October 3, 2017

Need a HEADSHOT? Casting made simple has you covered!

Everyone needs a good headshot, even kids. It is your first impression to the world on social media, job applications and casting calls. Forget expensive photoshoots and professional cameras, take the perfect headshot right on your cell phone.


Follow these expert tips from Kristen Sanne, Creator of Casting Made Simple, to achieve a callback-worthy headshot at home:

  • Background – Choose a neutral background like a plain or brick wall, nice fence or simple greenery without any distracting objects
  • Lighting – Natural light makes your skin look vibrant and creates a natural appearance. If taking pictures indoors, avoid direct sunlight and make sure to turn off flash
  • HDR Mode – High Dynamic Range creates a single picture with more detail and greater range of tones and colors
  • Auto-Focus – Tap the screen to focus your camera
  • Hold Steady – Use a tripod or prop your phone against a solid surface to ensure a clear picture
  • Leave Space – You can always crop the photo afterwards to guarantee even spacing
  • Have Fun – Most importantly have fun! Candid photos can make the best headshots
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