November 9, 2017

Channel Some Seasonal Glamor this Winter

There’s something about the festive season that stirs up mental images of rich, velvety reds and vibrant golds; glittery silvers and frosty diamonds sparkling in the night. Perhaps it’s the golden bubbles that are poured into tinkling glasses during the holiday season, or maybe it’s the fairy lit adornments on the evergreen boughs of the tree, but winter seems to be a season replete with a latent decadence that is lacking the rest of the year.

Not only in the acceptable alimentary indulgence the holidays permit, but in the very fabrics you clothe yourself with, and in the very materials you wrap up warm with indoors. Indeed, when winter comes round, you become most inclined to a desire to entirely redecorate your very home with plush textiles and faux fur, and generally channel the far north (so glamorous from a centrally-heated distance).

A Moderate Material Madness

Tempering that redesign fever slightly, why shouldn’t one’s abode and own person be self-gifted with a different fashion for the late fall and winter? It goes without saying that one doesn’t wear a short-sleeved linen number when the mercury falls, but textiles suited to warmer seasons don’t offer the right quality of comfort which the chillier months demand, either. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to go to a store and splash the cash to achieve the luxurious effect you want. With a little retail reconnaissance work and sourcing some high-quality wholesale fabric, you can design and create your own glamorous textiles yourself. Otherwise, look at the difference between store-bought products (whether clothes-wise or furnishings) and the cost of going bespoke, as there is nothing more glam than a creation tailor-made for one’s singular self.

Fabulous Fittings and Unique Style

Once you’ve decided the route you’re going to follow, then comes the difficult decision of color scheme (not to mention textiles that complement the tactile effect of co-sewn materials). If you’re paying for unique (whether in cash or your own time and energy), make sure the finished product is going to live up to that description, without falling into a category of style favored by the likes of someone as eccentric as Björk. Don’t forget to consider, also, that clash which harkens back to the 70’s and 80’s, when by some strange magic hostesses (as every glam-focused woman likes to call herself, especially when she has a particular skill for entertaining beloved friends) would attire themselves with a keen eye for detail, only to end up matching in an off-kilter way the living room furniture. That is not seasonally apt glamor; that is retro gone wrong.

In short, follow your fashion hunting instincts. You know what you love; you know what would suit both yourself and your home. Just go for it. After all, there is nothing more glamorous than a redesign and a personal makeover, seasonally prompted and financially accomplished in whatever manner you’re able – but always done with panache and assumed ease; a snow-covered, north-inspired froideur, if you will.

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