December 30, 2017

SleevePal®-A Gift Card Holder’s Dream

by Lisa Gal

Many consumers looking for the “perfect” gift rely on the convenience of gift cards. Gift cards and general purpose debit cards are perfect for weddings, teachers, mail carriers, thank-yous, birthdays, you name it–it’s the perfect way to show you care.

However, almost 20% of gift cards go unused because:
• People can’t remember the card balance.
• People lose or misplace the receipt containing the date and balance information.

Why SleevePal®?
• Trying to access an app at the register is time consuming and frustrating with a slow connection or WiFi cellular signal. SleevePal® users simply glance at the cover to see the card balance anytime they use their gift or debit card.
• Always knowing the card balance gives the user more confidence in making purchases.
• It’s functional and visually appealing for a vast demographic.
• Elegant gift compliment.
• Many designs/textures to choose from. Appeals to both male and female customers.
• Teachers and parents love the SleevePal® because it’s educational. It helps children learn how to keep track of transactions and balances.
• Environmentally friendly product: Card stock used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

We are so happy to have SleevePal® back this award season, this time being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees, guests and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the red carpet weekend.

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