November 30, 2017


Parkinson’s is a memory disease that affects a large number of patients every year. It is a progressive disease that has a tendency to get worse over time. It starts with mild tremors but then eventually becomes a full-blown condition wherein every movement of the patient gets affected. This disease affects men more than women.

Parkinson is a complex chronic condition which points at the death of the nerve cells in the brain. When particular nerve cell starts malfunctioning, it gives rise to tremors. With constant shaking of the body, there are prominent cases of muscle stiffness as well. And this makes the tremors of Parkinson’s easily identifiable and distinct. It becomes quite distressing to deal with this situation.

How CBD helps?

CBD has many wonderful effects on the human body. With the use of CBD, people affected with Parkinson’s are relieved instantly and are able to walk and talk almost normally. There are a number of neurons in the brain which produce a hormone called dopamine. This hormone is called as happy hormone as well. This hormone rewards your body and makes it feel good. It also helps in regulating voluntary movement. Many body movements like walking, running, handling of objects, and everything you do by your free will are also affected by dopamine.

CBD helps the patients to regain most of the control lost early on. CBD aims at managing of pain, anxiety and other symptoms.

CBD delivery deals with the symptoms from outside as they happen. One of the important advantages of using CBD is that it has powerful neuron-protective effects which protect brain cells. CBD is famous to roll back all of the damages like the oxidative injury that happens in the brain. If not completely, it can slow it down.

CBD refreshes cellular mitochondrial activity and also helps with waste disposal in the cell. CBD also recharges the overall health of neurons. It helps the patients in living a controlled and normalized life.

CBD is known for its amazing effects in relieving psychosis and Parkinson’s. When CBD is used regularly, it is used to treat the symptoms of the disease. Patients can see improvements by sleeping as well. CBD promotes peaceful sleep amongst its users. It is taken before going to bed so as to relax the mind, giving users sleep that doesn’t seem that is drug induced.

Many surveys have been conducted and it has been proved that CBD and cannabis have much more effects than other drugs and medicines tried by them like music therapy, meditation, and prayer.

CBD has been one of the most effective ways to ease the pain of Parkinson’s, both physical as well as emotional. If you have symptoms of the disease, you should try it. You should consult the doctor for symptom management as it is safe to use. You just need to pass a physical test before you approve taking CBD as a medicine. Now it has become easier to cure Parkinson’s with CBD.

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