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June 8, 2017

Doesn’t Dad deserve a Legacy for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to give that special man in your life cologne. If he is anything like my husband, he will love the cologne if it is a gift but he will never buy it for himself. This Father’s Day I found the perfect cologne, Empire Lyon’s Legacy Fragrance For Men.  I gave my children a few cologne options to choose from and Legacy got the “thumbs up” !

LEGACY is a sophisticated cologne with an alluring masculine scent.  This spectacular fragrance “opens with a sparkling blend of bergamot and lemon water with an atomic heart of lavender buds, crisp geranium and clary sage”  It also carries scents of  warm amber, vanilla suede and tobacco leaf.
LEGACY was launched by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015. It was inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox highly acclaimed Television series “Empire” created the visionary Lee Daniels. The bottle design represents “striking gold”. “The idea expressed literally via the gold nugget design of our fragrance candle design and metaphorically expressed via the gold hue, crocodile trim, and Jeweled facets caps of the bottle designs.”    The Empire “E” pendent adorns the fragrance bottle magnificently.
Empire Lyon’s Legacy Fragrance For Men Eau de Toilette Spray 3.4 oz is Available at and Macy’s.
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June 6, 2017

What Caregivers Should Know About How Addictions Originate

If you are like most caregivers, at some point during your loved one’s bout with drug addiction, you have asked yourself how your loved became addicted to drugs in the first place. This is especially true if your loved one had a good upbringing with no obvious triggers for addiction. The truth is; however, that anyone can become addicted to drugs, even those who were parented well and loved unconditionally. The following is some information that will walk you through the biological reasons behind your loved one becoming an addict. Hopefully, this information will help you see that you didn’t drive your loved one to their present condition; instead it was their own choices and biological changes that lead them there.

What Happens During First Time and Long-Term Drug Use?
The first time your loved one tried drugs they likely experienced an unnaturally intense feeling of pleasure. This is due to the fact that, through drug use, the reward system in their brain was activated and flooded with dopamine. Eventually, after enough drug use, the brain will actually begin to change as a result of the unnatural flood of neurotransmitters. The brain’s natural neurons will then begin to make less dopamine, or produce less dopamine receptors, which is all a result of the drug use altering the natural balance of the brain. Consequently, there is less dopamine being naturally produced, a term scientists refer to as “down regulation.”

What Happens After the Brain is Altered?

As you might imagine, once the changes occur in the brain, your loved one begins to feel lifeless, flat and depressed as a result of too few dopamines being produced. Now, they need drugs simply to feel “normal” again. Eventually, their drug tolerance and brain alterations grow to such a state that they are then forced to take more and more quantity of drugs simply to create enough dopamine to function. The term for this effect is most commonly referred to as building tolerance to a drug. As a result of this ever growing dependency on drugs, your loved one will begin doing whatever it takes to get enough drugs to feed their habit, even going so far as stealing from those they love.

How Many Times Does it Take for Drug Addiction to Occur?

As mentioned above, the brain changes, cause what we would refer to as addiction. The exact amount of times your loved one would need to experiment with drugs in order to make those changes occur, or become addicted, is different for everyone. Factors such as their genetic makeup and their environment all play a role in how the addiction process works in each individual.

Other Factors That Make it Hard to Eliminate Drugs:

In addition to the changes in the brain, your loved one will also experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms anytime they attempt to come off drugs, such as stomach pains, nausea and the like. This is yet another reason addiction grows, since the body reacts so severely when they stop drugs, your loved one feels they must keep taking them.

Why This Information Matters:

You now know that addiction is a biological, scientific problem. Yes, it all started due to your loved one experimenting with drugs. However, now that they are hooked, kicking the habit often takes much more than simple will power. Thankfully, drug rehabilitation programs understand this and seek to reduce withdrawal symptoms and reverse the brain alternations, helping those who want freedom from drugs to get away from them once and for all

(1)None listed, How Does Someone Become Addicted to Drugs?,NIDA for Teens, Last Updated May 07,2015,

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June 5, 2017

3 Reasons Cartier Watches Can Bring Classic Style to Wild Wardrobes


If you are given to the bold and colorful when it comes to your personal fashion choices, you may have, at one time or another, avoided the classic and timeless. Perhaps you still do. Maybe these items seem too safe or understated, not like the big, loud fashion statements you’ve built your identity on.

The problem is, without aspects of your personal style that are based in the timeless fashion values that have gone before, your look might have the shelf life of a gallon of milk. Classic brands like Cartier have a way of anchoring an otherwise wild style into the bedrock of time-honored tradition. Here are some of the reasons this works.


  • If Everything You Wear is New and Crazy, You Might Look Like a Clown. People who only wear clothes that are crazy, colorful, and/or avant garde have a tendency of looking like carnival entertainment, or like members of a traveling funk band from the 70’s. There’s nothing wrong with that if that is your goal. But you’ve got to recognize that consistently unconventional styling takes immense skill to get right. What’s more, it takes a deep understanding of classic styling, with which you are choosing to perform a contrast. Iconic watch brands are a great way to bring classic elements to your otherwise edgy style. These accessories show the world that you aren’t someone who jumps at the latest trends without any consideration.



  • Classic Watch Brands Hold Their Value. If you’re into buying up fashion trends, you know that not every item in your closet has much in the way of resale value. Dressing up in the newest and the wildest is a bit like investing in brand new stocks. You might get a few big winners, but most of them are going to lose all of their value within a year. A classic iconic watch, due to its incredible design and impeccable beauty, will be worth close to what you paid for it for years. Decades from now, it could be worth far more. All you have to do is go up to the attic and take a look at mom’s bell-bottoms from the 70’s to know that not all fashion choices appreciate in value this way.



  • Subtlety is Sexy. There are lots of clothes worn by the young and hip that absolutely scream sexy, to the point where the statement means almost nothing anymore. If you’re sitting in a sea of people all trying to make the same statement with the same methods, the message starts to mean very little. Today, by choosing classic brands, you can send a different message: one of subtlety and sophistication. In an era of fashion excess, classicism is a new kind of sexy that more and more people are becoming aware of.


Classic brands are having a resurgence in an era where more people are starting to think of burgeoning fashion trends as artificial and fleeting. If you want to update your style with a fashion values of timeless vintage, Cartier is a great place to start.

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June 2, 2017

Celebrities Love Hat Attack!

LOS ANGELES – May 31, 2017 – Emily Ratajkowski and Katie Cassidy shared photos wearing Hat Attack on Instagram yesterday! The model/actress shared a flirty snap carrying the Mini Gusset Straw Bag ($90) while Katie soaked up the sun in Mykonos wearing The Original Panama ($112;

Photo courtesy of Instagram


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June 2, 2017

NEW from Dana’s Bakery- Pink Lemonade!

Introducing Dana’s June mac of the month – Pink Lemonade! Neon pink and yellow shells with a sweet pink lemonade buttercream filling. The only thing hotter than that is a day at the beach!

The perfect colors to welcome June, these macs will sure to be a hit at any summer BBQ you may bring them too. Dana’s Bakery ships nationwide, and you could also pick them up at the Mac Bar in Gansevoort Market in NYC.

Grab your limited edition 12 box of Pink Lemonade macs for $30 at

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June 2, 2017

Check out for free gifts and prizes.

Don’t forget to check out for free makeovers, free samples and a chance to win beauty products in their monthly contest.

Details on the June Beauty Basket Giveaway:
This month our basket includes products from Cantu, Rimmel, TRESemme, Nexxus, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Hawaiian Tropic and more! The Contest runs from now through 6/30/17, winners will be chosen on 7/10/2017 and notified by 7/15/2017. We want to encourage readers to go to our Facebook page ( and like us, then enter to win on our page. They can also enter on our website at
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June 1, 2017

Michael Todd Grape Seed Cleansing Oil

Michael Todd Grape Seed Cleansing Oil

Michael Todd Grape Seed Cleansing Oil

Until now, facial cleansing oils have scared me.  I try so hard to keep oil off of my face and out of my pores. Why would I want to put oil on my face and why is everyone so obsessed with it? Can people who have oily skin use the product? Why doesn’t the oil clog our pores? Are they safe for those with acne prone skin (me!)

The past couple of weeks info on oil facial cleansers has been crossing my desk more often than usual.  I got to thinking that maybe facial cleansing oils are a good thing.  I asked IAGT team member Donna Raheb if she had come across any facial oils that I could try out.  Donna is a huge fan of the Michael Todd brand so she hand delivered to me the Michael Todd Grape Seed Cleansing Oil.  The first thing I did was squirt it on my hands, a squirt here and a squirt there.  The scent is subtle but very nice.  I massaged it in, washed my hands and patted them dry, after which there was no oily residue. But the try test will be tonight. I’ll be cleansing my face with it this evening.  I will post the results to my Facebook page.

Here’s the scoop on the Michael Todd Grape Seed Cleansing Oil taken right from the pretty purple container. It removes dirt, oil and makeup completely. Rinses thoroughly. Hydrates and nourishes skin.  It won’t strip the skin of it’s natural moisture balance. And, Grape Seed Oil is indeed it’s primary ingredient!

Check in with me tomorrow @itsaglamthing



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May 29, 2017

Introduce Dad to Beard Guyz this Father’s Day

The question of the month is…What should we get dad for Father’s Day? On Father’s Day we honor special men in our life. In our case it’s my husband who is also a dad. I must say that they rack their brains out on this holiday. I’m prepared to answer their question with two words… BEARD GUYZ!!!!   The best thing about Beard Guyz is that he doesn’t need to have a beard to enjoy some amazing products from their line. Beard Guyz or Van der Hagen products offer that special man in your life the ultimate essential grooming experience right in the privacy of his own home.

Some of the Luxury Sets include:

Luxury Badger Shave Set, $39.99.. with its pure badger hair brush, Hypoallergenic luxury shave soap with an Apothecary Mug an Acrylic combination brush & razor stand this gift set is sure to be a winner.

Luxury Boar Shave Set, $29.99.. includes a 100% natural boar bristle brush, a Hypoallergenic shave soap, an Apothecary mug and an Acrylic combination brush & razor stand, this is also a great gift and the prices of these sets are quite affordable.

One of my husband’s favorites is Beard Guyz Daily Wash. He throughly enjoys this face wash. He uses it in the shower and he like the scent.  The most important feature is that he like how the Daily Wash cleanses and how his skin feels afterwards.  Beard Guyz Daily Wash is formulated with a “A blend of 35 natural and organic botanical and fruit extracts combined with Keratin and Protein to clean and moisturize.”  The Daily wash also provided  antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits helping to improve blood flow. The Daily Wash is suitable for all beard types

My husband doesn’t use hair conditioners routinely but Beard Guyz Deep Conditioner has been an exception. It works well on your skin after cleansing and he adds a little to his hair at the same time. Deep Conditioner has a ” blend of 25 natural & organic oils, butters, extracts, vitamins and conditioners chosen for their benefits to the hair and skin”. 

What if the Man in my life has a Beard?  Beard Guyz has you covered.

**Beard Guyz offers products such as Beard Scentz, which helps eliminate odors and helps prevent germs and bacteria growing on the skin.

** Beard Butter moisturizes your skin beneath the beard helping to avoid itchy flaky skin.

**Beard Guyz Nighttime Beard Growth Serum  is the perfect nighttime solution for facilitating hair growth, Rehydrating dry hair. It also has a refreshing fragrance.

Beard Guyz has the perfect array of products that will allow you to put together the perfect Father’s Day gift whether he has a beard or not.

You can find Beard Guyz at  most large retailers nationwide like,, CVS, Duane Reade, Target and Walgreens

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May 29, 2017

A healthy Anti-Cellulite Creme from Definitions Skincare

Definitions Skincare Anti-Cellulite Creme is definitely a product that you must have ready and waiting for you especially in the summer months. I started using this Anti-Cellulite Creme on my arms and because of it’s silky soft feel and great vanilla scent, I use it as a moisturizer too. I love how my arms look and feel. This Anti-Cellulite Creme does not erase the imperfections of your skin but softly tightens and smoothes, therefore reducing the appearance of dimpling and smoothing fatty areas.

Definitions Skincare Anti-Cellulite Creme is formulated with “Lipocare Technology” allowing the creme to effectively firm and smooth your skin. I am using it on my legs now and will use it consistently throughout the summer. This creme has a blend of natural and organic ingredients including antioxidants such as Vitamins E + C. It’s goal is to helps reduce and prevent cellulite dimples on the stomach, thighs and legs.

It’s best to use the Anti-Cellulite Creme after exfoliating your body. After applying the creme to your body, do not wipe off. It goes on smoothly and has a fabulous scent.

Definitions Skincare Anti-Cellulite SkinCreme, like all its skincare products and  treatments are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, and dyes and can be found at dermatology offices and top spas worldwide.

You will find an arrray of top of the line skincare at

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May 29, 2017


CRANSTON, RI (October 2017)—In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Chamilia (, a Swarovski Company, announced that it will donate a portion of each purchase from its new “Brave & Strong” charm to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. The sterling silver charm with a lightly oxidized finish features the word “Brave” on one side and “Strong” on the reverse; both sides are accented with four Rose Swarovski Crystals (US MSRP $45). It can be worn on all Chamilia bracelets and neck chains.

“We create something unique and special in support of women fighting breast cancer every year,” said Chamilia Vice President, Global Merchandising and Marketing Catherine Ottaviano. “This cause is on the forefront of the issues our customer faces, and it’s important to us that we support women who are fighting breast cancer in some way. Chamilia is a brand that works for women who wear their hearts on their sleeves. We support these women in their struggles and their celebrations.”

There are more than 400 exclusive charms available from the Chamilia brand. The line is made from sterling silver or 14 karat gold and features genuine Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Zirconia, or Murano glass. The brand follows strict Swarovski guidelines for quality and aesthetic standards.

Chamilia’s Brave & Strong Charm in support of Breast Cancer Awareness will be available July 14, 2017, at many of the brand’s more than 1,000 retail partners worldwide and on the Chamilia website,


About Chamilia
Based in Cranston, RI, Chamilia is an American company that was established in 2002. Since its purchase in 2013, it has been a member of the Swarovski Group, a world leader in quality and innovation. Each of the more than 400 exclusive charms available from the brand are made from .925 sterling silver or 14 karat gold and feature genuine Swarovski Crystals or Zirconia, or Italian Murano Glass. The brand follows strict Swarovski Group guidelines for quality and aesthetic excellence. For more information, please go to

About Swarovski
Swarovski delivers a diverse product portfolio of unmatched quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski Crystal Business designs, manufactures and markets crystals, natural and created gemstones, finished products such as jewelry, accessories and lighting. The company’s film division, Swarovski Entertainment, produces artistically accomplished feature films with global box-office appeal. The Swarovski Foundation was set up to honor the philanthropic spirit of the company by supporting creativity and culture, promoting wellbeing and conserving natural resources. Now run by the fifth generation of family members, Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach, with over 2,350 stores in about 170 countries and more than 25,000 employees,

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