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August 8, 2017

Tips to Maximize a Small Space from Vant Wall Panels

Whether you are downsizing into retirement or simply want to live in the midst of the excitement of a big city, urban living tends to mean more excitement and less square footage. In order to maximize your available space, so that even a small condo looks spacious and comfortable, there are certain design and decorating rules that you should follow:
Design in any small space
The key to designing in a small space is to make sure that the furniture and decor fit the room. While you may love your large L shaped sofa and matching lounge chair, it’s not going to fit in 400 square feet without your guests tumbling over the end of it!
With less space, you have to be more creative. Sofa beds, instead of couches, turn into instant guest quarters. Nesting side tables instead of a big coffee table turn into instant extra space for putting down a martini. Benches with storage inside them do double duty as extra seating and a great way to hide a little clutter.
Avoid clutter
Clutter only serves to make a small space look even smaller! Avoid it at all costs by making sure that everything in your home has its own home and don’t let piles of things drag in entryways or on chairs.
Storage benches, as mentioned in the previous point, are ideal in this capacity, as are storage baskets, hanging hooks and so on. Maximize any available dead space—under the stairs, for example—by turning it into usable storage space.
If there’s a way to get something off of flat surfaces, do it. Example? Knife blocks take up a lot of space on a countertop. But if you have the extra wall space in your kitchen, put up magnets and ‘hang’ your knives. Easy to reach and they are off the flat surface!
Make good use of light and mirrors
If you have a lot of natural light coming into your space, leverage it by using delicate, flowing window treatments and strategically positioned mirrors. These reflect the light and give the impression of a larger space, tricking the eye into thinking there is more depth than there actually is. Place a mirror next to a window or directly across from it to create the effect you want!
Keep prints to a minimum and offset them with solids drawn from the same palette
If you have a thing for wild and colorful prints, just keep in mind that too much of even a good thing can simply be too much. The ideal design, if you are going to use prints in your upholstery or throw cushions, is to keep some continuity in your color scheme and pick up a shade of your print in a wall accent, like the elegant and simple textures of Vänt Wall Panels. The colors will blend together without being overwhelming to the eye.
Don’t overdo the tchotkes
A smaller space tends to favor a more minimalist design, so having all of your collectible figurines on display on the shelves, side and console tables will bring the room in rather than opening it up. You can still have some of your collection out, but maybe pare it down to a select few.
Specifics for a small living room
Avoid darker shades of paint on the walls. You can definitely do an accent wall in a bolder color, but all four walls in navy blue will be oppressive. The same is true for ceiling colors: keep it light relative to the wall color, to give the impression of openness; even if the ceilings are low, it won’t feel dark and small. One great tip is to match your wall color to the larger pieces of furniture in the room; that way, the latter blend in more and seem smaller as a result.
For flooring, you should also keep it relatively neutral, with splashes of color in throw rugs, for example. And when it comes to furnishings, materials like glass and metal, which reflect light and feel more airy, give a great sense of space than dark, heavy wood pieces.
If you want to avoid heavy bookshelves, try floating shelves, anchored to the wall. They are a talking point for guests and a lot of fun to decorate with.
Rules for a tiny bedroom
You can, once again, use color to give a sense of space: keep it light or neutral on the walls and the ceiling!
To furnish a small bedroom, the key is to avoid pieces that are too large and cumbersome. Skip the full head and foot board and add instead Vänt Wall Panels, at the head. They are easy to install, look wonderful and take little space! Plus they can add a pop of color that breaks up the neutral wall a little, making a visual focal point that delights.
If you don’t need two bedside tables, don’t use two. Balance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Instead, install lighting on the wall for reading and keep a basket handy for books!
Streamline your linens so that colors and textures are uniform. You don’t want a red bedspread with orange pillows and faux fur throws, all mixed together, in a tiny space! It’s just too much for the eye to take in!
Ideas for a small kitchen
If you don’t have eat in space, don’t try and create it! A formal dining room or breakfast nook is a nice to have but if space doesn’t allow, try using stools at the breakfast bar or island to make best use of that area. If you still want a table and chairs, round tables conserve a little more space and visually seem to fit better.
Don’t forget to minimize kitchen clutter, which can close in that space quickly. If you have tools and small appliances that you don’t use all the time, find somewhere to store them out of site. Less is more in the small kitchen setup.

 Maximize a tiny bathroom

 While it might seem odd to add more to a small bathroom, storage is at the heart of keeping it a usable space, even if two people are in there getting ready in the morning! Decorative shelves and hooks for everything from bathrobes to towels, with soap and candles above, keep your necessities in reach and out of the way, at the same time.

 Maximize your mirrors for that eye trick effect of creating space where there is none. Ditch the tiny medicine cabinet in favor of as large a piece that can fit over your sink. Mirrored accents and backsplashes can help with a similar effect.

 Finally, if your shower has a rod and curtain, hang it as high as you can: this gives the illusion of higher ceilings and greater space. The curtain should be a simple print so as not to be overwhelming; in fact, all your colors should be from the same palette for that reason.

 With all of these tips, you can take your small urban space and turn it into a cool loft minimalist oasis, with ease; a space you and your family, friends and guests can enjoy for years to come.

 Bee Heinemann is the Marketing Director and Interior Decorating Expert at Vänt Wall Panels. Vänt Wall Panels completely transform a room in just minutes. Inspired spaces make for inspired living. It’s the most innovative, cost and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. They’re perfect for every room in the house from the kitchen and bedroom to the living room and office. Learn more at

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August 8, 2017

How to Treat Dogs Suffering from Arthritis

Arthritis affects many dogs as they get older and it is a painful condition that can get in the way of their mobility and the quality of their daily life. But, if your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you should not lose hope. There are steps that you can take to treat your dog with medications that your vet can provide and with natural supplements that you can provide at home. Check out a few of the tips below to help treat your dog if he suffers from arthritis.

Try a Cannabinoid Supplement

Canna-Pet is a pet supplement that is produced with natural plant ingredients. This supplement is veterinarian recommended and, even though it contains cannabinoids, it will not have any psychoactive effect on your pet. Instead, Canna-Pet can help with treating a variety of conditions, including arthritis, joint problems, and mobility issues. Administer this product according to its label instructions and rest assured that it is safe to use alongside medications and other supplements, as well as special diets.

Give Your Pet Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Two popular supplements for both people and pets who have joint issues like arthritis are glucosamine and chondroitin. These can support healthy functioning of the joints and they might even be able to improve your pet’s mobility when they are taken consistently enough and at the right dosage. Many pet supplements on the market that are designed to help relieve conditions such as arthritis will contain these two ingredients, so they are surprisingly easy to find.

Take Your Pet to Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments are used on humans for a variety of reasons, but did you know that your dog could also receive acupuncture treatments? Just be sure to take your pet to an acupuncturist who specializes in working with animals. You may be surprised by how effective this relaxing and natural treatment really is, as your dog might start feeling relief from pain, and he may also enjoy greater mobility as a result.

Supplement Your Pet’s Diet with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements for pets are readily available and they could be helpful in allowing your pet to age gracefully. They can also help your dog if he suffers from arthritic inflammation and pain. Basically, adding some additional fish oil to your dog’s diet may help him feel better and move around more easily.

Prescription Medications

Dogs who have been diagnosed with arthritis might also be candidates for a variety of prescription medications that can help to reduce pain and inflammation. Your veterinarian will be able to determine which prescriptions would work best for your pet, and which ones would be the safest options to try.

Remember, if you are planning on adding any supplements to your pet’s diet for any reason, including to treat arthritis, you should always consult with your veterinarian first to be sure you are doing the right thing, especially if your pet is currently on medications for pain and stiffness.


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August 6, 2017

Comodynes is the “Must-Have” Make-up Remover


Does anyone use soap and water anymore to wash their face and remove their makeup? Apparently not, because when my girls are home to visit (they both live out of town) they are always looking for make up remover wipes. It’s the only thing they use so in my travels I am always on the lookout for them. I recently purchased Comodynes Original Make-up Remover Towelettes from and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Comodynes has a variety of wipes:

Comodynes Make Up Remover Towels for Face and Eyes with  Oats (Sensitive and Dry Skin), Micellar Cleansing wipes for Sensitive Skin, and  Make-up Remover wth Creamy Milk among a few. Comodynes Cleansing Wipes for Sensitive Skin was a good choice because I can use them also. I have sensitive eyes and the make-up remover towelettes worked extremely well for me. My girls really like this brand too. They said the towelettes worked well and they had no other problems so that was good enough for me.

They liked the fact that  and make-up remover towelettes also acted as a toner and the feel was cool and refreshing. Comodynes is Hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and made with 100% natural fibers. They also come in travel sizes which is a big onvenience.

The secret of Comodynes as found at their website: Our entire range of Make-up remover towelettes incorporates a new micellar formula that provides maximum make-up removing efficiency, coupled with maximum dermal and ocular tolerance. Micellar formula? What’s that? A micelle is a unique spherical chemical structure with the ability to attract water at one end and repel it at the other. How does this work on your skin? Very simple, like a magnet it can attract fats and waxes from the skin, emulsifying and removing them, trapping all the dirt inside of itself.”

Check out for more skincare, self tanning and facial products.

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August 6, 2017

DIY on the FLY-Tip of the Week

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August 4, 2017

Historical Highlights of Elizabeth Arden

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August 4, 2017

Sarah Hyland’s New Darker, Longer Locks!

Sarah Hyland debuted new darker, longer locks yesterday while leaving NINE ZERO ONE salon in West Hollywood! The Modern Family star visited her longtime hair guru Nikki Lee for the change. Of the new look, Lee said,

“Sarah wanted to establish a new look for some upcoming filming. Going dark and keeping her hair as healthy as possible while being on set is always the best decision. With the help of my bestie [andNINE ZERO ONE co-founder] Riawna Capri we added in some extensions for fullness and additional protection from all the heat styling that can happen on set. I personally love Sarah dark because it brings out her gorgeous green eyes and looks so good on her skin tone.”

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August 4, 2017

Victoria Justice Spotted in LA with the Henri Bendel Influencer Tote!

Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2017 – Victoria Justice was photographed carrying Henri Bendel while grabbing coffee with a friend recently in LA! The fashionista accessorized her summer monochromatic ensemble with Henri Bendel’s Influencer Tote in Black from their new collection that launches online today ($298;! The actress personalized her tote with an assortment of pins and charms for a chic touch.
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August 4, 2017

Angolan Actress Nicole Sousa Is Now Getting Her Glam On In Hollywood!

Screen icons, stars and those looking to make it big in the entertainment industry have always flocked to Hollywood for their time/chance in the spotlight.

Born in Angola and then moving with her family to London, England during her childhood, then moving on her own to New York to train in acting, rising actress Nicole Sousa always knew her path would take her to Hollywood one day. From her distinctive British accent, to her fashion choices, mixed in with her outgoing bubbly personality, Nicole is someone It’s A Glam Thing just had to speak more with when she crossed our path.

Now finally here and being snapped non-stop on the Hollywood red carpets, Nicole has started her move up to stardom by partnering with New Lead Pictures (alongside director Martin Copping) to be the lead in a new sitcom, The Studio.

We chatted with Nicole to find out more about the glamorous side of her Hollywood experience thus far – from red carpet style ideas and designers, to favorite beauty products, to Instagram filter tips & more!

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

Nicole Sousa: So I would say I definitely like to be comfortable while I’m at home. I love big t-shirts, they are so easy to wear, just throw them on with a pair of shorts. I also love that you can make a baggy t-shirt cute by just throwing on some over the knee boots and some accessories and bam, you are ready for a night out. But when it comes to the red carpet, I definitely love dressing up, something sleek and elegant is always a go for me. Especially in a vibrant red, or a good old little black dress, you can never go wrong with that.

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

NS: I would say Nars tinted moisturizer and concealer, their products are so light, it nearly feels like you are not wearing any makeup at all. Which is great because I don’t like the heaviness of a lot of makeup, I like to go for the natural softer look. Also the Laura Mercier products never let me down. They have a great primer and setting powder which gives your face the great red carpet finish.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

NS: It ranges from Chanel to Top Shop and Zara and a new designer Lyla Dumont. They have this great mix of elegant and classic with a modern urban edge that I love. For example I love blazers, and mixing them with cute ripped jeans and espadrilles makes for a very cute outfit. Lyla Dumont is a newer designer but she has stunning pieces that would make any woman feel like she’s glowing.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

NS: I would have to say #NoFilter for the gram. I am obsessed with snapseed for editing pictures though, it’s so great you don’t actually need any other filter.

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

NS: I love the boyfriend fit, destroyed jeans look right now. It’s comfortable and still looks really cool and edgy. The all white look which is always a summer favorite of mine, it’s light and breezy and just has a clean fresh look. Lastly I would have to say the single shoulder cutout, it’s such a crisp look. That paired with some boyfriend fit ripped jeans, and bam, you have yourself a runway casual look.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to move and start a career in Hollywood?

NS: Okay, so someone gave me this advice and I thought it was great, “Persist consistently with the shell of a tortoise thinking outside the box” It was so accurate and well put, I love it and it has helped me tremendously.

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

NS: For me Hollywood Glam is like that old school, Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones type of look. The waves in the hair, the red lips, the stunning sparkling dress. That old school glam for sure.

NN: How does the style here in Hollywood compare to that in NYC and London (where you have previously lived)?

NS: I would say the London and NYC have more of a high fashion feel. That metropolitan, city vibe and often darker tones because it does get cold in those places. Whereas Hollywood has more of a laid back California feel to it, which again has a lot to do with the bright sunny weather. You need a lot less layers here in Cali!

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August 3, 2017

Cara Delevigne Wears Native Gem Again!

LOS ANGELES – August 1, 2017 – Cara Delevigne was photographed wearing Native Gem while promoting her latest movie in London, England! The Valerian actress looked sophisticated cool accessorizing her look with Native Gem‘s Phantom Ear Crawlers ($76;


For photos, please contact Getty Images

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August 3, 2017 August Giveaway has arrived

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