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July 6, 2017

Is eczema a result of genetic mutations?

Filaggrin binds to keratin fibers in the outmost skin cells. They enable the corneocytes to attach to each other and form strong barriers. When the epidermal cells finally form, Filaggrin precursors undergo an enzyme-mediated hydrolysis step to form functional aggregates. The FLG gene codes for the complete Filaggrin protein.

Why do we need Filaggrin?

It regulates skin formation and homeostasis. As the old layer of skin slowly dies and wears off due to regular scrubbing, exfoliation or even brushing against sleeves, the new layer of epidermal cells takes their place. If the new layer of cells does not possess active Filament Aggregating Protein molecules or Filaggrin, then they are incapable of forming protective barriers against external pollutants, allergens, and irritants. Further research also shows that these protein molecules also assist in water retention in skin cells. This is a crucial step in preserving the structural integrity of skin tissue.

Certain individuals possess a loss of function mutation in the FLG gene. This is a truncation of the functional gene, which can no longer form functional proteins. Any person with multiple copies of the mutated FLG gene is highly predisposed to ichthyosis vulgaris and eczema.

Eczema: demographic data

Recent studies inspired from McLean et al. show that over 50% of severe cases of eczema involve a loss of function mutation in the FLG gene. These mutations are heritable. If you suffer from an extreme case of eczema, it is likely that you have inherited at least one copy of the faulty FLG gene from each parent. The Caucasian population shows a predisposition towards truncation mutations of the gene involved. Almost 7% to 10% of the Caucasian population carries at least one copy of this mutation. Those unfortunate individuals, who have no active filaggrin gene, severe cases of asthma often accompanies these common skin disorders.

How can diet affect eczema?

Researchers also think that a sharp decrease in the consumption of green vegetables and a skewed ratio of omega-6-fatty acids to omega-3-fatty acids intake are affecting skin conditions. People without any mutated genes are also falling victim to dehydrated and flaky skin that need eczema-like care. Researchers are showing a drastic improvement of skin conditions by increasing the intake of linoleic acids and arachidonic acids. An increase in the uptake of n3-polyunsaturated acids also helps in controlling dry skin and eczema.

Filaggrin and eczema

Many people are curious about the role of filaggrin in treating eczema. We are still in need of a highly targeted treatment for the skin condition. It may affect over 30% of the global population, but treating a protein expression related disease by oral consumption of the protein is highly unlikely. It is theoretically possible to treat and cure eczema resulting from filaggrin deficiency by biological methods. No such procedures exist in real life as of now!

Eczema is annoying. It is distracting, and it is spreading. Knowing how to manage the symptoms of eczema is more important than finding out if you have FLG mutations. Once you get an idea about the frequency of occurrence and allergens involved, you will learn to understand and manage your skin condition more efficiently.  

Author Bio: Daniel Noels writes on about eczema, its causes and implications. To know more about this skin condition follow the website.

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July 5, 2017

Top 4 Glamorous Vacation Destinations in the USA

Some destinations lend themselves to being glamorous, while others never achieve this status. Often a place is in the eye of the beholder. Adding some much-needed glamor to life infuses a destination with added zest that overflows into a desire to explore it further. Unearthing those hidden gems that other visitors often miss is half the fun.

Here are the top four glamorous vacation destinations to consider visiting in 2017.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is an iconic city that tops the list of destinations for many Americans when visiting California. The unique atmosphere, steep roads and the boats moored at the marina provide different impressions of the city. Cosmopolitan with a youthful atmosphere, the many tech startups fill the city with smart young people who make their home here. The art and the gay-friendly scenes are noticeable to everyone who visits “San Fran.” There’s plenty of old and new glamor here too.

For impressive views, get to the Presidio to grab some Instagram-worthy pictures of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. Alternatively, make a visit to the famous Alcatraz Prison to see how inmates lived in years’ past. Exploring the various districts on foot and by tram is often the best way to understand the city better. Be sure to check out The Haight, Mission and The Castro districts before you depart.

New York City, New York

New York City almost needs no introduction. From the upscale hotels offering every kind of luxury to the high rises of Manhattan and downtown in Times Square, there’s so much to see and do in New York that it’s difficult to know where to start.

A visit to The Village is essential to soak up its bohemian feel and the Garment District is also interesting too. Go shopping in the designer stores on Fifth Avenue and ones that line the streets of SoHo. If you’ve got the time, then catching a show on Broadway doesn’t get more glamorous unless one can score balcony seating. The most exclusive restaurants require advance booking, so plan ahead when taking a vacation to the Big Apple to avoid disappointment.

Martha’s Vineyard

Lying just 8 miles from Cape Cod, this is the summer plaything of the rich and famous, the quietly wealthy, and visitors who wish to soak up the atmosphere for a limited time. The lobster and sea views are to die for but make sure you bring your gold card with you. Despite its success and popularity, Martha’s Vineyard remains as laid-back as it ever was, which is part of its attraction.

Dress down for Martha’s Vineyard. Low-key elegance is the order of the day here. Casual sandals instead of high stilettos are a better idea, but pack both just in case. Famous people watching is possible in Edgartown, but Menemsha and Vineyard Haven offer less showy relaxation if that’s your thing.

Park City, Utah

For outdoor entertainment in nature, it’s tough to beat Park City. The rolling hillsides, relaxed Main Street and abundance of art galleries all provide a slower pace of life. Outside of the city, things pick up with every type of outdoors adventure one can dream up. While staying in Park City, try one of the condos at for simple elegance and quiet evenings.

There are plenty of glamorous places to visit when taking time away from work. The trick is to find the one that suits your sensibilities. Some cities are too ostentatious and don’t allow much relaxation. Others are a little too glamorous if that’s even a thing. Getting the balance right is key.

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July 4, 2017

Choices you Make, Make YOU!

A friend of mine shared a statement with me that she heard at a funeral.  It was so profound to me that I would like to share it with you. “When you are born, you look like your Mom and Dad, but when you die you look like the choices you’ve made.”

Take a minute and let that sink in.  You die looking like the choices you make, Wow!  When we are small we reflect the choices of our parents or the people who are raising us.  However, there comes a time in our lives that we must make our own choices. Your body represents every decision you make.   Ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. What do my choices portray to others? – Think about what others see when they see you and if that is the image you are going for.
  1. Who am I representing with my choices? – The choices we make do represent others.  When we step out of the door we are representing. Not only are we representing ourselves; but we are representing our company, our brand, our children and even our spouse.
  1. How am I representing them? – Take a look at yourself through the eyes of others (I know it’s hard) but try it.  Do they see someone well put together or disheveled?  Do they see someone who takes care of themselves by making healthy life choices or do they see someone that has no self-control or discipline?

When you have answered those questions, are you proud of your body and your choices?   If not, it’s easy to make changes, it’s your choice.  Make choices that you and the people you represent are proud of. Keep the words of Gretchen Rubin in mind “what you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while”.

Get more info about Elizabeth Colen, Confidence Coach on  Fit Mind, Fit Body and Fit Spirit.

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July 3, 2017

From the Pros: 5 Foods to Defy the Post-Flight ‘Dehydration Face’

Fourth of July weekend in front of us means it’s officially high summer and most people are gearing up for their vacations. For many, that will include air travel, and possibly a long haul flight.  You know the drill: they give you some peanuts, the drink cart makes a couple of rounds, they bring you your sad little tray of airplane food and then before you know it, it’s wheels down. Your flight attendant hands you a moist towlette and you hope it’ll revive your dried skin and make you look a little less haggard but it does neither, and you chastise yourself for not downing more little cups of water. But drinking water on a plane is a double-edged sword; if you don’t your entire epidermis dries up; if you do, your lower body retains the liquid. So what’s a non-ankle-swell-enthusiast to do?   

Dr. Christopher Calapai DO, an anti-aging and stem cell expert and long time health advisor to the New York Rangers hockey team, tells us how to fight post-flight dehydration with foods!

  1. Watermelon

“Watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods there are,” says Dr. Calapai “I’s a great alternative to plane snacks which have large amounts of sodium, which in turn make you more dehydrated.”  Pack big thick slices in a large plastic baggie and take them in your handbag, they won’t be taken away at TSA and will help you avoid the salty peanuts.

  1. Cucumbers

“Cucumbers are about 96 percent water,” says Calapai “They also contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and are high in Vitamin B6 which helps in the production of serotonin which is the brain chemical that controls mood.” You can slice them or cube them and also bring them along in a baggie or small container. Try making small cucumber-watermelon bites, they are pretty delicious!

  1. Strawberries

When the airplane cookies come around say ‘no thanks’ and reach for some strawberries instead! “Strawberries have the highest water content of any berry, 92 percent to be exact,” shares Calapai “You can enjoy the tart-sweet flavor without consuming too much sugar.”

  1. Soup

If you’re the type of person that needs an actual meal to feel satisfied bring along a Ramen Cup of Noodles in your favorite flavor, it’s not TSA restricted. When you’re over the snacks and are ready to have lunch/dinner ask the flight attendant for hot water and voila! Soup!

  1. Coconut Water

Ok, so you can’t totally avoid drinking liquids! “Coconut water is low in calories and high in naturally occurring hydration replenishing electrolytes, which regular water does not contain. It’s a better option than sports drinks which have artificial flavors and more calories,” advises Dr. Calapai. After you’re past security grab a bottle of coconut water from any of the airport mini-marts.

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July 2, 2017

The Bag Bug…a Must have handbag accessory

When I first saw this unique accessory, I knew I had to have one. If you haven’t heard about the Bag Bug, you are in for a treat. The Bag Bug was created by Isabel Fernandez. She is a woman who definitely understands the need for comfort when carrying a handbag or diaper bag with straps as well as a need to keep keep your bag off the floor.  I wish I had one when I was toting around a diaper bag. The Bag Bug is a purse accessory that clips on the strap of your bag. There is a rubber pad on the underside of the Bag Bug for extra comfort when your handbag is over your shoulder. This rubber pad also prevents your bag from slipping off your shoulder.
What I love about the Bag Bug is that it works. I can easily rest my handbag at the corner of any table or Roundback chair (a big problem in restaurants) and the bag stays off the floor. I often sit at a table in a restaurant and can not fine a place to rest my purse and have to put it on the chair behind me. The Bag Bug has solved my handbag problems. The Bag Bug come in an assortment of styles and luxury finishes like stainless steel, 24K gold plated and 18K rose gold plated. You can view the  styles here at The Bag Bug.
I found this interesting excerpt at their website, “While conceiving the idea for the product, founder Isabel Fernandez was inspired by the ancient Mexican tradition of wearing a real live beetle (A Scarab) on the shoulder as an amulet for good luck. Since the scarab is a bug, and the accessory would be attached to the bag, she thought “it’s like a little bug for your bag!” It just seemed fitting for the accessory; short and sweet, catchy, fun and easy to remember.  Bag Bug: The only Bug you’ll ever love!”
For more information, visit Like them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram
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July 2, 2017

March’s Winner of It’s a Glam Thing’s Surprise Beauty Box is…..

Congratulations Cynthia R. from Tuscon, AZ. You have been chosen as our winner of It’s a Glam Thing’s  March Surprise Beauty Box.  Your Surprise box will be arriving shortly. We hope you enjoy your beauty products.


The Gussy

Hard Candy Color Correct                

Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum        

Bodycology Gift Cup                          

H2O Moisture Lock Masque             

Eco Tools Lovely Looks Brushes      

Orly “Cliffhanger” Nail Polish         

Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment

A la Maison Body Butter                 

The Gussy                                          

Cover Girl Powder                          

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July 2, 2017

ybf beauty gel-Us eyes 5 piece collection with a smudge proof and water-resistant gel formula gets a 5-Star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review!

As a makeup artist, over the years I’ve tried many types and textures of eyeliners and eye shadows. I was a thrilled to have the opportunity to use and review the ybf beauty gel-Us eyes 5 piece collection with a smudge proof and water-resistant gel formula.  The innovative yfb gel-Us smudge proof gel eyeliners are so easy to work with, and you’ll have lots of fun, creating new eye looks, as well.   (For additional information about these new gel eyeliners, including each gel liner’s ingredients, be sure to take a moment to peruse the above link. )

                      ybf gel-Us smudge proof eyeliners

What an impressive, petite sized chic ybf metal case containing five lovely neutral and radiant gel eye colors!                                                            

I’ve now used my ybf smudge proof gel eyeliners for over a month and must say these gel based smudge proof eyeliners glide on my eyes with ease.  In fact, I’m now able to get my eyes done in a more precise manner, and in much less time. I use each color, and I’m able to create a variety looks that work with anything I wear!

I may be tired when I get home from a busy day, but my eyes always look just like they did when I left the house in the morning  For me, that’s a real plus!!

The colors in my case include: (From left to right on the image featured above)

•Wonderful White

• bYOUtiful Bronze

• Stunning Silver

• Onyx Pearl

• Cheering Chocolate

I love the ybf creamy, yet smudge-proof gel formula. Not only is it oil free, and water- resistant, but the non-sharpening and mess free ease of application is exceptional!

With new state of the art technology,  gel-us eyes have special reflective pearls (shades) that provide multi-dimensional color you can wear alone, or intensify the effect, by layering it.  These retractable liners are so easy to use, providing a smooth and even application every time with staying power, as I mentioned earlier, that will take you from daytime into evening.

Gel-Us eyes have some pluses that are great! They’re infused with a host of antioxidants, emollients, and Vitamin E to help prevent moisture loss, and provide you with a long lasting comfortable wear. 

APPLICATION SUGGESTIONS: Using small strokes, glide the liner across the lash line from the inner to outer corner.  If you’d like to enhance your look, extend, thicken, and slightly wing the eyeliner from the outer corner of the eyelid.  Note that the non-sharpening and mess free liners are ophthalmologist-tested and sensitive eyes and contact lens safe!


                                                                                    My application using Gel-Us Liners:

#1: I used The Gel-Us Onyx Pearl Liner to line my eyes and slightly lift the outer corner of my eye.

#2 : I followed with the bYOUtiful Bronze Liner that I actually applied above the crease of my eye to enhance and give a larger look to my deep set eyes. Then notice how I subtly created a diagonal lift at the corner of my eye connecting with the ‘wing lift’ on my eyeliner to keep an uplifted and wider eye appearance.

#3 I used the The Stunning Silver Liner  to highlight and give a lift underneath my eyebrow from the inner to outer corner.  Once again my goal  was to lift and also highlight the inner corner of my eye with a nicely blended very small amount of the Sunning Silver Liner .

The general corrections I usually address on my eyes, are giving the illusion of a larger lifted eye area and width  to correct my smaller deep set eyes.

 Now it’s your turn:

  1. Experiment and have fun. That’s the whole point of creating a look just for “YOU’.
  2. The ybf liners are so quick and easy to work with, and you’ll feel so confident when you master “your” special eye application of the liners.   Your bonus will be a great custom look for you, that will last throughout the day, and bring lots of compliments your way.

Many thanks to ybf for creating such beautiful gel color liners, that are good for your eye area, and wear so well throughout the day.

This wonderful ybf collection gets a well deserved 5-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  review for this truly modern,  complete , portable, and easy to use long wear gel eye pencil kit. Congratulations and ongoing success!


The ybf Gel-Us Eyes 5 Piece Collection sells for $29.95  at HSN and, and at for $28.80 and you may purchase your  ybf beauty gel-us eyes 5-piece collection at any of the three links below


2. HSN



Be sure to follow @ybfbeauty on:






Any ‘quoted’ or paraphrased information used in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet. Any personal commentary about my great results with the ybf beauty gel-us eyes 5-piece collection is my own opinion from using this product, that was provided to me .)


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