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August 4, 2017

Angolan Actress Nicole Sousa Is Now Getting Her Glam On In Hollywood!

Screen icons, stars and those looking to make it big in the entertainment industry have always flocked to Hollywood for their time/chance in the spotlight.

Born in Angola and then moving with her family to London, England during her childhood, then moving on her own to New York to train in acting, rising actress Nicole Sousa always knew her path would take her to Hollywood one day. From her distinctive British accent, to her fashion choices, mixed in with her outgoing bubbly personality, Nicole is someone It’s A Glam Thing just had to speak more with when she crossed our path.

Now finally here and being snapped non-stop on the Hollywood red carpets, Nicole has started her move up to stardom by partnering with New Lead Pictures (alongside director Martin Copping) to be the lead in a new sitcom, The Studio.

We chatted with Nicole to find out more about the glamorous side of her Hollywood experience thus far – from red carpet style ideas and designers, to favorite beauty products, to Instagram filter tips & more!

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

Nicole Sousa: So I would say I definitely like to be comfortable while I’m at home. I love big t-shirts, they are so easy to wear, just throw them on with a pair of shorts. I also love that you can make a baggy t-shirt cute by just throwing on some over the knee boots and some accessories and bam, you are ready for a night out. But when it comes to the red carpet, I definitely love dressing up, something sleek and elegant is always a go for me. Especially in a vibrant red, or a good old little black dress, you can never go wrong with that.

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

NS: I would say Nars tinted moisturizer and concealer, their products are so light, it nearly feels like you are not wearing any makeup at all. Which is great because I don’t like the heaviness of a lot of makeup, I like to go for the natural softer look. Also the Laura Mercier products never let me down. They have a great primer and setting powder which gives your face the great red carpet finish.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

NS: It ranges from Chanel to Top Shop and Zara and a new designer Lyla Dumont. They have this great mix of elegant and classic with a modern urban edge that I love. For example I love blazers, and mixing them with cute ripped jeans and espadrilles makes for a very cute outfit. Lyla Dumont is a newer designer but she has stunning pieces that would make any woman feel like she’s glowing.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

NS: I would have to say #NoFilter for the gram. I am obsessed with snapseed for editing pictures though, it’s so great you don’t actually need any other filter.

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

NS: I love the boyfriend fit, destroyed jeans look right now. It’s comfortable and still looks really cool and edgy. The all white look which is always a summer favorite of mine, it’s light and breezy and just has a clean fresh look. Lastly I would have to say the single shoulder cutout, it’s such a crisp look. That paired with some boyfriend fit ripped jeans, and bam, you have yourself a runway casual look.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to move and start a career in Hollywood?

NS: Okay, so someone gave me this advice and I thought it was great, “Persist consistently with the shell of a tortoise thinking outside the box” It was so accurate and well put, I love it and it has helped me tremendously.

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

NS: For me Hollywood Glam is like that old school, Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones type of look. The waves in the hair, the red lips, the stunning sparkling dress. That old school glam for sure.

NN: How does the style here in Hollywood compare to that in NYC and London (where you have previously lived)?

NS: I would say the London and NYC have more of a high fashion feel. That metropolitan, city vibe and often darker tones because it does get cold in those places. Whereas Hollywood has more of a laid back California feel to it, which again has a lot to do with the bright sunny weather. You need a lot less layers here in Cali!

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August 3, 2017

Cara Delevigne Wears Native Gem Again!

LOS ANGELES – August 1, 2017 – Cara Delevigne was photographed wearing Native Gem while promoting her latest movie in London, England! The Valerian actress looked sophisticated cool accessorizing her look with Native Gem‘s Phantom Ear Crawlers ($76;


For photos, please contact Getty Images

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August 3, 2017 September Giveaway has arrived


Check out for free makeovers, free samples and a chance to win beauty products in their monthly contest.
Details on our September Beauty Basket Giveaway:This month our basket includes products from Garnier, L’Oreal, Vichy, Revlon, Circa, Sally Hansen, Maybelline and more! The Contest runs from now through 9/30/17, winners will be chosen on 10/10/2017 and notified by 10/15/2017. We want to encourage readers to go to our Facebook page ( and like us, then enter to win on our page. They can also enter on our website at
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August 3, 2017

Belli Skincare supports National Breastfeeding Month

 Belli Skincare ( is offering a great promotion in recognition of National Breastfeeding Month  (August 1 – August 31)
Visit the Belli website to enjoy 20% savings sitewide on Belli Skincare products with promo code (SUPPORTNURSING). 

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August 2, 2017

I won’t leave home without my Spony

When I first saw a Spony Ponytail Cap I knew I had to get one. To the ordinary eye it looks like a regular baseball cap but it’s not. The Spony Ponytail Cap has a special feature which is found in the back of the cap. This cap allows you to wear a ponytail (low or high) or bun because the cap opens in the back. Watch the video below and see for yourself how this cap is worn.

You can see how the Spony Ponytail Cap works here:

During the day I usually wear my hair in a high ponytail and I can’t get a regular hat to fit comfortably. The Spony Cap is amazing. I wear it to spin class, the beach, bike riding, just about everywhere that I need protection from the sun.

What I like about the Spony Cap is that when the back is closed, you can wear it as a regular baseball cap. When you open the back, it fits my high ponytail and fits snugly on my head.

Another nice feature is that it’s easy to adjust. Simply separate the back velcro seam and fold each side flap inward creating 2 side pockets inside the cap. The pockets prevent your hair from sticking to the velco. I’m excited to take my Spony Cap on vacation because I finally have a cap that fits my hair and is so comfortable to wear. Check out the at and choose one of 6 fashionable colors. I think I need a black one or a white one, maybe both!

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August 1, 2017

Why you should opt for laser hair removal for the bikini skin zone

A day on the beach requires a great swimsuit. Whether you’re wearing a one-piece or a bikini, smooth skin is a must. Since so much of the body is revealed, you will need to consider hair removal from everywhere- underarms, legs, arms, stomach and back. Perhaps no other zone makes us so worried as the bikini area. The skin there is the most sensitive and so every hair removing technique comes with its own share of worries. Creams can enter the system, waxing is an agony like you cannot believe and what does that leave us with? Laser treatment.

There are many reasons why you should opt for laser hair removal for the bikini zone. But we need to start with something important:

Let’s be clear, when it comes to bikini laser hair removal, you’re not looking at a pain-free option. It is going to hurt, but compared to waxing? It’s nothing to be scared of.

Come summer, it’s time to bring out the bikinis. But with other hair removal techniques, hair grows back pretty quickly and it can be frustrating and time consuming to maintain the look. With laser treatment, you can wear your bikini and not have to worry about hairs showing up.

One of the main issues with waxing and shaving is the after-effects. From stubble to burns to ingrown hairs and irritation, the skin is plagued with problems. This requires treatment and looking after. It can make you conscious and prevent you from doing what you want to do, whether it’s preparing for a hot date or a day out on the beach. Laser hair removal helps with these issues, especially ingrown hairs and gives the skin a good, smooth finish.

When we wax and shave, we don’t always go to a beauty salon to do so. But out in the harsh light of the sun, oh oh, a few hairs are seen that you’ve missed. It’s easy to miss spots- the bikini area is a tough spot to get to anyway. Having someone else administer the laser treatment ensures that nothing is hidden, overlooked or not looked after. Laser hair removal is done in a systematic manner and the technician pays attention to every small hair.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much maintenance do you want to do?
  • Are you trying to save time and money on shaving gels, razors and waxing creams?
  • Do you want to feel confident in whatever you’re wearing or not wearing?
  • Are you trying to eliminate chafing, sweating and other uncomfortable issues around the bikini area and legs?

If you’ve answered these questions

  • Zero/none/very little
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

then you should consider the bikini laser hair removal. Make sure that you get all the information before the procedure and the treatment is done in a clean, licensed, regulated facility with insurance. Also ensure that the people who carry out the treatment have a few years of industry experience. Ask about the technology being used and whether the machines are approved by the FDA. All these can be vital in giving you a good overall experience.

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