December 20, 2017

If you love makeup you will love deck of scarlet

Deck of Scarlet

DECK OF SCARLET, the latest in makeup subscriptions, is a “must-have” this holiday season. As you can see below, my daughter Adrienne created the most glamours doe-eye look with the palette shown above. This stunning Edition #5 features eyeshadows in Dream, Gold Digger and Luna Lip Liner in Luna, Eyeliner in Twilight; Lip Color in Sass Queen and Pinky Promise; Cheek Color in Dusk and a Highlighter in Prosecco. The glamorous or subtle looks you can create with Palettes from Deck of Scarlet are endless.
A little about Deck of Scarlet: “Approximately 6 times a year, a Deck of Scarlet makeup subscription service will send an exclusive, new, YouTuber-designed palette to subscribers’ doorsteps. Each palette contains everything you need to get a full-blown glam look, and is delivered together with a tutorial. As for the makeup itself, the brand focuses on the hallmarks of a truly good beauty product: color payoff, wearability, and multidimensional shades”.

One of the features I love about Deck of Scarlet Subscription is that you can preview the next palette shipment online before they ship it. If you want to skip it, then skip it. You only pay for what is shipped and you can cancel anytime. I Love it!!!

Find more information about Deck of Scarlet here: and start your subscription now. Deck of Scarlet is the perfect gift for the holidays or any occasion.




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