay when going out. At home, you have to prepare, cook and clean just for a few minutes of eating.

But regularly going out for food is having serious effects on our wellbeing. From rising obesity, declining health and enormous debt, is it worth eating out all the time? Instead, bring back home cooked meals that can be done with the family.

Here are just a few reasons why you should ditch the takeout and be a master chef at home.

You Control Your Meal

Restaurants care about portion sizes, just not in the way that you should be. You want to get the best bang for your buck, so the plate you’re ordering is more than likely way too big.

Cooking at home means you control how much you put on your plate and into your stomach. Portion sizes are a significant factor when on a diet or just trying to eat healthily.

You Know What is in Your Food

When eating out, you’re not going to know every single ingredient that is in a dish. They don’t want to give away the recipe. So for all you know, your takeout is filled with way too much sodium or oils.

When you cook at home, you know what you’re precisely putting into your meal. This allows you to control the health level of a dish and to substitute out items if they don’t cut it.

You’ll Save Money

Eating out is expensive. Even if you order the cheapest item every time, you’re still spending more money than cooking at home.

Restaurants want to make money, not throw it away. Prices will be a lot higher on a menu then it would be if you bought everything at the grocery store and made it yourself – and that’s not even including the tip at the end.

It’s a Great Learning Place and Relationship Builder

Whether you are cooking with your spouse or teaching your children, cooking with someone is a great way to build relationships and have a lot of fun.

Make it an event, especially for the kids. Dress the part when stepping into the kitchen with chef aprons and accessories. Show that the kitchen is not a scary place (but don’t overlook the potential dangers) and they should be comfortable in it.

Let Your Creativity Shine

A kitchen is a place where you should not only have fun but let your creative juices flow as well. If a recipe calls for something you don’t like, have some fun figuring out a substitution.

When ordering out, many places don’t like customers substituting items as it changes the outcome of the dish. Some restaurants won’t even allow substitutions. So cooking at home, you have more freedom to do what you want.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should never go out for food; it should be a treat. These are only a handful of reasons why cooking at home is a better option. Once you get into a habit, eating out will be the last option you do choose.

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