November 29, 2017

Give the gift of luxurious skincare with Luminesce

If you are looking for luxurious skincare to gift a special lady in your life, Luminesce has a fabulous line of skincare products to choose from. Two of my favorites form the line are  LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE and ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL

The LUMINESCE™ ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL is a hydrating body lotion that moisturizes your skin from head to toe. The lightweight formula is non-greasy and fortified with legume and fruit extracts, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed. With the cold weather, my skin gets dry almost overnight and I like to find a formula that will keep it hydrated, but that isn’t too heavy or will clog pores. The Luminesce Body Renewal lotion is perfect for that with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin soft, healthy, and glowing.

The LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE is an extremely nourishing, listing masque that is uniquely formulated with APT-200™. While it does have a higher price point, this masque definitely packs a punch. You apply the thick, clear, gel like formula to your face and neck and let sit for 15-20 min and once dry, slowly peel the layer of masque off in strips, a la American Psycho style. It reminded me of pore cleansing strips, but less abrasive and painful and exfoliates and cleanses your entire face, not just one area. The directions state to apply a thin layer, however I applied it slightly heavier the second time and found it was much easier to remove that way. Old, dead skin cells peel away with the masque leaving behind smooth, more youthful looking skin which I noticed almost immediately. Once I finished washing the formula off, my skin felt tighter and looked brighter. This is definitely a great product to add to your weekly skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

The LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE and ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL, both part of the company’s anti-aging skin care line, are dermatologist formulated to restore vitality and radiance to your skin.

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  1. My skin was absolutely rough and sensitive blemish after I using the luminesce line for.two years after,my skin is improved very I’m not afraid to go out to social,it not only help my skin it also help my life as well .I’m so confidence,thank you so much.Xxxx

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