September 12, 2017

The Plus Size Clothing Shopping Revolution

Thank goodness, gone are the days when a big percentage of American women struggled to find clothes to fit them. Women´s apparel retailers like this one are finally starting to sell plus-size clothes that are specifically designed for the curvier figure.

They are tapping into the fact that the average American woman is now a size 16. This means that there is a huge demand for plus size clothing.

Women everywhere are no longer prepared to buy clothing that makes them look like their grandma. They are sick of having little choice but to wear frumpy clothes. Fortunately, they no longer have to because the fashion industry as a whole is finally starting to cater for them.

Plus size models lead the way

This is very clear from the fact that the curvier models  that work in the industry are starting to get far more work than they used to. During New York Fashion Week alone, 27 plus size models appeared on the catwalks.

Much to the surprise of many, this trend also took hold in Europe. The Paris shows are well known for their crazily thin models, but this year things were different. Both Katy Syme and Stella Duval appeared in H&M’s see-now-buy-now show and they blew everyone else away. It was their photos that dominated the Twittersphere for hours after the show. Their appearance on the catwalks of Paris created a huge amount of interest that carried on long after the shows had finished.

New retailers and designers  

The fact that the traditional fashion industry has been slow to respond to the growing demand for stylish clothing for the curvier figure has opened the door for smaller firms to make their mark. For example, SimplyBe, the UK-based plus size fashion house, has found a big market in America. The almost instant success of firms like this has opened the eyes of other retailers to the potential for selling high volumes of plus size apparel.

The plus size blogger has played an important role

Evidence of the plus size revolution can also be seen online. There are some extremely successful bloggers working in this sector. Women like Callie Thorpe and Lauren Nicole are inspiring curvy fashion fans everywhere to blog about what they are wearing. Their posts are opening the eyes of many to the world of plus-size fashion and increasing demand in the process.

If you are interested in plus size fashion and are looking for bloggers to follow, just click here. There are some great US based bloggers on the list that you will find there, as well as most of the more well-known European ones.

The future of plus size fashion

The future for those who focus on this sector looks bright. Recent market research that has been carried out by NPD Group shows that sales reached a staggering $21.4 billion in 2016. With growth rates of around 6% each year, there is no sign of demand slowing down, anytime soon. Men´s big and tall fashion is also growing at a phenomenal rate.

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