November 7, 2017

For your makeup coverage The makeup Drop is a Must-Have

I use a makeup sponge from time to time. One thing that annoys me about it is that it’s difficult to clean. When I do wash it it always looks dingy. The sponge also absorbs quite a bit of make-up and that aggravates me too. What’s the solution to these issues?  The MakeupDrop.
The MakeupDrop is an accessory you won’t want to give up once you have tried it. The MakeupDrop is a silicone, Non-toxic, Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free product. The MakeupDrop is anti-microbial so it will not harbor bacteria or promote mold growth. My favorite aspect of The MakeupDrop is that it’s so easy to use, and I use only 1/8 of the makeup I would use with a sponge. It’s so easy to clean !!. It looks brand new after each cleaning. The teardrop shape allows you to apply makeup in the narrowest places on your face.
Click on  The MakeupDrop and get yours today

It’s a Glam Thing’s Julia Nell features The Makeup Drop in her video “Acne Coverage Foundation Routine! below:

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