August 9, 2017

InGrown Hairs? Razor Bumps? My Skin & Co has just what you need

It’s “Daughter approved”… that’s good enough for me. When I asked my daughter if she wanted to try a new beauty item designed to comfort razor burns and ingrown hairs, she jumped at the chance. She is in her twenties and shaving is a big part of her grooming routine. She doesn’t have as big a problem with ingrown hair as she does with irritation from shaving. The results are in and MY SKIN & Co. Clinical Strength Liquid Treatment worked so well for her that she is going to continue using it.

I have to agree with her that MY SKIN & Co. Clinical Strength Liquid Treatment does the trick. I applied the treatment to my underarms after shaving and it helped with some minor irritation I usually get after shaving. It does have a medicinal smell but is very refreshing and has cooling feel on your skin. This treatment reduces redness and inflammation fairly quickly as was our experience.

MY SKIN & Co. Clinical Strength Liquid Treatment is formulated with organic tea tree oil and white and black willow bark both helping to decrease bacterial clogging of the pores and helps eradicate ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Visit and view their line of skin treatments. MY SKIN & Co. offers not only liquid treatments but roll ons, creams and exfoliating scrubs.



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