August 23, 2017

You can have shinier and healthier hair with Essential Rinse by Younghee

Using a toner is a part of almost every recommended skincare routine and there are tons of options to choose from, but we rarely hear about toner for haircare. Your scalp is part of your skin and since it is generally covered up by your hair, we forget to give it the TLC we do for the other parts of our skin. As the base and “root” of our hair, the health of our scalp effects the health and look of our hair.

The Essential Rinse by Younghee is a Purifying Scalp & Hair Toner that removes buildup and product residue, leaving your scalp and hair feeling squeaky clean and vibrant. I have long hair and in order to keep any type of style, I need to use style-holding products, hair sprays, volumizers, heat protectants, shine serums, you name it. This summer I have been maximizing my social calendar, meaning lots of trips to the pool and beach, and using dry shampoo in between when I need to hop from one event to the next. The Essential Rinse was a refreshing and easy treatment my scalp and hair needed. After washing with shampoo, I put a few pumps of the rinse directly onto my scalp and some in my hands, massaging it in really well to my scalp and down my hair. I combed it through with my fingers, let it sit for about 3 min, and then washed it out. The product is 100% natural and made with spearmint and peppermint, which felt invigorating and smelled amazing.

My hair felt so smooth and light afterwards and just had an overall clean feeling to it. The next day my roommate even stopped to tell me she loved how I had done my hair (which was exactly how I always do it, just with the Essential Rinse added in). This toner is a great product to use in your weekly hair routine, that will make your hair shinier and healthier, and will also help your everyday products work better too with less scalp buildup.

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