September 17, 2017

Turn to Alchemy 43 for a Beauty Boost and Restore Your Best You

by Lisa Gal

Alchemy 43 is changing the way you see Botox. With a comfortable, luxurious beauty lab you will be pampered like a guest instead of feeling like a patient. Alchemy 43 is a trendsetter by being the first and only brand to merge the medical and beauty industries. They set the bar high with their personalized treatment plans and complimentary beauty touch-ups, not to mention their top notch customer care by trained, licensed and certified Alchemists. There is even a private back door entrance for those who would like to keep their beauty secrets under wraps. We won’t tell. We are pleased to announce Alchemy 43 gift certificates for Botox treatments will be included on the pillows during turn down service this award show weekend for the nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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