January 2, 2018

All the Pleasure Without the Gain

by Lisa Gal

With our busy lifestyles, wouldn’t it be great to have a nutritious, convenient snack that tastes like a delicious treat and not feel guilty? When snack time creeps up, many people opt for nutritionally depleted fast food. With obesity on the rise and the importance of being health, fitness and weight conscious, Slim Secrets can help you achieve your goals with their range of snack bars, cookies, protein balls, shakes and puddings. Their philosophy isn’t about extreme dieting but finding healthier ways to have it all. At Slim Secrets they are dedicated to making sure that their range of products not only taste great, but have the right balance of fats/carbohydrates and proteins offering consumers their guilt-free snacking while at the same time supporting their wellness goals. We are so thrilled to be gifting their products in our Hollywood Swag Bags being given to the Golden Globe Nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel this weekend.

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