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December 19, 2017

How to Achieve Your Goals in a Systematic Way with Meditation?


Today’s busy life leaves very little to be enjoyed in terms of value or satisfaction. It seems like you are always working to achieve something yet actually achieving very little in comparison to the effort you have put in. Whether it is a short-term goal like making it to the office on time or a much more significant purpose like having a substantial amount of savings in your account after you have worked relentlessly for years at a stretch, there is always a sense of restlessness irrespective of whether you have achieved your target or not. It always seems like not enough has been done; as if there is a lot more left to do. You are fatigued from all the effort that you put in your every task on a daily basis. Slowly, yet steadily, you feel yourself inching towards a point where you will either try to escape your responsibilities or have an emotional outburst that will potentially affect your near and dear ones.

Why and when you should start meditating?

When such fatigue seems to tire you out mentally, it is then that you know you should start meditating. However, it would be wrong to say that you should wait to begin meditating till you have mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted yourself to a breaking point. The truth is, you can start meditating at any point in time. Moreover, the best part is, regular meditation clears your mind, makes you more focused and helps you achieve your goals more systematically.

How to meditate systematically to achieve your personal goal?

  1. Try to calm your mind and focus on an aspect of your life where you have been struggling to achieve some transformation. You can also focus on a particular personal goal.
  2. The next step is to visualize the best possible outcome in that area six months or a year from now. Envision how you would live your life if you can achieve that goal.
  3. Now, try to list out things that would help you get closer to that target, even if by an inch.
  4. Once the steps are clear in your mind, it is time to break them into smaller, simpler steps which are easily achievable in a shorter span of time.
  5. Again, envision, if the sum of those small steps is something close to your target.
  6. Now that you know what you need to do to achieve your goal, you must maintain focus. Every day, meditate to go through the steps again and again.
  7. Only running them through your mind will not do the trick. Set a target for every day. Achieve that objective to inch closer towards your goal bit by bit. Before long, you will be where you had envisioned yourself when you had just started meditating.

One of the most powerful and inspiring things that a human is capable of doing is training his or her own mind to realize its full potential. With the steps mentioned above, you can teach your brain to visualize what your goal is, and from there on, it automatically becomes easier to achieve that goal. It goes without saying that the power of the mind is just astonishing. When backed by mindful practices such as meditation, your mind can attain unprecedented clarity, enabling you to be successful by leaps and bounds.

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December 18, 2017

Mila Kunis Wears Junk Food Clothing!

Los Angeles, CA – December 18, 2017 – Mila Kunis was photographed this weekend wearing Junk Food Clothing while attending Disney On Ice in Los Angeles. The actress posed for a cute photo with Mickey Mouse in her Wonder Woman Sweatshirt ($52.50,
Photo credit Getty Images
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December 18, 2017

Best Practices for Winter Skincare

The chilly winter temperature can give your skin a natural blush, making it appear rosy. However, low temperatures may not be exactly good for the health of your skin. It can remove natural oils and can make the skin prone to dryness. It can also end up itchy and painful, which can trigger conditions like eczema. To make sure that your skin will stay at its best even during the winter, keep in mind the things that will be briefly discussed in the rest of this post.

Start with Cleansing

Cleansing is the first thing that should be part of your winter skincare routine. If you usually cleanse your skin three times in a day, you can reduce it to only two times in the winter. Regardless of what else you do after, cleansing is the most important step. You should be cautious about the products that you are using. As much as possible, use plant based skincare products, which do not contain harsh ingredients.

Moisturize More Frequently

If you have a moisturizer that worked perfectly for your skin in the summer, this does not necessarily mean that it can deliver the same level of effectiveness in the winter. Look for an oil-based moisturizer, which can help to replenish the natural oils on your skin. Stay away from those that contain petroleum-based ingredients. Try the moisturizer from Well Within Beauty, which is known for having natural and hydrating ingredients.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is not only important during the hot summer months, but also in the winter. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. It will hydrate the skin in and out. Add lemon to your water so that it will be more refreshing. If you drink more water, your skin will also appear more glowing and youthful, which is especially great for people who are fighting aging of the skin.

Go Natural

There are many natural ingredients that can be effective in winter skincare. For instance, you can apply mashed ripe avocado on your face and remove it after 15 minutes. This will be an excellent alternative for a moisturizer. A banana face mask will also moisturize the skin naturally. Meanwhile, aloe vera will improve the texture of the skin and will be an excellent relief from dryness.

Use Sunscreen

Because it’s cold, this does not mean that you can skip the sunscreen. It’s important to note that snow intensifies sunlight, which makes it more important to take care of your skin in the winter. However, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, strong wind and snow can take away your sunscreen, which is why you need to reapply more often to enjoy a higher level of effectiveness.

Even during the winter season, there should be no excuse to not take care of your skin. Just like any time of the year, you need to be proactive in taking care of your skin to prevent the most common problems, such as dryness.


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December 18, 2017

It’s a Glam Thing’s December Surprise Beauty Box Giveaway Features Doux Hair Care

July Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive an It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Box™ (valued at over $200.00). Your Beauty Box™ will include the newest, most unique, tested and true beauty products that we love and adore. Each box will include a selection of Full Size products chosen especially for you from our team of beauty experts. Enter today!



New Hot Hair Care Line Drops at Target 

THIS Christmas Eve

 Shampoo and Conditioner 

*SUCKA FREE™ Moisturizing Shampoo,  *FRESH RINSE™ Conditioner

Sulphate & Paraben-free Shampoo and Conditioning Duo with Shea Butter & Sea Silk. A gentle cleansing system for thick, dry, or color-treated hair. Ultra-hydrating conditioner has amazing slip for easy detangling. Sea silk smooths the cuticle, leaving hair frizz-free and full of body. MSRP: $12.99 each.

MOUSSE DEF™  Texture Foam Non-flaking mousse gives definition to curly styles without stiffness, cloudiness, or crunch. Soy proteins and natural humectants make this humidity-resistant styling aid ideal for thermal styling as well. MSRP: $14.99


Get ready to “drop the mic” on the beauty aisles at Target stores this December. The Doux® (pronounced The Do) is a “new school” modern hair care system with an “old school edge.” With packaging that is bold and bright and product titles inspired by 90’s hip hop, The Doux is poised to kill it with those seeking a way to smoothing curly, kinky, and wavy hair into both, curly or straight styles.

Created by Maya Smith, a 25-year celebrity stylist and International Curl Master, The Doux was first launched in Europe in 2011 in response to her passion for helping people master the hair they were born with. STRAIGHT, NATURAL, CURLY, or RELAXED, according to The Doux, if you grew it, it’s ALL GOOD. “I was living in Germany at the time, had my own salon there and my specialty was helping clients to transition to a relaxer-free lifestyle. I’m obsessed with people maximizing the potential of the hair they were born with. Mastering curls is my passion and purpose,” explains Smith.

The people felt her passion through her products. The Doux blew up overseas so much so that it caught the attention of media in the USA. “Once we started getting press in the states the demand for The Doux was incredible. I had to return to the states and see this vision through,” Maya Smith explains. In 2014, Maya opened The DOUX Salon™ in Macon Georgia’s historic Downtown district and started selling her professional grade products at her salons and on-line.

Fast-forward three years and a lot of work and dedication, The Doux will arrive in Target stores, on Christmas Eve; no easy feat for an indie brand. “We are so excited to bring The Doux to the masses. It’s 20 years in the making. We listened to 20 years of feedback from actual clients from Minneapolis to Morocco. We listened to what people wanted, a salon grade, high quality product that delivered on its promises. Helping people to manage and maintain their natural hair and celebrate their own bold, unique style is what the last 25 years of my professional life has been about,” Maya Smith shares.

The Doux also redesigned its packaging, with the intention to disrupt the category. It’s bold with bright colors, which is the opposite of the more subdued look you see on the shelves currently. “I’m a fan of 90’s rap so I wanted to incorporate lyrics and titles in the packaging,” adds Smith. With titles such as Bonita Afro Balm, Mousse Def, Sucka Free, Fresh Rinse, and The Light, The Doux will most definitely catch the eyes of Millennials and Gen X’ers alike.

Other products in the line include:

*BONITA AFRO BALM™ Shine Enhancing Texture Cream Delivers shine and manageability for pixies, Afro’s, tapered cuts, and twist/braid/coil sets. Certified organic botanicals, alcohol & paraben free. MSRP: $15.99.


*THE LIGHT™ Shine Mist Preserves color and protects hair from heat styling. Reduces drying time and delivers weightless shine to finished looks. Adds natural luster to natural styles. Infused with Black Cacao, Passion Fruit, and Palm Oil. MSRP: $14.99.



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December 15, 2017

Everyone needs a Little Sally Hansen for the holidays

I decided to pamper myself with Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils  and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Mini Sets. My nail tech constantly tells me that my cuticles are dry and really need to be moisturized. Sally Hansen  cuticle oils that are working quite well.

For a limited time only, Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils come in two fabulous holiday scents, vanilla buttercream and refreshing peppermint. The oils are applied with the attached brush applicator. These amazing scents will linger on your hands for hours. Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils are enriched with a natural essential oil complex with Vitamin E, its formula leaving skin and nails feeling hydrated, soft, and healthy while helping to protect nails.These oils make a perfect stocking stuffier or gift topper.

 I have one of the  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure™ holiday mini sets, my only problem is choosing a shade. All four of these colors are perfect for this holiday season. My girls love Sally Hansen Nail Polishes as do I. The chip-resistant polish with Keritin feature makes these the nail polishes superb. The Complete Salon Manicure mini sets are ideal for stocking stuffers and holiday gift exchanges or just a little something extra. You can’t beat the prices and you can find them at most retail and drug stores.

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December 15, 2017

wunder 2 Pure Pigments are pure beauty and perfect Stocking Stuffers

Imagine the fabulous look you can create with WUNDER2 Pure Pigments Ultra Fine Loose Color Powders on your eyelids. Imagine no more….our beautiful “I’s a Glam Thing” Guest blogger Maryiah, demonstrated her looks using Pure Pigments

Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder on the inside lid

Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder on the inside corner lid

There are 5 pigments to choose from; Midnight Blue, Lavender Fielc, along with Mariyah’s choice of colors; Maldives Blue, Sunkissed Gold and Pearl Powder. These intense pigments are waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof. Each shade will last up to 24-hours.

Pure Pigments Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder

PURE PIGMENTS are ultra-fine, highly concentrated loose color powders that will help you  create both a soft, eye-popping makeup look. Below, for a beautiful shimmery effect is Pearl Powder.

Pure PigmentsPearl Powder

Just in time for the holidays or any time for a sleek golden finish Mariyah uses Sunkissed Gold.

Pure Pigments Sunkissed Gold


Pure Pigments Sunkissed Gold


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December 14, 2017

Whether you’re Naughty or Nice You need Luscious Lips


Luscious Cosmetics has recently introduced a 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free Makeup, the Pout Marker. If you are obsessed with lip colors like I am, you need to snag a Pout Marker in one or more of your favorite shades.  This collection of Lip Contour Crayons are each named after different archetypes of strong women and consists of 14 part lipliner/part lipsticks in creamy matte shades.

You apply the marker like you would a lip liner, then fill in your lips. The color lasts all through the day or night. Pout Marker can be use as a lip liner only and you can add a bit of gloss for an added shine.

Pout Markers are infused with nourishing argan oil to keep your lips moisturized and  the Built-in-Sharpener at the opposite end of the marker is an added bonus.

Pout Markers are 100% VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE and makes the perfect Stocking stuffer gift for the holidays or any occassion. View the line of Pout Markers at


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December 13, 2017

Rebel Wilson Wears Adrianna Papell to the Pitch Perfect 3 Premiere!

Los Angeles, CA – December 12, 2017 – Rebel Wilson was photographed wearing
Adrianna Papell to the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 in Hollywood earlier today. The star sparkled on the red carpet in Adrianna Papell’s Off The Shoulder Sequin Beaded Gown in Red ($280, www.adriannapap
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December 12, 2017

Sabrina Carpenter Wears Faye Bentahar!

Los Angeles, CA – December 5, 2017 – Sabrina Carpenter was spotted wearing Faye Bentahar during her Jingle Ball performance in Minneapolis last night! The singer rocked the stage wearing the Polka Dot Mesh Body Suit ($1,900


Photo Credit Getty Images

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December 12, 2017

Nurse Your Holiday Hangover with Dr. Christopher Calapai’s TIps

Tis the season for over-indulgence. As we gear up for this jolly time of the year, it goes without saying, most will be sipping on spiked eggnog, champagne, among other festive cocktails. In the moment, this may seem like harmless fun, but in excess can take a toll on your body, and some will be left with the holiday hangover blues.


Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O., a New York City Osteopathic Physician board certified in family and anti-aging medicine, suggests the following natural remedies for getting rid of that pesky morning aftermath hangover.

1)     Drink water and other liquids too! Drink a good amount of water before [going out] — at least 6 to 8 glasses, with a little lemon or orange, which are acidic and balance your pH. If in the case this does not happen, rehydrate and flush the impurities from your system with electrolyte filled drinks. I.e. sports drinks, coconut water, or bouillon soup for salt and potassium restoration the morning after.

2)     Ginger is packed with vitamins and minerals making it a great remedy for settling an upset stomach. Add honey, as it contains fructose, which will help the body metabolize and burn off any alcohol still in your system.

3)     Alka-Seltzer – Get a different type of bubbly in your system! Alka-seltzer varieties contain sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda), which can help settle an uneasy tummy by neutralizing stomach acid 

4)     Go Bananas for Bananas – A lot of potassium is drained from your body when you drink heavenly. Bananas are bursting with potassium and will the you the giddy-up and go your body may be needing!

5)     Exercise – Even when you don’t feel like it, it can help to stimulate the release of endorphins, resulting in a better mood and a better state of mind as you recover from your hangover.

6)     Multivitamin – Taking a vitamin supplement before drinking and one the next morning with food is a great source of rejuvenating the vitamins lost due to drinking, as alcohol is a natural diuretic.

7)     Eat a big meal before! – We all know how it is to get caught up in the celebrations and fun, but it can be a game changer if you can remember to do this. A large meal will coat your stomach lining, helping to better absorb alcohol.

About the doctor:

Social Life 2015:Sonja Morgan September_2015:JPG Sonja Morgan:DSC_3543-look004-C-Sonia-Morgan-NYC_©2015-VITAL-AGIBALOW.JPG” align=”left” width=”106″ hspace=”12″ height=”159″ class=”CToWUd” style=”border: none; outline: none;”>

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S. His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson’s. He has worked with Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Gotham’s, Donal Logue; and as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers. Connect with him via twitter @drcalapai or at

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