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July 18, 2017

YouCam Makeup & Celebrity Makeup Artist Mélanie Inglessis Collaborate to Bring Summer Beauty to Li


Summer beauty dreams come true with a stunning collection of celebrity and red carpet inspired makeup styles

New York, New York—July 17, 2017—Perfect Corp. is excited to launch the summer beauty series you’ve been waiting for, created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Mélanie Inglessis. The mastermind behind the stunning faces of A-listers like Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson, and Amber Heard, Mélanie curated a collection of stunning looks from her portfolio inspired by the summer’s hottest beauty trends and made them available for app users to try for themselves in the award-winning YouCam Makeup app.



The Mélanie Inglessis Summer Beauty Series features five looks which are available for instant virtual try ons within the award-winning YouCam Makeup app. The curated look book includes Pink Dreams, a petal pink style inspired by Ruth Negga’s summer look at a recent red-carpet event; Smoky Day, a shimmering blue smoky eye as seen on Olivia Wilde on the Colbert Show; Monochromatic, a trend seen on the Met Gala red carpet on Imogen Poots with one shade on both the eyes and lips; Mod Mermaid, a modern, and sophisticated take on the mermaid beauty obsession as seen on Zoe Kravitz Allure magazine cover look; and Color Retro, a fresh take on a classic 50’s style with winged liner

The complete five-look collection can be experienced with a single tap directly from your mobile device using the app’s popular live camera feature. This feature allows users to test the style in real time, accurately detecting facial movement so the look appears seamlessly on your face from every angle.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the talented Mélanie Inglessis to bring her stunning summer beauty looks to life through AR technology,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp. “Summer beauty is all about fun and experimentation. With this new look collection, beauty enthusiasts to revamp their summer style instantly, and then learn to recreate the look in real life with tutorials delivering Mélanie’s celebrity makeup artist expertise to fans everywhere.”

This true-to-life virtual beauty experience turns your summer beauty goals into reality with a single tap. Experience the complete Mélanie Inglessis Summer Beauty Series in YouCam Makeup now and share your summertime selfie on Facebook using #YouCamSummerGlam for a chance to win free beauty prizes.

App Availability
YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

About Perfect Corp.

With over 450 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future – a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp. can be found at

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July 18, 2017

WBTV with John, Christine, me and some Summer Cool products!



Enya Flack WBTV christine sperow (Available at select Beauty Supply stores, spas ans salons)

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July 17, 2017

Tune in with Enya Flack tomorrow – WBTV “Beauty, Cool as a Cucumber”

Enya Flack of It’s a Glam Thing presents “Beauty, Cool as a Cucumber” Tuesday morning with Christine Sperow & John Carter, WBTV 8 AM morning News.

Osmosis Mist

You’ll love the products presented!

  1. Osmosis Skincare’s Clear Plus Activating Hydration Mist


  1. NXN Nurture By Nature Skincare Adrenaline Burst Cooling Deodorant Body Wash

Website –

  1. BCL Spa Deep Soothe Cooling Therapy (To aid in tension relief)

Available at your local beauty supply store or spa

Website –

  1. Hansderma SkinCool Ice Roller (Freeze it, Roll it, Enjoy it)

Website –

  1. Dove Cool Cucumber Beauty Bundle (Antiperspirant & beauty bars)

Product info here:


Available at drugstores and mass retailers







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July 17, 2017

Kaia Gerber Rocks daniel patrick!

LOS ANGELES – July 14, 2017 – Kaia Gerber was photographed wearing daniel patrick in Malibu yesterday! The model rocked the crop sweat sleeveless in dune while shopping at the Malibu Country Mart with supermodel mom Cindy Crawford ($140,

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July 16, 2017

Why high quality grip socks are the best choice today

Do you like to work out by activities such as Yoga, dancing, martial arts, travelling, and ballet? Do you need to work on hardwood floors every day? Since working out requires a lot of sweating and exercises, you need the perfect balance and comfort to go about with these. The world today has the technology and spirit to provide you with the best comfort you can ever get. Here, in this case, you can use high quality grip socks. The next big question – What are grip socks?

  1. What are grip socks used for?

Grip socks are specially designed for providing a strong grip for the activities that require you to be barefoot. These high quality socks are the best choice since they are great for balance and comfort. As a bonus, these socks also keep your feet cozy and warm & fit nice and snug. Barefoot workouts and barefoot fitness are the latest trends today with the activities that let you be fit and stay healthy. Moreover, these socks can also be used by the elderly as a unique alternative to the usual slippers.

     2. Benefits of grip socks

There is more – these socks are able to decrease the probabilities of transferable foot infections and thus protects your feet with utmost care. Do your feet smell bad after a workout? Well, you need not worry now. These socks are your best companions since they reduce the smell your foot gets after a long workout – yes, that’s right!

     3. Comfort of grip socks

These special high-quality socks are highly compatible and durable. Due to extensively high skid resistance, these socks are the best choice of design today. These ensure high performance and increase your comfort. The socks have special materials and formulas that prevent you from slipping while working out in all the categories of barefoot activities you love to do.

     4. Socks for jumping

Do you love jumping? How about jumping on trampolines? Sounds fun, right? Who wouldn’t love jumping on these marvellous foam pits? These springy playgrounds are the best to sweat out your calories and trampolines are the one-and-only fun way of workout. There is a way by which you can amplify the fun at the trampoline parks by wearing trampoline grip socks.

    5. Secret behind the grip

So how actually do these socks provide such perfection and grip in the jumping rounds of the trampoline parks? These socks and the printing process used to produce these socks use are way much different than the usual methods of using dye sublimation that is currently there in the marketplace. Ankle socks are highly recommended socks and the best ever for trampoline jumping. They use ankle protection with elastic band at the position of your cuff to cover your ankle. These also use heavy material of special yarn used to weave out these fantabulous socks making them durable and strong. These socks also have web squares that allow the sock to breathe freely and thus gives the comfort your feet desire. These socks also have rubber grippers that are herculean and tight enough so that no grippers drop while you are having the best time of your life jumping.

      6. Socks for sport

What about Dodgeball? Do you like playing Dodgeball? Well, you can increase the level of fun and excitement in dodgeball by smooth-sailing feet. How? These grip socks are the best choice here too. They provide you with the best grip, balance and are great for such jumping sports

     7. Technology used in trampoline socks

Since there is a lot of jumping and fun involved in trampolining, there are chances that you may lose your socks. But the cuff elastic band technology used in the trampoline socks is so great and fit so well to your feet that you need not worry about losing them. The technology assures you the fact that these grip socks won’t easily slide off when you are jumping happily.

     8. Advantages of grip socks

These grip socks are great, no doubt. And the ideas and the technology used in these socks to give you the best comfort and balance makes it sound as if it may be expensive. It is exactly opposite of that. With great comfort and high quality, these socks are cost effective and thus highly popular for the barefoot workout and fun activities that makes you jump. There is another awesome thing about these grip socks. Some of the companies even allow you to custom design your own grip socks, cool – isn’t it? Get ready to design your own gripper socks and create your own fabulous custom logo!

Now that you know about how cool – super cool – these grip socks are, you might be considering buying them. Well, these high quality grip socks have risen to top the charts of awesomeness and are indeed the best you can get for all the activities you love to do. These socks being cost effective are what makes it really popular among people and thus is the best choice indeed today!

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July 14, 2017

Get The Look – Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara just debuted new bangs on her Instagram! Get her look without the commitment using Hairdo Clip-In Bangs.

 *Note: This celebrity is not wearing Hairdo products, but we wanted to show you how to get the look by using them.

These bangs change up your look in an instant, while blending seamlessly with your own hair. This 5″ long blunt cut bang with 9 1/2″ face-framing sides can be trimmed by a professional stylist if needed, and is available in a variety of salon-inspired colors. Going out with a bang has never been so much fun—or so commitment-free! ($29;

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July 13, 2017

Body Glide will correct your fashion discomfort issues

I had no idea how much I would use Body Glide- Anti Chafe & Moisturizing bar until I tried it out. I had never used one before, so I didn’t think I’d have much use for it. All the blisters from painful shoes, tight dress straps that rub in the wrong spot, and clingy shorts, were all filed under “style over comfort,” and accepted for it. Body Glide stops these problems before they start. The product is similar in consistency to a solid deodorant stick that goes on completely clear and light, almost dry to the touch after, not greasy or slippery feeling. The protective barrier is moisturizing to the skin and is virtually undetectable once applied (so it does not give the appearance of dried glue residue that some products have).

My first use of Body Glide was with a pair of bronze peep-toe flats that I love (pictured). I have had these shoes for YEARS and worn them many times, always in hopes that they would break-in, but they’d pinch the skin below my big toe nail, eventually creating a very painful blister every time. Using Band-Aids looked junky and they always fell off after an hour or two. Breaking the shoes out again this summer, I quickly swiped the stick across the tops of my toes and popped the shoes on- the difference was night and day! Before, the shoes (which again, are flats) would hurt so much just walking around at work I’d want to take them off by noon. Now, I don’t think twice about wearing them.

This product is about as simple and easy as it gets for a fix to those fashion discomfort issues. Body Glide comes in a variety of sizes so it’s easy to have one at home, and keep a travel size in your bag. While this could work for any problem item year round, I’ve found it especially helpful for the summer with less layers between fabrics and skin, and hot and humid weather.

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July 13, 2017

My Go-to Glam & new brow routine

Video by Julia Nell

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July 12, 2017

How the other half live – high roller lifestyle


Many of us daydream of a lavish lifestyle with all of the amenities that we could imagine. But there are people in the world that have the financial resources to live like that. The things that they spend money on are pretty interesting and alluring.

They Own A Boat

I do not mean a canoe or the little fishing boat that broke the bank when you bought it. They own yachts, and when they need to get away from everything, they will set out onto the water for a few days. They might even have a replica of the Titanic built.

They Chose Where They Want To Live

Most people are stuck in the same area that they grew up in. You might dream of moving to Florida or New York City, but you know that the logistics of moving would probably make it too difficult. You would have to find a new job and afford the process of relocating. Also places like that tend to have a higher cost of living. But a wealthy person does not have to worry about that. She can just choose to live in Europe or California.

Money For Leisure

If you have a few extra dollars at the end of the week, you might go to see a movie or to have a drink with friends. A wealthy person can just go out gambling all night without worrying about the consequences. They are gambling for sport and competition rather than to enjoy the benefits of winning the jackpot.  In fact, many rich people do not even bother going out to the casino – the billion dollar Vegas casino business has now arrived at the customer’s fingertips, and the allure of popular slot games is now available on pretty much any smart phone.

Everything Is Green

Many of us are concerned about depleting the earth’s resources. We will do what we can, but we also recognize that many of the natural alternatives are too expensive for us. A wealthy person will use alternative energy to power everything. She will have solar panels installed outside of her home and drive an electric car.

Wealthy homeowners will also find ways to conserve water, such as installing a steam shower in the bathroom (which is also a spa treatment). Their homes are typically loaded with energy-efficient devices.

Funding For Education

Many parents are worried about where their children will go to college. Often, financial aid and student loans do not cover everything (even for families below the poverty line). On the other hand, wealthy parents can all but guarantee that their children will have a prosperous future.

In addition to funding for college, their resources can provide a stable environment for the children. They can pay for tutors, a nanny, summer camps, and any intellectually stimulating activity that will further their education. While the child is in college, she can focus primarily on her studies because her parents are funding her housing expenses. Since they have fewer concerns about the future of their children, the other half is free to live peacefully.


While western civilization does enjoy a few amenities, such as a general feeling of safety, that is typically heightened among the other half. They can afford fenced housing and a security detail that surveys the perimeter at night and when they are out of town. Beyond that, they can afford a state-of-the-art home security system replete with alarms, cameras, and much more. On the other hand, many of us rely heavily on a deadbolt lock and the responsiveness of emergency services.

Of course, learning how the other half lives should not fill us with envy. It should motivate us to improve our lives so that we or our children can enjoy that lifestyle.

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July 12, 2017

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the perfect keepsake for expectant Parents

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear ( is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal that also make the perfect keepsake for expecting parents.  This unique kit consists of an adorable stuffed animal (choose from several winsome creatures) and a 20-second red heart battery recorder that captures the sound of your baby’s heartbeat during your next ultrasound.

This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen. How I wish I had a “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear” 30 years ago.

for more heartwarming  videos please visit:

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